Best Ecommerce Tracking App Elevating Your Logistic & Inventory Management

As an online seller, you have probably heard of using tracking software to manage store logistics and inventory, such as Shopify Analytics or Google Analytics. This system is proven to optimize your merchandise management process and significantly benefit your business.

With the assistance of this innovative tool, you can have complete control of your eCommerce inventory and logistics effectively. Look at this article’s 5 most impressive eCommerce tracking apps to start leveling up your online merchant management today!

What is An eCommerce Tracking App?

An eCommerce tracking software is a high-tech analysis and management tool to provide an overview of your eCommerce supply chain, including the general status of product shipment and stocked goods.

The accurate, real-time data derived from such applications help you streamline the entire management operation as all crucial information is cloud-based and easily accessed with a few clicks.

Most eCommerce tracking tools are now developed for built-in on various sales platforms. Thus these apps can handle complicated tasks and any problems associated with your merchant inventory and logistics in perfectly automated processes.

Ecommerce Logistics Vs. Inventory Management: What Are The Differences?

Logistics management

The logistics tracking software aims to manage each eCommerce purchase’s delivery process. When an online shopper places an order, the application keeps track of it from the pick-up to when your customer has successfully received the items.

That way, you will never mislook at distributed packages and even returned ones to minimize the risk of financial loss and eCommerce fraud. This article will recommend some of the best order tracking tools for eCommerce in 2023.

Inventory management

An inventory management app specifies and arranges your goods quantity, distribution sources, storage availability, etc., for your Shopify store and across diverse sales channels if you are in charge of a multi-platform eCommerce business.

Furthermore, it generates detailed reports based on your past inventory performance and predicts future fulfillment needs with this historical data.

The main difference is that an eCommerce tracking app for logistics oversees the package transportation procedure from your store to customers. At the same time, inventory management software works with your products and orders for quantity and placement control.

Why Combine Using Both Logistics and Inventory Management?

Despite their functioning to support different management purposes, you should integrate both software into your eCommerce store. Considering each type of application’s benefits, it is ideal to use them simultaneously to control and enhance essential aspects of your store.

After all, running an eCommerce business requires a lot of automation in management because you would not want to waste time manually tracking an overseas purchase or calculating how many items left in stock are available for sale. 

Instead, invest your precious time and effort in sales-boosting ideas and long-term business plans. This is important, especially when roughly 1.6% of eCommerce website visits convert into purchases, meaning you only get 1 or 2 customers out of 100 website visitors.

That is why you should trust these well-designed eCommerce tracking apps to collaborate and handle all the heavy work!

5 Best Tracking Apps To Optimize Logistics And Inventory Management For Your eCommerce Store

This comparison table gives you an overview of each software:

App Vendor Rating Type of application Pros Cons
AfterShip Automizely & AfterShip 4.7/3,750 reviews Logistics – Branded delivery page tracker

– Built-in analysis system for monitoring

– Identify real-time exceptions in transit 

– Charges more for included advanced features

– Not suitable for dropshipping 

Shippo Shippo 4.9/795 reviews Logistics – Multi-channel syncing for easy management

– Discounts from various carriers

– Limited supported platform

– Cannot track multi-location

inFlow inFlow 4.6/449 reviews Inventory – User-friendly app on multi-platforms

– Setup assistance ready in all plans

– Supportive team of customer support

– Lack of flexibility in customizable options

– Possible lags during data update

SKULabs SKULabs 4.6/36 reviews Inventory – Relevant procedures are customized

– Automized functions reduce the workload

– Lower review rate than other apps

– No free plan

Zoho Inventory Zoho 4.5/364 reviews Inventory – Essential business metrics displayed on dashboard

– Different plan options at an affordable price

– Slow real-time inventory syncing

– Certain features should be more customized

Here are the details of what you can get from these brilliant apps:


Rating: 3,750 – 4.7

Vendor: Automizely & AfterShip


  • Free
  • Essentials: $11/month
  • Pro: $119/month
  • Premium: $239/month

AfterShip dashboard

AfterShip is considered a well-known software in the eCommerce market, probably the first logistics management app that comes to people’s minds when opting for an order tracking system. The high feedback rate from eCommerce shop owners worldwide is solid proof of how amazing this software performs.

To enhance customer confidence throughout product transit, you can offer them a branded shipping page tracker with live delivery updates and automated notifications via AfterShip. The dashboard monitors shipment status and points out exceptions during carrier transit for your quick response to arise problems – all in real-time.

The good news is that the application includes a 7-day free trial with a low-budget basic plan for your consideration before deciding to subscribe to upgraded plans.

