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wego affiliate program

Wego Affiliate Program

The Wego affiliate program lets you monetize your travel audience. Explore its benefits, commissions, and more in our detailed guide.




30 days


Paypal, Checks, Wire transfer

Are you passionate about travel and looking to monetize your website or social media platform? If so, you’ll be excited to learn about the Wego affiliate program! Wego is a prominent online travel marketplace offering flights, hotels, and vacation packages to travelers worldwide.

In this guide, we’ll delve into all facets of the Wego affiliate program, from its commissions to payments, and more. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting opportunities that await!

Overview of Wego

Founded in 2010, Wego is a leading online travel marketplace and metasearch engine based in Singapore. It operates localized sites in over 20 countries across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. 

As a metasearch platform, Wego aggregates inventory from online travel agencies and offline travel suppliers. This allows travelers to easily compare flight and hotel options across hundreds of sites worldwide. 

Users can browse prices in over 30 languages and book flights, hotels, and packages from over 400 domestic and international partners. Partners include major brands like Agoda, Booking.com, Expedia, etc.

Overview of the Wego Affiliate Program

The Wego affiliate program lets publishers earn money by guiding users to book on its site. You can join this program in two ways: as an API partner or as a non-API partner. If you’re interested in being an API partner, reach out to Wego at affiliates@wego.com

For non-API partners, you can sign up for free through the Admitad affiliate network. Once you’re in, you’ll receive a special link to share Wego. When your visitors use your link to book on Wego’s site, you’ll earn commissions from their completed bookings.

This program suits any travel-related website, blog, or influencer with followers who like to book trips. You can also promote Wego through forums, comparison sites, deals/cashback sites, browser/mobile extensions, email newsletters, and SEM.

Wego Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Wego rewards affiliates with up to 3% of the total booking amount. This percentage depends on the value of the user journey and conversion. The user journey begins from the first visit on Wego and concludes on its partners’ websites.

Here’s the detailed commission structure:

For hotels: 3% of the total booking amount (including tax) for each completed journey.

For flights: The value of every successful booking can differ based on:

  • Travel provider that the referrals have booked on
  • The agreement between Travel suppliers and Wego

The program also features a 30-day cookie window. This means if someone clicks your link and makes a booking on Wego within a month, you’ll earn credit for that booking.

You’ll receive your commissions via PayPal, check, or wire transfer within 45 days after the end of the given Reporting Period. Yet, you must meet the minimum payout threshold of $100 for PayPal and $500 for other payment options. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Becoming a Wego Affiliate

Here are some pros and cons of the Wego affiliate program:

Pros  Cons 
Trusted brand, reputable partners Low commission rate (3%)
Variety of offerings High minimum payout threshold (up to $500)
Global reach  Limited creative assets
30-day cookie duration  Fluctuating consumer behavior

Wego’s websites cater to over 20 countries in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, helping publishers reach global audiences. With various travel options, like flights, hotels, and packages, you have diverse promotional opportunities. Plus, the 30-day cookie lifetime lets you earn extra commissions on repeat bookings during that time.

However, Wego’s 3% commission rate is lower than competitors like Tripadvisor and WayWay, which offer up to 50% per sale. It may take time to reach the minimum payment threshold of up to $500, especially for new publishers. Additionally, Wego offers limited marketing materials, mostly text links, which can make promoting the brand effectively challenging.

How to Join The Wego Affiliate Program?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a Wego affiliate:

Step 1: Visit the Wego affiliate page

Go to the Wego affiliate program page. Scroll down and click “Signup Now” to start the registration process. This takes you to the signup page on Admitad. 

Step 2: Create an Admitad publisher account

Click on “Start earning”. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to create an Admitad affiliate account. 

Step 3: Apply for the program

Log in to your Admitad account, find the Wego affiliate program, and apply to join its program. 

Step 4: Get approved

Wego will review your application within a few business days typically. If it meets its approval criteria, you’ll receive a welcoming email from Wego. 

Step 5: Wego affiliate program login

Now you can sign in to your Admitad affiliate dashboard. Here, you’ll find your Wego affiliate referral link and other resources. 

Step 5: Start promoting

Add the Wego affiliate links across your approved channels to promote its products and earn commissions. 

How to Promote Wego as an Affiliate?

Here are some tips to maximize your earnings with the Wego affiliate program:

First, you can create engaging travel guides and tips showcasing various destinations, activities, and accommodations. Then, strategically add Wego affiliate links to guide readers in exploring flight and hotel options through Wego.

Another tip is to use social media to share captivating content about travel experiences and exclusive offers on Wego. You can engage with your audience by answering their questions and suggesting your affiliate links when booking trips to increase your earnings.

It’s also effective to join travel forums and online communities where you can engage with members and offer helpful advice. You can share your experiences using Wego and recommend it as a reliable travel resource, including your affiliate link when appropriate.

Finally, don’t forget to time your promotions with holidays, events, and peak travel seasons. Featuring Wego’s offers during these times grabs the attention of travelers seeking deals and incentives to book through your affiliate links.

Is Wego’s Program Worth It?

Travel publishers and influencers can make easy money by encouraging their audience in book flights and hotels via Wego. 

You will benefit from Wego’s reputable brand and various high-demand offerings. Moreover, the global reach lets you earn from a wider audience base. Yet, there are challenges like low commissions and high minimum payout thresholds. 

Ultimately, success in this program depends on how well you tailor your approach. Creating engaging content and knowing what your audience likes are crucial. If you can handle these challenges well, the Wego affiliate program is a fantastic way to increase your earnings in the travel industry.


  • Is the Wego affiliate program available on the app?

No, you can access the Wego affiliate program through Admitad’s website portal only. 

  • Who should join the Wego affiliate program?

The Wego Affiliate program is suitable for publishers, bloggers, and content creators in the travel niche.

  • Is there a fee to join the Wego affiliate program?

No, there are no fees to join the Wego affiliate program. 

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Wego affiliate?

No. Wego welcomes all travel-related websites and influencers. However, you’ll need to apply and await approval from Wego.

  • Can the Wego program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can promote other complementary affiliate offers along with Wego. 

  • What are the best Wego affiliate program alternatives?

Some alternatives to the Wego affiliate program are Tripadvisor, Momondo, Skyscanner, Cheapflights, and Kayak affiliate programs.