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First Click

In affiliate marketing, the first click refers to the attribution model that gives credit for a conversion to the affiliate whose link was clicked first by the user. This model prioritizes the initial interaction that brought the user to the advertiser's website.

The first click attribution model is often used to reward affiliates who initiate the user's journey and introduce them to the advertiser's products or services. It recognizes the importance of affiliates in generating initial interest and driving traffic to the advertiser's website. This model can incentivize affiliates to focus on top-of-funnel marketing efforts and help in expanding the affiliate program's reach.

Various attribution models are used in affiliate marketing, such as last click, linear, time decay, and position-based models. Last click attribution, for example, gives credit to the affiliate whose link was clicked immediately before the conversion. Other models distribute credit across multiple touchpoints in the user's journey. The attribution model choice depends on the affiliate program's specific goals and strategies and the desired allocation of credit among affiliates.

The first click attribution model can be advantageous for affiliates as it rewards them for initiating the user's journey. Affiliates who drive initial interest and capture the user's attention can benefit from this model. However, it may disadvantage affiliates who contribute to the user's decision-making process but are not credited for the final conversion. It's important for affiliates to understand the attribution model used by the advertiser and adjust their strategies accordingly to maximize their earnings within that framework.