Best features:

  • Customized tracking page with live updates and auto-notifications
  • Integrated analytics for delivery status and overall performance
  • Real-time identification of transit exceptions


  • Charges more to access included advanced features in plans
  • Not suitable for dropshipping tracking


Rating: 795 – 4.9

Vendor: Shippo


  • Starter: Free
  • Professional: Starts at $10/month
  • Premier: Contact for quote

Shippo dashboard

Anyone can use Shippo as their prominent eCommerce tracking software, from freelancers, non-profit and small businesses to large enterprises. Shippo provides standard vital functions to help you deal with the complexities of eCommerce shipping, such as managing barcodes, labels, and orders.

Moreover, it can sync all your sales channels for general order management conveniently. One interesting thing about its configurable automation is that the system does not require coding or a minimum product volume.

As it partners with a list of reputable shipping carriers, Shippo is one of the best order tracking tools for eCommerce that guarantee you and your customers receive the finest discounts.

Best features:

  • Core features are available and fully built-in
  • Sync all sales channels for one-place management
  • No coding or minimum volume needed for automation
  • Fine discounts from reputable carriers


  • Supported platforms are limited (only website)
  • Lack of multi-location tracking function


Rating: 449 – 4.6

Vendor: inFlow


  • Entrepreneur: $110/month
  • Small business: $279/month
  • Mid-size: $549/month
  • Enterprise: $1319/month

inFlow dashboard

The easy-to-navigate interface for multiple platforms appeals the most to new users about inFlow. The best tracking app for eCommerce operates smoothly on smartphones, allowing business owners who work on the go to monitor their inventory on iOs or Android devices.

The A-Z setup assistance is a comprised service for every pricing plan, so you can have the inventory software running with little time spent on configuration. Plus, inFlow has received a series of positive feedback on helpful and responsive customer support whenever app-related issues occur.

The software is a potent tool for tracking inventory status but is still intuitive enough for eCommerce dummies to work with.

Best features:

  • User-friendly interface for use on multiple platforms
  • Setup assistance available in all pricing plans
  • Helpful and responsive customer support team


  • Customizable options are not flexible enough
  • Minor lags may happen during data update


Rating: 36 – 4.6 reviews

Vendor: SKULabs


  • Basic: $299/month
  • Pro: $999/month
  • Enterprise: $1,999/month

SkuLabs dashboard

Among plenty of other well-known competitors, SKULabs positions itself as a trustworthy and easy-to-use app for eCommerce inventory management. It guides users through optimized procedures to manage order fulfillment, package labeling, multi-carrier shipping, etc., in the most convenient way.

Everything in this software is automized to a highly detailed level, allowing you to track stock levels for all products from multi-channel at once, accurately pick orders with a barcode base, and set up memorized settings for each shipment provider. Working through your inventory management becomes effortless using this application.

If you are considering installing SKULabs for your eCommerce website, it is undoubtedly a smart inventory monitoring solution to invest in for the long run.

Best features:

  • Relevant procedures are optimized for convenience
  • Automized features reduce the heavy work


  • Lower user review rate than other applications
  • No free plan available

Zoho Inventory

Rating: 364 – 4.5

Vendor: Zoho


  • Free
  • Standard: $59/month
  • Professional: $99/month
  • Premium: $159/month
  • Elite: $239/month
  • Ultimate: $329/month

Zoho Inventory dashboard

Last but not least, Zoho Inventory would be another professional tool to increase your eCommerce sales by helping you manage the store effectively. There is less to worry about since the software can collaborate with other useful Zoho apps to enhance your working process even on the go.

Right on the comprehensive dashboard, you will see essential data such as order fulfillment rates, purchase history, inventory levels, etc. Moreover, you can also gain insights into loyal customers’ information and best-selling products via detailed reports on this application.

Few eCommerce tracking softwares can offer various pricing plans based on different user needs and their business scale. Therefore it is easier for you to select a suitable solution at an affordable price on Zoho Inventory.

Best features:

  • Functions following other Zoho apps
  • Essential business metrics displayed on the dashboard
  • A variety of pricing plans at an affordable price


  • Syncing inventory in real-time is slow
  • Data reports and other features should be tailored

Wrapping Up of Ecommerce Tracking App

Thanks to intelligent eCommerce tracking app, managing your online merchant would no longer be a hassle. It is a customized solution designed to automate your workflow and process complex tasks related to your eCommerce logistics and inventory performance.

Having one of the recommended logistics and inventory management software in this article for your website is a wise decision for any growing eCommerce business. Stop wasting time, money, and effort in manual monitoring – take care of your online merchant with the powerful high-technology service right now!

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