Different types of customers need various degrees of service, also different types of affiliates need different resources. That’ is why it’s vital to segment your affiliates into multiple programs based on various criteria to scale up your affiliate campaign.

The method of affiliate segmentation is varying, it can base on their performance, promotional methods, location, etc.

Once you’ve divided them, developing particular methods to activate or engage each group via promotions, creatives will be much more effective. This article will help you explore the best methods to segment your affiliates in affiliate campaigns with UpPromote.

How to segment your affiliates ideally? 

Segment by their target market

To separate affiliates into the right affiliate program with their target market, first, you need to clearly define the persona of your target customers, fitting the segments of your target market.

For example, if you’re selling fashion products, you have divided into two segments: kids segment, adult segment, you’re using demographic segmentation in this case.

To recruit the right affiliate for each segment, you must tailor your offers and content to reflect their audience’s interests. For kid’s segment, you may wish to recruit publishers from parent and mum bloggers who review children’s clothes. Whereas for your adult fashion, influencers reviewing the clothing haul on their social media are your target.

By dividing them into two different categories, you can easier manage them with distinct affiliate programs.

Segment by affiliate types

Each of your affiliates will have various demands for promotional materials, depending on how they advertise your brand. There are different types of affiliates including influencers on social media, bloggers, email affiliate marketers, review websites, coupon site reviewers, etc.

That’s why segmenting particular affiliate types into separate affiliate programs with specific affiliate links, coupon codes, creative gadgets, and marketing materials can help them succeed.

For instance, coupon/ deal sites affiliates’ goal is to offer customers a directory of bargains, discounts, and coupons. Exclusive discounts offers or coupons are the most significant thing for these affiliates.

With UpPromote, there’re two ways to assign a coupon to an affiliate: automatically and manually.

To manually assign coupons, select Affiliates & Coupons > Coupons > Add Coupon.

There’re 2 options: Add a new coupon or Use an existing coupon.

To Add a new coupon, follow these steps in the picture below:

Coupons for affiliates

To Use an existing coupon, you need to follow some instructions on your Shopify admin page, 

Set up in Shopify admin page

Then Enter the affiliate name and the coupon (created in your Shopify store) you want to assign.

If you think the manual tasks take too much effort, Automatically generate coupons for your affiliates is the feature for you.

To enable auto-generate coupon, go to Settings > System > Affiliate link & coupon > Coupon > enable Auto Generate Coupons.

Follow this document for a complete guide to setting up Auto-generated coupons.

Meanwhile, if your affiliates are content creators, you should consider giving them free samples, high-quality images of products or brand representation, or offering pre-written content such as graphics, and customer reviews.

Let your affiliates access your sharing creative gadgets in UpPromote by going to Media Gallery in the UpPromote Dashboard.

Media Gallery | Segment affiliates
Media Gallery | Segment affiliates

Your affiliates can view, copy/download, or get the HTML code (images only) to share the media assets with their audience easily.

How to know affiliate promotional methods?

Ask them in your affiliate registration form – On your affiliate signup form, provide a custom field asking for their major promotion strategy.

Customize your affiliate registration form field by going to Settings > Affiliate admin > Registration form > Form fields and adding your own field. 

Ask affiliates promotional methods
Ask affiliates promotional methods

Check affiliates’ websites – If your affiliate registration form field includes an affiliate website, you can go there and check which promotional types they’re using. Some might include their social media accounts and blog sites on their website.

Chat with your affiliates – Don’t hesitate to ask affiliates for their promotional strategies by emailing specific affiliates or chatting with them on UpPromote. Let them know you’re gathering data so you can come up with tailored marketing methods to assist their success.

Segment by their location

Affiliate networks have given businesses of all sizes access to a worldwide network of affiliates. However, you must consider different locations affecting your affiliate campaign success with foreign program partners to create and keep connections with them.

If you’re a brand that speaks an English-speaking language and wants to expand into the Asia market. Sending an outreach campaign containing English-language content to acquire Japan-speaking influencers may seem inappropriate.

Customizing your campaigns to suit your target publishers’ language and time zone preferences is more professional and increases the probability of a publisher connecting with your offer.

Moreover, you may also need to consider commission rates and offer formats, as they will differ depending on the country in which the publisher operates.

Segment by their performance

Affiliate activities can be a vital point in your future partnership. Affiliates are classified into three categories based on their activities:

Sales boosting affiliates

They are your top performers since they are already providing you traffic and making sales. These are the affiliates you don’t want to lose, and grouping them together will allow you to keep track of all of your key players in one area.

With top-notch affiliates like this, the best way to reward their productivity is by offering commissions on order values.

This feature allows you to assign different values of commission rate to different levels of order value.

With this commission structure, you can offer payouts not only rewarding success but encouraging your affiliate partners to strive for more. The more referral orders they get, the more money they earn.

Create a new affiliate program and collect all of your top-performing affiliates to one program in UpPromote for their easy management.

You can set rate levels conditions like this image.

Commission on order value
Commission on order value

Stagnant affiliates

They are those that have signed up for your program but are sending little to no traffic. These are the gambling affiliates you should be watching. You may gather them into one group and attempt to motivate them to be more active and involved, then determine whether or not to maintain them based on their future performance.

Some ways to motivate stagnant affiliates with UpPromote are:


  • Send them personalized emails (stat, visual contents, survey)
  • Chat with them


  • Tier commissions structure (MLM)
  • Auto-tier commission
  • Performance incentives

Traffic affiliates

Affiliates delivering traffic but not converting may require your assistance to figure out what is preventing them from converting. 

If you stay in touch with your affiliates, you can quickly address a lot of little annoyances. There might be an issue with your website. Examine your landing pages for broken links or anything else that inhibits users from completing the purchase process.

To sum up

Segmenting your affiliate takes effort, but this more targeted approach to dealing with affiliates can result in a faster-growing and more profitable program. 

UpPromote: Affiliate marketing ensures you easily customize affiliate programs; the app brings many powerful features to target and engage different groups of affiliates worldwide.

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