Tactics to optimize product pages for holiday season

Boosting sales this season may seem daunting, but it can be simplified with an effective product page. By optimizing your web pages for the holiday hustle and bustle, you’ll have buyers buying in no time!

With the holidays fast approaching, are you ready for your eCommerce product pages to shine? Don’t be left behind! Our experts have shared all their tips and tricks to make sure your website is optimized just in time. Follow our guide as we show you how easy it can be!

Let’s go!

How to create a great holiday product page?

As the holiday season approaches, retailers are gearing up for one of the busiest shopping periods of the year, so make sure your product pages are in tip-top shape.

But how could you build a high-converting product page for this quarter four?

The good news is that you don’t need to understand coding principles to accomplish this. With Shopify, creating product pages only requires a few simple steps:

#1 Go to Shopify admin

#2 Select Online Stores > Themes

#3 Choose Customize > Shopify will lead you to Theme editing

#4 Pick Products from the top-middle drop-down menu 

#5 Customize product page layout as your preference

Great product pages design practices to increase conversion rate

On your product page, where do the product photos appear? Above the fold.

93% of shoppers say visuals are crucial when deciding what to buy. Place them prominently on your product page!

But what exactly does above the fold mean?

If something is above the fold, it implies you can view it right away at the top of a web page without having to scroll down. To locate something “below the fold,” you must scroll down.

Images on your product pages do an excellent job of persuading your customers to buy your items/ service, the golden rules of making the most of your product photos this festive season are:

  • High-quality holiday images: consistent & quality in size, holiday-spirit customized, crystal clear photos
  • Show off products from different angles
  • Display product variants
  • Show context in your images (follow the holiday trends)
Use high-quality product photos
Use high-quality product photos. Source: PageFly

On your product page, where is the pricing located? Above the fold.

Ensure your items’ price is always prominently displayed above the fold. Don’t make your customers search for it.

Before buying something, people look at the price.

That’s why placing it near the Title or the Add to Cart button is a wise design decision, making it simple to spot.

To make the cost stand out, you should use the following:

  • A large font size 
  • A contrasting color
  • Any discounts possible

For the holiday spirit, make it your customer’s easy-to-find discounts at every touch point. And product pages are the best place to turn their decisions into conversions. Remember to cross the old pricing and renew the brand-new pricing to attract your customers.

Where do product descriptions locate on your product page? Above and below the fold.

Do you know that the best product descriptions are easy to skim, concise, and objective?

To create scannable content, you should include short bullet points in your product descriptions for easy reading.

Concise content is 1-4 sentences describing the product. Objective content describes the product honestly rather than exaggerating benefits.

Use persuasive product copy
Use persuasive product copy. Source: PageFly

Where do calls-to-action locate on your product page? Above the fold.

A button or link that prompts visitors to take action is called a call-to-action (or CTA).

CTAs are an essential component of the customer journey from browsing to purchase. The main objective of your product page is to persuade customers to click on your CTA. Therefore it’s vital to get it correctly.

So make it easy to see, click and comprehend. The suggestion for maximizing your CTAs is as follows:

  • Place it above the fold on the page
  • Use a bright or contrasting color
  • Make it large enough

Where does shipping information locate on your product page? Above or below the fold.

48% of buyers decide not to complete their order because of the shipping fee. Providing free delivery when possible may help lower the cart abandonment rate at your store.

You can include a free shipping bar above or below the fold, helping customers have a snapshot of shipping information. It’s a holiday, so why not free shipping?

If you cannot give free delivery on all purchases, consider offering it to consumers spending a specified amount. For instance, the sentence “free delivery on purchases above $500” could also positively affect a buyer’s decision.

Where does product suggestion appear on your product page? Below the fold.

As for any other holiday purchase, customers often prefer bulk options.

Even without a holiday, bundles, cross-sell, or upselling are still among the most profitable selling tactics. McKinsey’s study suggests that 35% of all Amazon orders come from “customers also buy” recommendations.

According to Forrester, the success rate of these recommendations is around 60%.

Hence, you should quickly recommend your customers this holiday season.

How to do it:

  • Carefully seed the anchoring price
  • Recommend the related product 
  • Brand your bundle under user-generated content (as in customer also buy, others also buy, top customers recommendations)
Offer accurate product recommendations
Offer accurate product recommendations. Source: PageFly

Where to put product recommendations on your product page? Below the fold.

