Referral Marketing

Feature Release: Customer Referral | Generate Positive Word of Mouth

Customer Referral New Feature

Introducing our latest feature: Customer Referral. With this brand-new feature, you can generate tons of sales by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing, letting your customers refer the products for you. 🚀 WHAT’S NEWS? 🚀 Our team is excited to announce that the Customer Referral feature is now going live. This feature allows customers to promote your products without joining a referral…

Customer Referral: How to convert customers to affiliates?

Customer referral how to convert customers to brand ambassadors

One of the biggest challenges many merchants face is finding potential affiliates promoting their products. There’s no need to look elsewhere; they’re right in front of you: your existing customers, one of the most quality affiliates. This marketing type is customer referral, which lets previous customers recommend your products to their family and friends. You create a referral program as a way to reach further…

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