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UpPromote The top-recommended Shopify affiliate app

More than 90,000 worldwide brands, eCommerce experts and courses endorse us as the most-favored Shopify app.

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UpPromote app is the best way to get organic traffic & organic sales coming to your website.

The Ecom King

E-commerce Expert

UpPromote’s outstanding affiliate network and programs have allowed me to generate significant profits.

Nathan Nazareth 

E-commerce Expert

By leveraging UpPromote’s powerful tools, I could able to double my sales.

Capital Tycoon

E-commerce Expert

UpPromote’s affiliate program can help drive traffic and increase conversions, helping businesses grow their sales and revenue. 

Rajesh S.

IT Products & Services Specialist

UpPromote has solved my headaches and makes it easy for me. It’s pretty easy to set it up and their support team has been very responsive and helpful to my queries.

Mike Y.

Reviewer on Getapp

UpPromote offers an engaging internal referral program to help you drive sales. Reward customers and get them talking with a simple popup encouraging referrals.



Great app for affiliation program. Launch my affiliate program and this one is the best! I’ve been using this app for two years and I’m very satisfied with it.

Alexandre G.


Love the support I get! I always do the live chat and they are always there to help and literally give me step by step instructions on how to set things up!

Ian Evilsizor 

Hill Country Kids Clothing

So user-friendly and easy to use and manage affiliates! It takes all of the guess work and tedious parts out of this process. This app is fantastic-highly reccommend!

Kim Cuppett

Stuff’d Pittsburgh

So far, I’m loving this app. Has all the features, and customization options I need, but the Custom service. GREAT! 10/10 recommend.

Andrew Roberts

My Cloud Lights

UpPromote is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes, with a robust set of features, a generous free plan, and reasonable pricing

Peertopeermarketing / P2P


UpPromote simplifies the setup process with easy-to-follow instructions. Plus, its automated functions help save time by streamlining key processes for maximum efficiency.


E-commerce Expert

What does UpPromote offers to your business?

Empowerment &  Motivation

Empower your brand representatives with our robust and powerful toolsets, featuring an affiliate dashboard, gift & bonus and creative media designed to elevate their performance.

Tracking & Management

Manage ambassadors, brand advocates, influencers, converted customers, and affiliates under one umbrella. Enroll, track referral orders through links/ coupon codes, and easily pay your partner.

Building affiliate program

Discover all the essentials to build your affiliate programs from the ground up. Diverse commission structures and the ability to customize affiliate forms that draw in potential affiliates.

Recruitment & Communication

Multiple ways to identify and recruit the ideal affiliates for your brand with our Marketplace, MLM or converting customers to brand advocates. Tools for fostering affiliate relationships & generating sales to expand your eCommerce business.

What sets UpPromote apart?

Our commitment to user-friendliness, feedback-attentiveness, comprehensive features, and dedicated support distinguish UpPromote from competitors.

Ease Of Use

Launching an affiliate program with UpPromote takes only four steps. Built-in tooltips and triggered messages are provided to help you navigate the app effortlessly.

Universally-recommended Affiliate App

90,000+ brands, partners & authoritative platforms gave us their kind words for the satisfaction we deliver, making us the top-recommended affiliate app on Shopify.

Outstanding Customer Support

Our dedicated support agents cover every timezone! Being customer-centric, we’ll respond to your every request with a stellar-collar of a 2-minute average time response.

Unified Affiliate & Customer Referrals

We support diversifying marketing touchpoints inside and outside the sales funnel. Whether you scale with professional affiliates or leverage word-of-mouth marketing through existing customers, we got your back!

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Kiel Tredrea

TréSkin Chief Creative Officer

“We reached $120,000+ in affiliate revenue since first launching our affiliate program with UpPromote. We really feel like their team is part of our team and cares for our success! Their support is world class, and their app is very powerful and easy to use.”


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Jon Cook

Saledress Chief Marketing Officer

“UpPromote contributed to our affiliate marketing success by helping us surpass $1 million in sales last year. We currently have 5,000 affiliates, and although we use other tools to boost sales, the majority of our sales come from UpPromote. Really love this app!”

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