As advanced innovation and functionalities are developed, the electronics market is always evolving and changing. The topic sharing today is about how affiliate marketing is most valuable for your electronics business and how to grow affiliate networks for your technology & electronic brand.

1. Business Potential In Electronic Industry

From the toaster in your kitchen to the smartwatch on your wrist, electronics are a part of your daily life. As a result, the US consumer electronics industry is expected to reach $100 million in 2021. This equates to the average person spending $250 per year alone on electronics.


Smartphone revenues keep rising, although it appears that greater expenditures are still undertaken on desktop computers. Due to the closure of storefronts, people have shifted to shopping online until 2020. 

There is also a new level of nervousness among customers, who are less likely to purchase in person because they are unsure of the safety of a certain establishment and prefer to avoid needless encounters with others. This makes it an excellent moment to profit from selling devices online. 

When coming with the online stages, affiliate marketing becomes the most effective marketing campaign for any electronic merchandise. People are always more attracted to the video review of the technology products than normal advertisements post. 

62% of customers said that they usually watch video tutorials or video reviews on Youtube or other social media platforms before purchasing any technology and electronics products. 

So, how can you attract your customer’s attention on the internet? Consumers prefer to buy rapidly, often with minimal interaction or introduction to a product or brand. There could be said that there are two different types when selling electronic products online, include: 

  • Physical
  • Digital 

In the physical electronic products, it is a huge potential business opportunity for selling: 

  • Home HiFi – Televisions, DVD players, Soundbars etc.
  • Computer equipment – laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, iPods, iPads, etc.
  • Photographic equipment – cameras, lenses, etc.
  • Home appliances – fans, ovens, washing machines
  • Gaming – consoles, controllers, headsets, and so on
  • In-car electronics – stereo systems, dash cams, etc.
  • Drones
  • Actual electronics – Resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.

Besides, the digital products could be separated from the physical electronics which could be a course, eBook, etc.

As affiliate marketing gained hold in consumer behavior, a few Instagram review photos or a review brief YouTube video may entice a customer to make a purchase.

Therefore, affiliate marketing is the most suitable marketing strategy when selling technology and electronics products online. All you need to do is find the influencers or affiliates to help you out in promoting your product. 

In the next part, we’ll find out all tips about how to increase the technology & electronic affiliate networks to save time and also help out where to start for all merchants.

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2. How to Grow Your Technology & Electronic Affiliate Networks

As the world of technology grows to expand at a rapid pace, there is an ever-increasing desire for knowledge about the most recent technological developments and innovations. Prominent influencers are helping to meet this demand by using social media to share their expertise and love for technology. 

Social media influencers are proven to be an effective marketing strategy for promoting products and extending reach by bridging the gap between customers and technology businesses.

Top tech influencers are transforming the way tech businesses sell their products by routinely evaluating the latest devices on their YouTube channels and blogs. Brands and influencers collaborate to generate real and engaging content to attract and retain their target audience and raise brand recognition.

You may collaborate with a tech and electronics influencer in a variety of ways because they are professionals in both the technology industry and social media.

2.1 Turn Customers into Affiliates

It is vital to make a deeper connection with customers to construct a genuinely powerful brand that will expand in the long run. To be more specific, you must convert loyal consumers into brand ambassadors. 

There are some various ways to convert your customers into affiliates that we would like to discuss below: 

  • Referral Programs – Referral programs provide consumers with credits or points as an incentive for referring new customers to your brand. A referral network may also be utilized to promote yourself on social media. 
  • Gather Product Reviews – Begin collecting consumer feedback by calling customers who’ve already recently purchased a product, particularly recurring customers.
  • Social Proof Notification – To enhance conversion rates, add social proof alerts to your website. Clients will serve as your brand ambassadors since their purchases will provide social proof for future customers browsing the business.
  • Engaging With Your Audience Online – Allow your consumers to promote your business by interacting with them online, show them that you appreciate their thoughts, and your consumers will talk about and think positively about your company.
  • Hosting Event – Set up business gatherings and ask your most loyal customers to promote your company through word-of-mouth marketing. 
  • Offering Premium Customers Support Services – If a consumer has an issue, your representatives must be courteous and compassionate throughout the problem-solving process.

Nevertheless, with the UpPromote Post-Purchase Popup function, which is a simple affiliate recruiting strategy, you can quickly convert customers to affiliates.

From the UpPromote Dashboard, choose to Grow Affiliates Tools > Convert Customers to Affiliates. When you choose Active, the function is activated.

You may configure the popup to display once or several times and guide them to the relevant applications based on your preferences.

