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Surfshark Affiliate Program

Surfshark Affiliate Program

Surfshark operates an affiliate program where publishers earn commissions by promoting Surfshark’s VPN service and other products through custom links and marketing materials.


40%+ on new and recurring sales


30 days


PayPal, Bank Transfer

As a top VPN service, Surfshark offers an attractive affiliate program to earn commissions promoting their cybersecurity tools. But is it worthwhile for your business?

This comprehensive review provides an overview of Surfshark, details on its affiliate program, top benefits, optimization strategies, potential drawbacks, and realistic income expectations to help you determine if the Surfshark affiliate program is beneficial.

About Surfshark

Surfshark is a cybersecurity company founded in 2018 that develops privacy and security solutions including a VPN, antivirus, data breach alert system, private search tool, and personal data removal service. 

Headquartered in the Netherlands with 300+ employees, Surfshark aims to give users full control over their digital lives. They have over 12 million app downloads and have won numerous awards and certifications for their products. 

The company believes in an open, free, and secure internet, partnering with nonprofits to advocate for digital rights. With a suite of humanized security tools, Surfshark is working to make online privacy and protection accessible.

How Does The Surfshark Affiliate Program Work?

Surfshark affiliate program is one of the good VPN affiliate programs. Surfshark operates an affiliate program where publishers earn commissions by promoting Surfshark’s VPN service and other products through custom links and marketing materials. As a Surfshark affiliate, you gain access to text links, banners, email templates, and more to incorporate on your website.

Upon successful purchases by referred visitors, affiliates earn a substantial commission or more. The program, suitable for privacy-centric websites and influencers with a VPN-focused audience, presents recurring earning potential as customers renew subscriptions.

Surfshark Affiliate Program Commissions and Payment Details

Surfshark offers competitive commissions, starting at an impressive 40%, for every new customer sale referred, making it one of the highest-paying programs in the VPN industry. The 30-day cookie period tracking ensures proper attribution of conversions. 

Affiliates receive monthly payments when their earnings surpass the $100 minimum payout threshold, processed swiftly through PayPal or bank transfer.

The affiliate dashboard provides real-time reporting on a wide range metrics, including clicks, impressions, referrals, conversions, and commission earnings.

Benefits & Drawbacks for Affiliate Marketers

Pros Cons
Prominent VPN Service Highly competitive affiliate space
Recurring Revenue Share Commissions depend on subscription renewals
Generous Commissions Reliant on Surfshark’s brand reputation
Global Scalability Limited transparency into denied payments
Engaged Niche Affiliate links need ongoing updates
Comprehensive Marketing Tools Lower renewals after promotional periods
Lucrative Lifetime Value per Customer
Dedicated Affiliate Manager Support

The Surfshark affiliate program presents a compelling opportunity with its reputable and affordable VPN service. Affiliates can capitalize on generous commissions, starting at 40%, with the potential for recurring income from subscription renewals. 

The program’s scalability to a global audience and engagement within the VPN niche enhance its appeal. Surfshark’s dedicated affiliate manager support and comprehensive marketing tools streamline the affiliate journey. 

However, challenges include a highly competitive landscape, dependency on subscription renewals, and reliance on Surfshark’s brand reputation. 

Affiliates must navigate ongoing link maintenance, and the transparency of denied payments remains a potential concern. 

Despite these considerations, the program offers lucrative prospects for those entering the VPN affiliate space.

How to Sign Up for the Surfshark affiliate program

Joining the Surfshark affiliate program is straightforward and comes at no cost.

  1. Go to the Surshark affiliate page 
  2. Click the “Become an Affiliate” button, or reach out to the team via email, and we’ll guide you through the process to grab on one of the most rewarding VPN affiliate programs available.
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Once becoming their affiliate, you can start promoting with needed text links, banners, etc.

How to Boost Your Earnings with SurfShark Affiliate Program?

To maximize your earnings as a Surfshark affiliate, you should consider creating detailed reviews and tutorials about the VPN service. 

Next, emphasize how Surfshark enhances online activity security and privacy. And don’t forget to ttake advantage of promotional opportunities during major shopping events to showcase deals. Repurpose successful content into engaging video overviews. 

Next, you can attract potential customers by offering free cybersecurity giveaways to capture leads. Additionally, explore cross-promotion opportunities with other relevant services to broaden your audience reach. 

These strategies can not only boost your profits but also contribute to a more comprehensive and valuable user experience.


Who should join the Surfshark affiliate program?

The Surfshark affiliate program is ideal for publishers, influencers, and bloggers who create content around online privacy, security, VPNs, and related topics. The program allows them to monetize their audience by promoting Surfshark’s VPN service.

Is the Surfshark affiliate program free?

Yes, there is no fee to join the Surfshark affiliate program. You just need to sign up on their website and get approved to become an affiliate partner.

Can the Surfshark program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, Surfshark allows their affiliate program to be combined with other non-competing affiliate offers. There are no restrictions on promoting other services.

What are the best Surfshark affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, IPVanish, Tunnelbear, HideMyAss, Private Internet Access, and other VPN service affiliate programs in the space.