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In affiliate marketing, a hit refers to a single request made to a website's server for any file or resource. It can include requests for HTML pages, images, scripts, or any other element that makes up a web page.

Hits provide a metric for measuring the activity level on a website or a specific web page. In affiliate marketing, tracking hits can help affiliates understand the popularity and engagement of their content, determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, and assess the overall performance of their affiliate websites.

No, hits are not the same as website visits or unique visitors. Hits represent individual requests for files or resources, website visits refer to the number of times a user accesses a website, and unique visitors represent the number of distinct individuals who visit a website within a specified time period. Hits can be higher than website visits because a single visitor can trigger multiple hits by loading various web page elements.

You can track hits on your affiliate website using web analytics tools. These tools provide insights into the number of hits, website visits, unique visitors, and other metrics. Popular web analytics platforms like Google Analytics offer tracking codes to embed on your website to gather data on hits and other key performance indicators.