Join our Zero-budget Marketing community on Facebook

We are excited to announce that we are launching a Facebook community dedicated to nothing but valuable tips, tricks, insights, and data about affiliate marketing in particular and zero budget marketing in general.

We are building this group as a place to discuss ideas to make marketing cost-free for Shopify sellers, as well as make affiliate marketing easy at everyone’s fingertips.

When joing the group, you should:

👍 DO:

– Share your knowledge and experiences about doing marketing with a tight budget

– Share tips, tricks, and hacks to do effective marketing at a low cost

– Share tips, tricks, and hacks to do affiliate marketing effectively

– Ask and get help with affiliate marketing

– Include data, insights if you want to prove a point

– Posts must include hashtag #zerobudgetmarketing

– Respect and help others


– Spam comments, self advertise, and post about unrelated topics. You will be removed from the group if you do so

– Post without captions

– Insult others

– We understand that you might want to sell your services, but we hate spam, and so does everyone. Build your brand by contributing valuable content first, letting other members have trust, and selling later.

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