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Remove Shipping Calculated At Shopify Checkout: Problem Solved!

Remove Shipping Calculated at Checkout Shopify blog post by uppromote

As shoppers about to complete their online orders on a Shopify store, they might see a notification about shipping calculated at checkout. But what if your merchant has included all relevant fees before checkout or offers free shipping? Consequently, this message will confuse customers and make them assume they are doing something wrong, resulting in a high cart abandonment rate afterward. Knowing…

2022 Holiday Is A Dry Spell: Here’s What Shopify Merchants Need To Do

holiday sales shopify guide

Report by Business Wire shows a $30 billion decrease in customer spending for the Holiday season in 2022 based on the U.S. demand survey. Therefore, Shopify Merchants must improve their product selections, promotions, and customer experiences to win this literal sales winter. Here are the details on how. Shopify Holiday 2022 Trends & The Insights You Must Know The holiday sales have…

Affiliate Marketing & UpPromote App in 1-liner: Everything You Must Know


Affiliate Marketing is no doubt the best ROI-guaranteed marketing approach.  It’s client-centric, trust-based, and performance-driven.  Hence, let’s discuss affiliate marketing in simple terms and how UpPromote can be your Shopify’s best assistance in learning and optimizing this concept.   Need a full version of this guide? Download our brochure here. Affiliate Marketing: 1-liner Break Down What Is Affiliate marketing? Simply put, you create…

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