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A banner is a widely used advertising material that promotes products, services, or websites. It is an integral part of a company's marketing strategy and can be presented in various formats, including animated GIFs, images, or short videos.

Banners are typically found on affiliate websites; their primary goal is to redirect visitors to the merchant’s website.

In summary, banners are a common advertising material for promoting products, services, or websites. They come in different formats and are placed on affiliate websites to redirect visitors to the merchant’s site. Banners attract attention, convey marketing messages, and drive desired actions from the audience.

The most common types of banners include animated GIFs, images, and short videos. These formats allow for engaging and visually appealing advertising content.

A banner is a graphic image or video typically placed at the top or bottom of a webpage. Its purpose is to promote a website, product, service, or company, attracting the attention of visitors and encouraging them to take action.

Banners can be utilized for various purposes, such as promoting products, building brand awareness, advertising events, or supporting causes. They are designed to capture the audience's interest and generate clicks or conversions, ultimately driving traffic and engagement for the promoted entity.