Customer reviews are 12x more credible than manufacturer descriptions. Therefore, if customer evaluations are typically favorable, they can always assist increase your sales and convert the consumer.

How to optimize your product page for the festive season? 

Once on your site, visitors should be able to locate the products they’re seeking and learn about new products that could be of interest to them.

Customers can navigate your website more easily through a clever search function, smart category design, and exciting ways to find products.

Optimize the search-in-site for customers

If a buyer is looking for a product on your website, they may not know where to find it.

If you have a lot of products in your store, you might want to think about putting a search bar prominently on your site so that buyers can click straight there instead of browsing categories.

Ease those steps with a smart Shopify search app to power up your search bar with predictive and auto-intelligent results (spelling errors, alternate product name), helping your customers locate what they’re looking for. 

Top Product Filter & Search Shopify apps

Product Filter & Search

Rating: 4.9/5 (over 1412 reviews)


– REGULAR 1: $19/ month

– REGULAR 2: $29/ month

– REGULAR 3: $49/ month

– PLUS: $69/ month

Product Filter & Search
Product Filter & Search

Trusted by over 11,000 Shopify stores, the Product Filter & Search app grow sales for Shopify merchants by helping their shoppers find the right products in seconds. Product Filter & Search improve your product filters and search bar so you can provide a better experience for your customers. As a result, they can find products more easily, quickly, and smartly at your store – and are likely to buy more and come back later happily.

With just one click to install and no coding knowledge required, you can start improving your service on your site immediately.


  • Advanced Shopify Filter

Create Shopify collection filters by product options, variants, tags, meta fields, etc. with different styles to find the products quickly.

  • Smart Search & Instant Suggest

Improve your Shopify search bar performance with powerful features: instant suggestions, spellcheck, typo tolerance, and catalog redirect.

  • Powerful Merchandising Tools

Engage shoppers to spend more with smart product display through a filter page, search bar, and search results page.

Cons: No FREE plan available

Smart Product Filter & Search

Rating: 4.9/5 (over 893 reviews)



– PLAN $14: $14/ month

– PLAN $19: $19/ month

– SHOPIFY PLUS: $49/ month

Smart Product Filter & Search
Smart Product Filter & Search

With the Globo filter and search, customers are able to accurately find the products they want within seconds. Easily set up filters and create separate collections for your needs. On top of it, it will look much better with 3 filter layouts. Show recommended products when shoppers are not able to find what they were looking for. The search redirects function helps to cross-sell and upsell by redirecting customers to a page when they search for a specific keyword


  • ‍Product Filter for Shopify

Filter products instantly by price, size, color, tag, vendor, brand, collection, and meta fields. Easy to install and customize your filter menu.

  • Collection Filter for Shopify

Displays and sorts different collections using a wide array of filter options. Buyers are easier to find the right product with a sidebar filter

  • Smart Search & Instant Search

Powerful search and discovery solution with instant suggestions and autocorrect. Easily integrate with the original search bar.

Cons: Limit filter products in the FREE plan

Optimize 404 pages

Are your 404 pages dead?

Try to direct visitors to other website areas that could be more helpful rather than leaving them hanging when they see a 404—link to your most well-liked collections, items, and deals on your 404 page.

Optimize 404 pages
Optimize 404 pages

Successful Holiday Product Pages Checklist

Want to design a product page that converts into a jiffy?

#1 Try to hide your search/ navigation bar to block your customers from your product page so they will focus on the product the most.

#2 Use images showing off products’ ankle

#3 Cross the old pricing; Black Friday is for the lucrative deal.

#4 The ‘Add to Cart” is a bold red popping well against their crisp white background.

#5 Showcase free shipping and free returns icons directly on their product page for easy access

#6 A short description with three bullet points

#7 Feature a recommended products section with a mix of products that look pretty different from the one showcased to prevent customer confusion

#8 A reviews section with customer feedback

Blueprint of a successful holiday product page
Blueprint of a successful holiday product page

Wrapping up

The holiday season is a make-it-or-break-it time for many retailers. There’s more pressure to perform and deliver during this peak period than at any other time of year.

Thanks for following along as we walked you through how to create a great holiday product page! We hope these tips were helpful and that you’re feeling confident about your chances this quarter four.

Happy holiday!

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