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freshworks affiliate program

Freshworks Affiliate Program

The Freshworks affiliate program lets you turn your SaaS insights into income. Check out our detailed guide for more.


15%-25% recurring commissions


90 days


PayPal, Stripe

Freshworks offers a suite of modern SaaS solutions for all kinds of companies. As an affiliate marketer, promoting Freshworks software can be a lucrative opportunity.

In this in-depth article, we’ll break down every aspect of the Freshworks affiliate program. Read on to see if it fits your business goals.

Overview of Freshworks

Started in 2010, Freshworks is a dynamic and innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) company offering software products for companies of all sizes. Their products focus on IT service management, customer services, HR management, and sales & marketing automation.

Some of Freshworks’ leading products include:

  • Freshdesk – Customer support and helpdesk software
  • Freshservice – IT service management
  • Freshsales – CRM and sales automation
  • Freshmarketer – Marketing automation software

Their solutions integrate seamlessly with one another and with hundreds of third-party apps. That’s why over 50,000 businesses worldwide use Freshworks software across 120 countries.

Overview of the Freshworks Affiliate Program

The Freshworks affiliate program lets publishers earn recurring commissions for referring customers to Freshworks’ software solutions. It’s open for individual and agency affiliates to join through the Partnerstack.

Agency publishers are experts in ecommerce or digital marketing who want to recommend Freshworks products with Shopify connections to their clients. Individual affiliates can be any type of marketer, marketplace, publisher network, consultant, or influencer. They aim to suggest Freshworks products to businesses.

After registration and approval, you can access your affiliate dashboard. Here you can get your affiliate link and other creatives, like videos, white papers, case studies, and banners.

Freshworks Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Freshworks pays its partners 15%-25% recurring commissions for each referred customer. The rate varies based on the partner type you choose, including individual partners and agency partners. Here’s the detailed commission structure:

Individual partners:

  • Freshworks affiliates: 20% recurring commission in the 12 months of the customer lifecycle
  • Power affiliates: 25% recurring commission in the 12 months of the customer lifecycle + performance bonus
  • Champion affiliates: custom commission

Agency partners: 20% recurring commission in the 12 months of the customer lifecycle

However, if your referred customers convert but don’t use Shopify integration, you still get a 15% commission for a whole year of the customer lifecycle.

The program offers a 90-day cookie duration. This means if someone signs up within 3 months of clicking your referral link, you’ll get credit for that sale.

Partnerstack pays Freshworks partners monthly via Stripe or PayPal. Yet, you need at least $5 before you can take out your money.

Pros and Cons of the Freshworks Affiliate Program

Here are some top benefits and drawbacks of the Freshworks affiliate program:

Pros  Cons 
Reputable brand with various products High competition
Lucrative recurring commissions (up to 25%) $5 minimum payout threshold
Long cookie duration (90 days)
Creatives included

Freshworks is a trusted brand with a wide range of valuable SaaS products, so you can tap into an expansive customer base. The enticing recurring commission of up to 25% quickly adds up to your lucrative passive income monthly. Also, the 90-day cookie lifetime gives you lots of time to implement your strategies.

Nevertheless, the tough competition and technical expertise in this niche require you to work hard to stand out. There is also a small $5 minimum payout requirement before requesting your payments.

Freshworks Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the Freshworks affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Freshworks affiliate page

Go to the Freshworks affiliate program page. Then, choose the right partner type for your condition.

Step 2: Fill out the signup form

Now, you need to fill in some initial information, including your name, email, and country. After that, fill out the application form on Partnerstack. Then, click on “Submit application.”

Step 3: Get approved

Wait for approval from the Freshworks team, which can take up to 2 weeks. You’ll receive approval via email.

Step 4: Freshworks affiliate program login

Once approved, log in to PartnerStack to access your unique promo links, download creatives, and track your performance.

Step 5: Start promoting 

Now, you can place your Freshworks affiliate link on your platform and earn a referral commission.

How to Boost Your Income with the Freshworks Affiliate Program?

Here are some tips to maximize your commissions as a Freshworks affiliate:

You can start by producing short videos demonstrating how to use specific Freshworks features. You can highlight its user-friendly interface and time-saving capabilities. Then, share these videos on platforms like TikTok or Facebook reels. Remember to include your referral link in the video description to increase click-through rates.

Another tip is to develop content comparing Freshworks with other similar tools, like Brevo or Zendesk. You can provide a detailed analysis of features, pricing, and user experiences. This type of content helps your audience make informed decisions

It’s also effective to negotiate with Freshworks to provide exclusive bonuses, like extended trial periods, extra features, or discounts. The extra value can make your affiliate links more appealing and drive higher conversion rates.

You can also join online communities related to SaaS solutions for businesses. Here, you can share how Freshworks helps with common challenges and thoughtfully share your affiliate link. Just make sure it follows the community rules and adds real value to the talk.

Is the Freshworks Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Freshworks affiliate program offers an amazing opportunity to earn sizable recurring commissions in the SaaS space.

Affiliates gain from Freshworks’ good brand, a 90-day cookie period, and creative resources. The big recurring commissions offer a chance for a significant monthly passive income. However, there are some challenges, like high competition and a small minimum payout threshold of $5.

Just remember, success with this program requires smart marketing and a good match between the brand and your audience.


  • Is the Freshworks affiliate program available on the app?

No. It is currently accessible through the Partnerstack affiliate dashboard on its website.

  • Who should join the Freshworks affiliate program?

It’s perfect for bloggers and agencies, with an audience interested in business software, SaaS, IT services, and related topics.

  • Is the Freshworks affiliate program free to join?

There does not appear to be any fee to join the Freshworks affiliate program directly.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Freshworks Affiliate?

Freshworks does not list any specific minimum requirements. Yet, you need to be approved to join. It is recommended to have an established website or social media following in their target niches.

  • Can the Freshworks program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Absolutely. It’s common for affiliates to promote Freshworks alongside other SaaS, cloud software, and related offers.

  • What are the best Freshworks affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to the Freshworks affiliate programs are Brevo, Tailwind, Freshbooks, Zendesk, Sendinblue, Bigin, Zoho, and Pluralsight affiliate programs.