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Asus Affiliate Program

Asus Affiliate Program

The Asus affiliate program is free to join through AWIN, allowing partners to earn commissions based on the total sales made by customers they refer.


1% per sale


30 days


BACS, international wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, domestic payments

ASUS is a top global tech leader known for its cutting-edge products like laptops and gaming devices. If you’re an affiliate marketer, joining the ASUS affiliate program lets you earn commissions by promoting a variety of high-quality tech products.

This article explores the details of the ASUS affiliate program, providing helpful insights to help you decide if it’s right for your promotions.

Overview of Asus

Established in 1989, ASUS, a major tech company based in Taiwan, initially focused on motherboards and gaming items.

Now, it has been a worldwide tech leader, creating cool and easy-to-use products for awesome customer experiences. Asus offers popular items like laptops, monitors, graphic cards, routers, phones, desktops, and more. 

The brand also works on virtual and augmented reality, IoT devices, and robots. Recently, they launched Zenbo, a smart home robot that helps and entertains families.

Overview of the Asus Affiliate Program

The Asus affiliate program is free to join through AWIN, allowing partners to earn commissions based on the total sales made by customers they refer. Commission rates vary by partner and product category.

This program is ideal for publishers and influencers in related niches like computing, gaming, tech, and electronics. Once you join the program, the brand will provide you with text links, banners, and regular product promotions to promote their products.

Asus Affiliate Program Commission and Payment Details

The Asus affiliate program gives a 1% default commission per sale. Some select partners can get higher commissions on specific product categories, decided case by case.

The program offers a 30-day cookie window. This means you can earn extra on repeat purchases within one month.

Awin pays affiliates twice a month, on the 1st and 15th. You can get your money via BACS, international wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, or domestic payments. 

The minimum payment is £20 for GBP, €20 for Euro, and $20 for USD. Other currencies need to reach the equivalent of $20.

Pros and Cons of the Asus Affiliate Program

Let’s break down some major benefits and drawbacks of the Asus affiliate program before joining it:

Pros Cons
Diverse product selection Low commission rate (1%)
Regular exclusive promos for affiliates Minimum threshold required ($20)
30-day cookie duration
Fast and reliable payouts
Dedicated support and assets

Affiliates benefit significantly by joining the Asus affiliate program due to its numerous advantages. The global brand recognition of Asus, coupled with a diverse product selection, allows affiliates to reach a wide and varied audience. 

The program enhances earning potential through exclusive promotions and a generous 30-day cookie duration. If you’re doing well, you can even get a chance to increase your affiliate commission rates on select product categories. 

Affiliates also enjoy dedicated support, ensuring they have assistance when needed. Moreover, you gain access to various marketing assets that can be leveraged to promote Asus products effectively.

However, there are a couple of potential downsides to consider. The commission rate of 1% may be relatively low compared to other affiliate programs. Additionally, there’s a minimum threshold requirement of $20, meaning affiliates must reach this amount before receiving payouts. 

Asus Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the Asus affiliate program in 5 steps:

Step 1: Visit the Asus affiliate page

Go to https://ui.awin.com/merchant-profile/31828 and click on “Sign up and Join Program”. This will take you to the landing page. Then, click “Join Awin.” 

Step 2: Sign up

Fill in your name, email, company info, etc., to create an Awin publisher account.

Step 3: Get approved

AWIN will review your application and notify you when approved.

Step 4: Access your account

Once approved, you can log in to your Awin affiliate dashboard and find the Asus affiliate program from there.

Step 4: Get affiliate links

Here, you can customize affiliate links and access banners, text links, and other promo materials.

Step 5: Promote Asus products

Now, you’re set to promote Asus products on your website, social media, or YouTube using your unique affiliate links. Make sure to use these links in your promotions to track referrals correctly.

How to Promote Asus Products as an Affiliate

As an Asus affiliate, you can leverage these effective strategies to maximize your income:

Firstly, you can craft authentic reviews and tutorials about the Asus products you own. This adds significant value to your readers and establishes a genuine connection.

Besides, you can focus on high-ticket items, particularly laptops and desktops, as they come with the most lucrative commissions. It’s also smart to jump on the hype train by promoting the latest Asus products, like their cutting-edge ROG gaming laptop. These products tend to attract specific audiences, like techies.

Another smart move is seamlessly integrating Asus into your content using sidebar banners and site links. These dynamic elements will complement your active recommendations for a well-rounded approach.

It’s also crucial to segment your audience effectively, tailoring your promotions to meet their specific needs and budget. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of higher conversions, ensuring your efforts result in more successful affiliate sales.

Is the Asus Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Asus affiliate program presents a promising opportunity for affiliates looking to dive into the tech niche. 

With global brand recognition, a diverse product selection, and regular exclusive promotions, it offers a solid foundation for potential earnings. The 30-day cookie duration, fast payouts, and dedicated support further sweeten the deal, providing affiliates with the tools they need to succeed.

However, it’s essential to be mindful of the lower 1% commission rate and the $20 minimum threshold, which may impact immediate returns. Despite these challenges, the program’s advantages, such as high-ticket items and strategic promotion during peak shopping events, can significantly boost earnings.

The success of the Asus affiliate program ultimately depends on your skill in navigating these factors, aligning them with your marketing strategies, and effectively catering to your audience. By balancing the pros and cons and capitalizing on the program’s strengths, you can significantly boost your affiliate income and tap into the tech-savvy market.


Who should join the Asus affiliate program?

The Asus affiliate program is ideal for publishers and influencers in the technology, computing, gaming, and electronics niches. If your audience is interested in PCs, laptops, components, and peripherals, you can find success promoting Asus gear.

Is there a fee to join the Asus affiliate program?

No, the Asus affiliate program is completely free to join. You simply sign up for an account and get approved to start earning commissions. There are no recurring fees or costs associated with being an Asus affiliate.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an Asus affiliate?

There are no strict minimum requirements, but Asus does evaluate sites based on traffic, audience, and content quality. Your site or channel should reach a relevant audience focused on tech products. Having reviews, tutorials, and niche-relevant content will help with approval.

What is the commission rate for Asus affiliates?

The Asus affiliate program pays its affiliates a fixed commission of 1% per sale. There’s an opportunity to get a higher rate for select product categories and partners, decided by a particular situation. 

Can the Asus program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can definitely promote other affiliate offers and products in tandem with Asus. There are no exclusivity requirements, so you have the flexibility to diversify your monetization strategy.

What are the best Asus affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives include other computer brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, MSI, and Gigabyte. For higher commissions, consider Apple, Razer, or mobile brands like Samsung. Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg also offer tech and electronics affiliate programs.