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paw.com affiliate program

Paw.com Affiliate Program

The Paw.com affiliate program allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting its products. Get started now to make your first passive income.


10% per sale


30 days


Direct deposit, and PayPal

You are a pet enthusiast and looking to turn your content into a revenue stream? The Paw.com affiliate program is a golden chance to make your dream come true.

As a leading provider of high-quality pet products, Paw.com pays publishers to attract new customers to this brand. 

In this in-depth overview, we’ll delve into every aspect of the Paw.com affiliate program. You’ll learn about its features and how to become a Paw.com affiliate. Let’s dive in.

What is Paw.com?

Paw.com is an online retailer that specializes in luxury waterproof pet products, such as pet blankets, beds, and more. It offers a wide range of high-quality and stylish pet accessories designed to provide comfort and protection for pets.

Paw.com’s high-quality products include pet beds, waterproof blankets, crate sets, car seat protectors, and various other pet-related items. The brand is known for its premium materials, innovative designs, and commitment to creating products that cater to both pets’ needs and pet owners’ preferences.

How Does the Paw.com Affiliate Program Work?

The Paw.com affiliate program pays publishers to refer new customers to this brand. You’ll earn a commission for each sale driven through your affiliate links. Publishers can promote all available products offered by Paw.com.

This program is open to any publisher interested in joining. Yet, it’s perfect for content creators and influencers in the pet care or e-commerce niches.

Publishers can join this program through Impact, a major affiliate platform. The signup process is simple and costs no fee. Impact will also track your commissions and process your payments. 

Paw.com Affiliate Commissions and Payment Details

Paw.com offers a flat commission rate of 10% for all qualifying purchases. For example, if your audience buys a $149 PupChill Cooling Bolster Dog Bed, you’ll get $14.9 in commission. 

The cookie period lasts for 30 days. This means your referral is qualified for a commission once your audience completes an order within 1 month from the last click through your affiliate links. 

Your qualified referrals are locked 15 days after the end of the day they are tracked. Then, they are invoiced on the 3rd of the next month. Approved transactions are made 5 days later. 

Publishers will receive their money through two payout methods including direct deposit, and PayPal. The payment process requires a $10 minimum payout balance. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Paw.com Affiliate Program

Now we’ll show you some benefits and drawbacks of becoming a Paw.com affiliate marketer.

Benefits Drawbacks
Good commission rate (10%/sale) Complex payment process
Long cookie duration (30 days) $10 minimum payout balance

Paw.com pays publishers a competitive commission rate of 10% per sale. Along with the high prices of Paw.com’s products, you can earn a large affiliate income over time. The 30-day cookie duration also gives publishers lots of time to promote and earn from repeat sales.

However, the payment process has many stages to complete including tracking, clocking, invoicing, and approving. Plus, your affiliate revenue must be greater than $10 for your payouts to be handled. 

Paw.com Affiliate Program Signup Process

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the Paw.com affiliate program.

Step 1: Access the affiliate registration site

Publishers sign up for this program through Impact. Access https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/pawcom.brand?execution=e1s1 to open the registration form. 

Step 2: Complete the affiliate application form

Fill in all the required sections with your valid details. Then, click “Sign Up” to submit your form.

Step 3: Wait for approval

Your application will go through a review process. It usually takes a few business days.

Step 5: Paw.com affiliate program login and start promoting

Once approved, you can log in and access your affiliate dashboard. Now, you can find and place your referral links on your site and start promoting.

How to Maximize Earnings with the Paw.com Affiliate Program

Publishers may use some tips below to maximize their affiliate marketing efforts.

First, publishers need to identify niche audiences interested in luxury pet care products. This group has a high conversion potential. You can tailor your content and offers to meet their needs and drive more sales to Paw.com. 

In addition, you must establish yourself as a trusted authority in the pet care niche. You can do that by providing high-quality content, sharing tips and advice related to pets, and engaging with your audience. This will help increase your credibility and effectively convince your audience.

One more tip is to use visual content like high-quality images and videos. For example, you can film a video unboxing or reviewing Paw.com products. By featuring attractive visuals, you can attract more potential buyers and increase your affiliate marketing traffic. 

Lastly, publishers may consider collaborating with other influencers in the same niche. You can work with them to create pet-related content or videos. That helps reach a much wider audience and increase your position in the affiliate space. 

Is the Paw.com Affiliate Program Right for You?

The Paw.com affiliate program allows you to tap into a lucrative market of pet products and substantial income over time. 

With the emerging needs of pet care items, you can promote Paw.com products to a wide range of audiences globally. Besides, a 10% commission and the products’ high value enable publishers to generate large affiliate revenue. For example, if you can sell ten $169 PupProtector Luxe Waterproof blankets, you’ll earn $169 in total commission.

Still, it’s not easy to get high earnings in a short time. As Paw.com sells luxury products, it’s hard for a massive audience to afford. You should target deep-pocketed pet parents to ensure your success. You will also need to put extra effort into establishing your position and improving your affiliate marketing strategies. 


  • Is the Paw.com affiliate program legit?

Yes. The Paw.com affiliate program is completely legit. It’s managed by Impact, a trusted affiliate network globally. It also provides an affiliate agreement for publishers to consider before joining. 

  • Who should join the Paw.com affiliate program?

The Paw.com affiliate program is ideal for publishers in the pet care and e-commerce niches. 

  • Is there a fee to join the Paw.com affiliate program?

No. There is no fee to join the Paw.com affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Paw.com affiliate?

There are no stated minimum requirements to join the Paw.com affiliate program. 

  • Can the Paw.com program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes. The Paw.com affiliate program enforces no exclusivity limitations.

  • What are the best Paw.com affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to the Paw.com affiliate program are Dog Food, Live Pee Free, Whistle, Chewy, Pet Pro Supply Co., Purina, Wild One, and Taste of the Wild affiliate programs.