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authority hacker affiliate program

Authority Hacker Affiliate Program

The Authority Hacker runs an affiliate program that allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting its courses. Join into lucrative chances!


Up to $1,979 per sale


60 days



As a leading authority site training platform, Authority Hacker offers an appealing affiliate program with high commissions and valuable products. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program with all the information needed for you to engage in this program.

A Brief Overview of Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker was founded in 2014 by Gael Breton and Mark Webster. They aim to close the gap between the Internet marketing world and effective tactics in the real world. Over 13 years working in this industry, they have gained 13,000+ consumers in 120 countries worldwide.

Up to now, Authority Hacker has continued attracting online businessmen with premium training programs.

Overview of the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program

This program lets publishers earn commissions by referring users to buy Authority Hacker’s products. The program also has several requirements, so it is not matched with everyone. The program especially fits with:

  • Affiliate marketing blogs and websites.
  • Online business influencers.
  • SEO and website traffic content creators.
  • General bloggers looking to monetize.

Authority Hacker Affiliate Program is a performance-based program rewarding active referrals and sales, you can earn as much as possible with the program. Besides, the program is operated by the Authority Hacker itself and welcomes affiliate marketers around the world.

Authority Hacker Affiliate Program: Commission Rates and Payment Details

The commission you can gain from their program fluctuates from $990 to $1.979 per sale. With average EPCs over $10 and the highest EPC over $15, the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program provides a lucrative opportunity for their partners.

The cookie period of the program is 60 days and they will pay your commission monthly through PayPal with no minimum payouts. Please set up auto-payouts from Thrivecart to your business Paypal account if you want to get paid sooner.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Authority Hacker Affiliate Program

Pros  Cons
Reputable brand Need some criteria to join the program
High commission earnings per sale Requires consistently generating new content marketing
High-converting, high-ticket courses Limited payment method (PayPal only)
No minimum payouts
Long cookie period (60 days)

There will be several advantages and disadvantages of the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program.

The spotlight of this program is the high commission earnings. Authority Hacker offers you up to $990 per sale or even $1.979 per sale. An average EPC over $10 is not a low one.

But, Authority Hacker has a list of requirements for those who want to join their program:

  • Partners have to have a few thousand visitors per month.
  • Partners will need to have an active website.
  • They will not accept partners who do not have a relevant audience.
  • They will not accept spammy, low-effort content.
  • You must make at least 1 qualifying sale within your first 3 months (90 days). If not, your account will be deleted.

How to join the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the Authority Hacker affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Check eligibility

Ensure that you meet all the base requirements of the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program.

Step 2: Submit application

Go to the Authority Hacker Affiliate application page and complete the sign-up form.

Step 3: Get approved

The Authority Hacker will review your request. They will contact you if approved to promote their products. The process will operate within 7 working days.

Step 4: Access links

Once approved, you’ll gain access to your unique Authority Hacker Affiliate links.

Step 5: Start promoting

Add your affiliate links to relevant blog posts, videos, social media, etc. Remember to disclose your partnership.

How to Earn Money with the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program

If you want to maximize your income with the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program, here are some tips for you to start with:

Firstly, you can promote their flagship Authority Site System course, consider the prominent courses on their website and their recommendations.

Secondly, you create creative content marketing like creative posts and blogs to compare Authority Hacker with other programs. Also, write in-depth reviews and case studies for your customers.

Thirdly, you are recommended to promote through your website, email, YouTube, and social media to maximize your chances of meeting potential customers by utilizing all the platforms.

Finally, you have to target the right customers. All your tactics or strategies are useless if it places the wrong community. Ensure that you are surrounded by all potential customers, not somebody who does not care about online business.

Is the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program Worth It?

Given the variables, is joining Authority Hacker as an affiliate worthwhile? For engaged publishers who actively promote, the program can certainly drive meaningful revenue.

Compared to other website training affiliate programs, Authority Hacker provides a major advantage given their industry authority status.

For blogs already discussing online business and SEO, becoming an Authority Hacker Affiliate aligns perfectly with monetizing existing audience interest.


Does Authority Hacker have an affiliate program?

Yes, Authority Hacker already runs an affiliate program that offers a great opportunity for you to earn passive income.

Is the AuthorityHacker affiliate program for beginners?

Authority Hacker have their requirements for partners who want to join their affiliate network. If you satisfy all of that, you can submit the application without caring whether you are a beginner or not.

Who should join the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program?

The Authority Hacker Affiliate Program is ideal for bloggers, influencers, and content creators. The people in the online business, website traffic, SEO, and affiliate marketing niches.

Is there a fee to join the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program?

No, there is no fee to join the Authority Hacker affiliate program. The application process is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an Authority Hacker Affiliate?

There are strict requirements, Authority Hacker tends to accept affiliates who have an established website, blog, YouTube channel, or social media presence with some audience.

Can I join the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program without owning any websites?

It will be hard to succeed as an Authority Hacker affiliate if you don’t have a website.

Can the Authority Hacker Program combine with other affiliate programs?

Yes, Authority Hacker allows their affiliates to promote complementary affiliate offers related to online business, SEO, website traffic, and affiliate marketing to Authority Hacker’s own products.

What are the best Authority Hacker Affiliate Program alternatives?

Some alternatives are affiliate programs for other online businesses and internet marketing training platforms like Wealthy Affiliate, ClickFunnels, Teachable, Kajabi, and Thinkific.