Affiliate Marketing & UpPromote App in 1-liner: Everything You Must Know

Affiliate Marketing is no doubt the best ROI-guaranteed marketing approach. 

It’s client-centric, trust-based, and performance-driven. 

Hence, let’s discuss affiliate marketing in simple terms and how UpPromote can be your Shopify’s best assistance in learning and optimizing this concept.  

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Affiliate Marketing: 1-liner Break Down

What Is Affiliate marketing?

Simply put, you create an incentivized program for people to join and reward those who bring you successful sales with the commission.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

There are 2 main reasons why you should consider affiliate marketing as a viable solution for raising conversion for your business.

Firstly, the return on investment is guaranteed, and you only pay for the leads that convert to sales.

Secondly, the market is shifting, and traditional advertising is less effective than ever before. In addition, social commerce is rising. You can’t afford to miss out on having people with colossal reach to sell your products.

What Problems Can I Solve with Affiliate Marketing?

Subsequently, there are 5 issues you can address with a simple affiliate program:

  • Low ROI Marketing: Only pay for intended results.
  • Low Traffic: Use the reach of the affiliate to drive quality traffic to your store.
  • Over-budgeting: Set the cost-per-order with affiliate program and easily predict the budget.
  • Complicated Sale funnel: Turn customers into ambassadors & shorten the path to conversion with word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Complicated Setup & Maintain: Set the rule for the affiliate program and let the rest for automation.

How To Launch An Affiliate Marketing Initiative?

Let’s conceptualize this process into 3 simple steps:

1st: Build an affiliate program

  • Set commission rule(s), payout triggers.
  • Create a gateway for people to enter. 
  • Customize the program to your branding.

2nd: Find affiliates

  • On existing affiliate marketer networks.
  • On the Internet using your social platforms.
  • Within your own customers (customer referral).

3rd: Manage affiliates

  • Train affiliates on your brand & product.
  • Generate unique affiliate links.
  • Share promotional creatives with affiliates.
  • Monitor and control your affiliate’s performance.

UpPromote: Best Shopify’s App To Adopt Affiliate Marketing


And we mean it. In fact, we have the numbers to back up this claim:

  • 60k + users around the world.
  • $375M + revenue generated.
  • 57M + clicks tracked.
  • No.1 Affiliate marketing app on Shopify marketplace.
  • 1621+ flying colors reviews.

From beginners to professionals, we offer a wide range of features that help you integrate affiliate marketing seamlessly into your sales system. 

Why UpPromote?

Regarding what makes UpPromote stand out from other applications, there are numerous criteria that contribute to UpPromote’s success, namely:

  • UpPromote Marketplace: Connect merchants and affiliates.
  • Reliable Tracking Process: Track every click and order meticulously.
  • Powerful Management: Take complete control of affiliates’ workflow.
  • End-to-end Affiliate Marketing Application: Build, Find & Manage affiliates at ease.

UpPromote’s Plan Overview

Free Grow Affiliate Professional Enterprise
Customizable affiliate registration form Everything in Free Everything in Growth Everything in Pro
Tracking by affiliate links Convert customers to affiliates Customize affiliate link Everything unlimited
Analytics Find affiliate on Marketplace Product analytics Multi-store
Automated email templates Multiple programs Auto-tier commission integration
Marketplace listing Store credit payment Multi-level marketing Custom development


UpPromote’s Testimonials

UpPromote team is proud to show the 7-figures revenues that we bring to our merchants. There is no shortage of success stories from various business niches. 

Here are a few highlights:


Final thoughts

We spent the article talking about the essence of affiliate marketing and how it can transform your business beyond the sales funnel. UpPromote is the no.1 choice for Shopify’s merchants interested in this marketing adaptation.

We provide features and support that we’re proud to give and you’re thrilled to have. Therefore, contact US if you have any questions; we’re more than happy to help you anytime.

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