How to create high converting holiday landing pages

‘Tis the season for marketing professionals! With a surge of holiday cheer to spread, competition among marketers increases. To stay ahead in this festive frenzy and drive conversions through website designs, you should creatively capture attention with eye-catching visuals that cut through all the noise. In this article, we’ll guide you from A to Z to build high-converting holiday landing pages for your Shopify store.

Let’s dive in!

How to Build An Effective Holiday Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is your ticket to success! It’s a powerful one-stop shop designed to help you get the most out of users.

A landing page, also known as a lead capture page or a destination page, is a single web page used to motivate users to take a specific action, such as leaving registration information, making a purchase, etc.

Guideline on Building a Landing page for Holiday

Ready to start crafting your very own landing page? If you’re an amateur, don’t worry – Shopify’s got it covered! It has all the tools and support needed for newbies. Plus its user-friendly interface will make building a breeze!

Step 1: Set up the basic 

Logging in to your Shopify store admin, go to Online Store > Themes. Click the Customize button to open the theme editor of your current theme (usually the default theme for new users).

Set up holiday landing page
Set up holiday landing page

At the Customize page, from the header dropdown menu, select Pages > Create a template.

Set up holiday landing page 2
Set up holiday landing page 2

Enter a name for your new template and click on Create template.

Set up holiday landing page 3
Set up holiday landing page 3

By default, the new template shows the About us page content as you haven’t yet connected any page to the template. You just need to simply hide the page content by clicking on the eye icon on the page element.

Set up holiday landing page 4
Set up holiday landing page 4

The new holiday landing page template is successfully created, now you need to design it by using Shopify sections and blocks.

Step 2: Add a Hero Banner with a Headline and Call-to-action (CTA)

Click on Add section and select the Image banner section.

Add a Hero Banner & CTA
Add a Hero Banner & CTA

Now add eye-catchy banner images, heading, and CTA to the section. Remember to adjust the image size, text position, and mobile layout.

In case you don’t find any relevant banner images in the Shopify theme library, you can also add a custom hero banner image with a size of 1600 x 900 pixels.

Step 3: Add Key Highlights or Features

To add some highlights, use the Multicolumn feature.

Add Key Highlights or Features
Add Key Highlights or Features

Now you can add multiple icons, titles, and descriptions for your benefits or features. Just select the column block and add the details one by one.

You can also adjust the heading and columns in the section with the Multicolumn settings.

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Step 4: Show the Featured Products

For this section, you can add the Featured Collection section to your landing page template.

Show feature products
Show feature products

Now, select the collection from which you want to show the featured products.

You can also offer some Killer Deals by using Image with the text or Slideshow for highlighting the special deals.

Additionally, you can also promote your Featured Collections by adding multiple collections to your holiday landing page in the Collection list section.

Then choose the collections to show in the section. You can also adjust the number of collections to display from the settings.

Step 5: Finish the Landing Page

From your Shopify store admin, go to Online Store > Pages. Click on Add page. Add a Title to your holiday landing page.

Finish the Landing Page
Finish the Landing Page

In the Online Store section, select the theme template (this is the template you just created in the previous steps) for your landing page.

Click the Edit website SEO link and add the Page Title and Description. This title and description will be visible on the Search Engine results page when the user will search for the term.

Set the visibility based on the date and time you want to make the landing page launched > Save the changes.

How to Optimize a Holiday Landing Page

Step 1: Define Your Campaign Goal

To optimize a landing page for efficiency with a high conversion rate, you first need to redefine the goal of this landing page, and what it serves for your marketing campaign.

This will be the guideline for all optimization in the following section. The goal of the landing page for the holiday season is usually to stimulate customers to buy or leave information.

Step 2: Create a Magnetic CTA Button

The CTA button is the most important element of your landing page. It’s the one thing a visitor has to see if they’re going to convert.

Contrasted color

When choosing the color for your CTA button, it’s not just about picking the perfect hue. It’s about contrast. An orange button against a brown background won’t cut it. Bright red on white will do the trick.

Perfect placement

Placement is important, too. Ideally, you want your CTA link above the fold (the part of the screen a visitor sees before scrolling). It should have plenty of white space – or at least empty space around it. If you can place it in either the horizontal or vertical center third of the screen, even better.

Strong copy

Writing a clear CTA button copy is an art in itself. Always include an action word like “get,” “take,” or “contact.” Then add a couple of words that describe what happens when they click:

  • Get 50% off
  • Take the quiz
  • Contact an allergy expert

Step 3: Explain the value quickly

Visitors land on your page with an expectation. Use the copy to confirm what they’re getting quickly. And do it in a way that’s relevant to them.

Brand Introduction: 

Write down about 1-3 sentences to let customers know who you are, don’t be too wordy, but still have enough information.

Killer Discounts

While your competition is going crazy, it’s best to keep up with more attractive Black Friday deals and offers. Make sure you are offering free shipping (if possible) with other discounts during the holiday sales.

Sense of urgency

Add a timer to your Black Friday sale page (that creates urgency and scarcity) to let the customers know that your offer is only for a limited time.

Prioritize clear, concise, and clever

Your landing page copy should include:

  • Be clear so readers know what to do and what they’ll get
  • Strip out unneeded words so it’s concise but still clear
  • Add some cleverness only if it doesn’t make the copy confusing or wordy

Picnic’s 5-word value proposition, “Treat your congestion with Picnic,” isn’t overly clever, but it’s perfectly clear and concise.

Step 4: Build trust

Most people say they buy more from recommendations and share information with brands they trust. Since you’re asking visitors to share their information and/or money on a landing page, it’s the ideal place to establish trust.

Social proof

Let visitors know that other people put their trust in you and are happy they did by adding elements of social proof.

  • Reviews/testimonials/ratings/case studies
  • Number of products sold
  • Media coverage icons
  • Awards you’ve won

Make sure your claims are believable. Being the “No. 1 cat scratchpad” doesn’t mean much unless we know who gave you that title. 


Commitment can be scary, especially for people who don’t know your brand well. Devote a little space on your landing page to ease the tension for new customers. Consider including

  • A refund guarantee
  • Opt-out option (for newsletters)
  • Promise not to share/sell info

Place these guarantees close to your CTA button so visitors are sure to see them.

Step 5: Design for Conversion

A couple of tried-and-true landing page design principles will keep visitors heading toward the CTA button.

Visual consistency

A clean and visually consistent site gives users feelings of comfort, control, and familiarity, whether consciously or not.

Generous white/blank space

If you want something to stand out, let it stand alone. Each important element of your page, especially the CTA and value statement, should be surrounded by a buffer of blank space.

High-quality visuals

People process pictures faster than words. So choosing professional pictures on your landing page will convey quality, trust, and value before the words you write.

Step 6. Enhance landing page performance

Optimize the customer experience on your landing page to increase conversions. This optimization on the landing page is quite simple (much simpler than the website). You just need to read the instructions in chapter 4 to be able to do it.

Checklist for a successful holiday landing page
Checklist for a successful holiday landing page

Wrapping up

The holidays come around once a year, but the foundations of successful landing page design stay constant. With that being said, capitalizing on customers’ seasonal emotions can be an added bonus in getting them to engage with your brand during this special time!

So let’s light up that funnel this season – it’ll be a jolly ride all the way through!

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