2.2 Social Media 

Before purchasing, people seek practically everywhere for an authentic buyer reaction, from Facebook to Twitter, to YouTube, to Amazon.

Furthermore, YouTube videos give clients greater feedback and evaluations on various items, as well as comparisons between various products.

Let’s go through some popular social media platforms that help you out to grow your technology & electronic affiliate networks. 


Through searching keywords, you can easily find the appropriate influencers on Youtube to promote your technology & electronic affiliate networks. We have listed down the list of specific keywords that get high volume on Youtube for Technology & Electronics. 

Technology  Electronics 
Keywords/ Volumes
  • Tech news – 201,000 volumes 
  • Tech – 165,000 volumes 
  • New technology – 90,500 volumes 
  • What is technology – 49,500 volumes 
  • Latest technology – 27,100 volumes 
  • Technews – 22,200 volumes 
  • Cool tech – 14,800 volumes 
  • Technological advances – 14,800 volumes 
  • Modern technology – 12,100 volumes 
  • Gadget news – 9,900 volumes 
  • Technology updates – 4,400 volumes 
  • Electronic components – 22,200 volumes 
  • Electronic shop – 18,100 volumes 
  • Discount electronics – 14,800 volumes 
  • Electronic devices – 12,100 volumes 
  • Best buy electronics – 12,100 volumes 
  • Electronic parts – 9,900 volumes
  • Electronic shop – 9,900 volumes 
  • Cheap electronics – 8,100 volumes 
  • Electronic supply – 8,100 volumes  


One quick note for all merchants to find the suitable influencers for technology is finding on the Trending Tab. Go to Youtube > Explore > Trending and search with a popular list of keywords above, and you will get amazing results on searching influencers.  

Once you find the potential influencers, starting with following their channels and also commenting on their videos, this is a quick alert for them to know that someone is interested in their content and creative videos. After that, start with the intro email. 

The majority of YouTubers provide their business email address in the “About” section of their channel. The standard “Send Message” option is also accessible. Here are some broad guidelines for an introduction email:

  • Show genuine interest in and knowledge of the channel and its viewers.
  • Explain why you believe your brand is a suitable fit for the channel and how it will benefit the viewers.
  • Conduct your study and provide the Influencer with something of value.


In the mission to grow your technology & electronic affiliate networks Facebook, you can start with searching on Google. It’s very simple. 

When searching, add “site:” before your keywords so that you are only searching Facebook for the keywords within your niche. You can even put it in your location to narrow down your search.

The next stage in your quest for the ideal influencer may be to use Facebook’s native search. All you have to do is type the appropriate keyword into the search box at the top of Facebook.

When you’re finished, check for two tabs at the top that say “People” and “Groups“. These sections will display certain entities that you may utilize to sell your brand.

You can narrow down your search by selecting a location. Although time-consuming, you could hit gold in groups geared toward influencer marketing in your field.


The quickest way to increase your technology & electronic affiliate networks in Instagram is searching influencers by popular hashtags in the searching bar

Here are a few popular Instagram technology & electronic component hashtags.


























Additionally, you also can lie on Google for your searching. Type site: ‘’ before your keywords in your niches. Let’s have a look at the sample below: 

The results will provide you all of Google’s search list about the technology influencers on Instagram for you to choose the appropriate influencers for your brands.

2.3 Affiliates Marketplace 

Any Affiliate Marketplace, such as UpPromote Marketplace, is simple to join. There is a good chance that affiliates will seek you out rather than you seeking them out.

The most significant advantage of joining such networks is that their lifetimes of knowledge and competence may assist you in steering your affiliate marketing in the right direction. You can get in touch with their support team or check their knowledge base.

To find the targeting partners, simply select the Electronic components & supplies in Categories in UpPromote Marketplace.

Final Thought

The goal is to guarantee that your affiliates are knowledgeable about the electronic components industry and can create high-quality leads for you. It is significantly preferable to focus your efforts on a limited number of key affiliates instead of a huge number of affiliates that may have a large following but fail.

Are you prepared to identify the greatest affiliates for your company? Remember to select affiliates that have a similar targeted audience to yours, develop a rigorous registration procedure, and properly examine each possible affiliate.

Some affiliate management systems may also assist you in managing affiliate recruiting, helping you to establish a high-quality affiliate network. If you want to get started quickly and easily, get started with UpPromote now.

You can acquire top-tier affiliates in a variety of sectors on UpPromote Marketplace, manage your affiliate crew at your disposal, and quickly monitor and assess their production. UpPromote is an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution.

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