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Book Bolt Affiliate Program

The Book Bolt affiliate program lets you earn lifetime commissions promoting its self-publishing paid plans. Check out more!


25% recurring




Book Bolt is a leading platform for creating and self-publishing low-content books on Amazon. As an affiliate, you can earn recurring commissions by promoting Book Bolt’s paid plans to self-publishers through your custom links and promo codes.

In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about the Book Bolt affiliate program. You’ll understand its commission structure, benefits & drawbacks, and more. Ultimately, you can decide if it’s worth your efforts and time.

Overview of Book Bolt

Established in the US in 2017, Book Bolt is an empowering platform tailored for self-published authors seeking success on Amazon Kindle. The platform helps with book cover design, keyword research, and making book descriptions better.

Besides, Book Bolt makes it easier for authors to improve their book listings on Amazon. It also has user-friendly features like ready-made templates and customization tools. These features foster seamless integration with Amazon KDP self-publishing for a more straightforward and effective publishing journey.

Overview of the Book Bolt Affiliate Program

Book Bolt affiliate program is a one of the best book affiliate program in 2024. The Book Bolt affiliate program pays its partners lifetime commissions for promoting Book Bolt premium plans to KDP publishers.

You can join the program for free directly on its website. After approval, you’ll access your custom affiliate link, banners, and coupons. There is also a dedicated affiliate manager to help with your promotional efforts.

The program is great for online marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, authors, and anyone who wants to promote Book Bolt’s low-content book publishing platform. It’s best if you have an audience or network that aligns with the self-publishing or book-creation niche.

Book Bolt Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Book Bolt pays a generous 25% recurring commission on referred signups. You’ll receive that commission as long as your Book Bolt account stays active.

Commissions are paid out monthly via PayPal, however, there is a high minimum payout threshold of $100. This means your account balance must reach $100 before requesting a payout of your accumulated commissions.

With Book Bolt’s generous recurring earnings structure, motivated affiliates can build up a steady stream of passive income over time.

Pros and Cons of the Book Bolt Affiliate Program

Here’s the table summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of the Book Bolt affiliate program:

Pros Cons
Popular platform with over 300,000 authors Limited payout option (via PayPal only)
Generous 25% recurring commission rate $100 minimum monthly payout threshold
Dedicated support

Book Bolt offers a generous 25% lifetime recurring commission rate, allowing affiliates to earn steady passive income as long as their referrals stay active. With dedicated affiliate manager support and ready-made banners, Book Bolt provides helpful resources to simplify promotion.

However, there are two important points to remember. You get paid only through PayPal. Also, you must earn at least $100 before you can withdraw your money.

Book Bolt Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the Book Bolt affiliate program in 5 steps:

Step 1: Visit the Book Bolt affiliate signup page

Go to the Book Bolt affiliate program homepage and click on “Start earning now” or “Join the affiliate program” to access their affiliate application.

Step 2: Create an affiliate account

Fill out your username and password. Then, click on “Signup Now” to create your Book Bolt affiliate account.

Step 3: Get the account approved

Book Bolt will review your application to approve you for the program. This may take 1-2 days.

Step 4: Book bolt affiliate program login

Once approved, you can log into your Book Bolt affiliate dashboard to access your unique affiliate links and other creative assets.

Step 5: Start promoting Book Bolt

Now, you can add your Book Bolt affiliate links and promo codes to your website, content, email, and social campaigns. Promote Book Bolt’s platform to earn 25% commissions on signups.

How to Promote Book Bolt Products as an Affiliate?

Here are some of the best practices to boost your earnings with the Book Bolt affiliate program.

First, you can make easy-to-follow blog posts or videos for beginners using Book Bolt. In particular, you can show step-by-step instructions on how authors can improve their book listings. Remember to put your affiliate link in the content to guide users to Book Bolt.

You can also write a blog post or create a short video series about your experiences with Book Bolt. Newcomers can find inspiration and helpful tips and click your affiliate link to explore Book Bolt.

Another tip is to join online forums or social media groups for self-published authors. You can give advice, answer questions, and talk about your positive experiences with Book Bolt. Building trust in these communities can lead to more clicks on your affiliate link.

The last strategy is to work with other content creators in self-publishing. You can create content together that explains the self-publishing process and highlights how Book Bolt makes it easier. This collaboration can reach more people and introduce Book Bolt to a wider audience.

Is the Book Bolt Affiliate Program Worth It?

In summary, the Book Bolt affiliate program offers enticing advantages for those promoting self-publishing. These include an expansive user base, a substantial 25% lifetime commission, and dedicated support from affiliate managers and creatives.

Still, there are some challenges. It’s competitive, and you must make at least $100 monthly to get paid. Even though it’s not perfect, with smart promotion and using the provided resources, you can make the most of it.

Making a stable income from the Book Bolt affiliate program may take effort, but there’s potential for both money and connecting with the self-publishing community.


  • Does Book Bolt have an affiliate program?

Yes, Book Bolt has an affiliate program that allows partners to earn recurring commissions by promoting its paid plans.

  • Who should join the Book Bolt Affiliate program?

The Book Bolt affiliate program is best suited for online marketers, bloggers, or anyone with an audience interested in the book publishing business.

  • Is the Book Bolt Affiliate program free to join?

No, there is no fee to join the Book Bolt affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Book Bolt affiliate?

Book Bolt does not list any specific traffic or sales requirements to join. However, applications are reviewed before approval.

  • Can the Book Bolt program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, Book Bolt allows affiliates to promote other complementary affiliate offers related to online business, entrepreneurship, self-publishing, etc.

  • What are the best Book Bolt affiliate program alternatives?

You can check out other affiliate programs for self-publishing platforms, such as KDP, or competitors like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.