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Best 10 Affiliate Programs on UpPromote Marketplace in July 2024

Discover the hottest affiliate programs on UpPromote Marketplace in July 2023! From lucrative commissions to reputable brands, we unveil the top 10 opportunities for affiliate marketers. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, ...

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Top 10 affiliate program in July 2023 UpPromote marketplace

Discover the hottest affiliate programs on UpPromote Marketplace in July 2023! From lucrative commissions to reputable brands, we unveil the top 10 opportunities for affiliate marketers.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, this guide will showcase the top 10 affiliate programs that are making waves in the industry.

So, get ready to explore exciting opportunities and discover the potential for financial success as we delve into the best 10 affiliate programs on UpPromote Marketplace this month!

Top Affiliate Programs Comparison in July 2023

Brand Industry Commission type Commission Rate Cookie Payment method
LOOKEE Beauty & Health

Sport & Entertainment

Percent Of Sale 10.00% 30 days PayPal


Beauty & health

Percent Of Sale 20.00% 30 days Paypal

Bank Transfer

THE MANTRA CO Beauty & health

Home & tool


Percent Of Sale 10.00% 30 days Paypal



TOP TRAINER Beauty & health Flat Rate Per Item up to 50% 90 days Paypal

Store Credit

Stock Region Computer & office



Percent Of Sale 50.00% 3652 days Paypal

Bank Transfer

Debit Card


Store Credit

Oshahi Beauty & health Percent Of Sale 10.00% 365 days Paypal

Store Credit

Click and Grow Home & tool

Garden & outdoor

Grocery & food

Percent Of Sale 10.00% 45 days Paypal
Enjoy The Wood Home & tool


Computer & office

Percent Of Sale 13.00% 30 days Paypal
The Pedla Fashion

Sport & entertainment

Percent Of Sale 10.00% 30 days Paypal

Bank Transfer

Store Credit

KenJo Toys & hobbies

Electronic components & supplies


Percent Of Sale 10.00% 30 days Store Credit

1. Lookee

Commission Rate and Type: 10% (Percent of sale)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Category: Beauty & Health, Sport & entertainment

Payout Options: Paypal

Products: Oxygen/ sleep monitors

Website: https://www.lookeetech.com/

Lookee Affiliate Program

The LOOKEE Affiliate Program presents an exciting opportunity for affiliates in healthcare and technology, offering innovative products like sleep oxygen monitors to improve sleep quality. Founded in 2004, LOOKEE® Tech is a leading Sleep Tech and Home Healthcare industry brand.

Affiliates can tap into the brand’s success on significant sales channels like Amazon and Walmart, reaching a broad audience and driving sales. In addition, this affiliate program brings a good chance for affiliates to promote a brand that combines healthcare and technology.

Their affiliate program offers a generous 10% commission on sales and a 30-day cookie duration, allowing affiliates to earn attractive returns.

2. Conscious

Commission Rate and Type: 20% (Percent of sale)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Category: Fashion, Jewelry, Beauty & Health

Payout Options: Paypal, Bank Transfer

Products: Accessories

Website: https://consciousitems.com/

Conscious Affiliate Program

Conscious is a brand specializing in high-quality crystals, gems, and natural stones. They offer diverse products, including crystal support systems, jewelry, and home decor. With an average order value of $80, affiliates have the potential to earn decent commissions.

One of the program’s notable aspects is the high % commission rate of 20% on each sale, which is quite generous compared to other crystal brands in the market. Affiliates also have the opportunity to earn a $100 sign-up bonus once they reach the second tier, which provides an additional incentive to join the program.

While the Conscious Affiliate Program offers numerous advantages, there are a few limitations to consider. The minimum payout threshold of $500 might be challenging for affiliates who are just starting or have lower traffic or conversion rates.

With a competitive commission rate, a variety of products, ongoing support, and a commitment to continuous improvement, this program has the potential to be a profitable and rewarding venture for affiliates.

3. The Mantra Co.

Commission Rate and Type: 10% (Percent of sale)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Category: Beauty & Health, Home & tool, Book

Payout Options: Paypal, Venmo, Zelle

Products: Soulwork Planners, digital templates

Website: https://shopthemantraco.com/

The Mantra Co. Affiliate Program

The Mantra Co. is a wellness lifestyle brand focused on self-development and emotional health. The brand aims to empower individuals to reach their highest selves through intentional living, mindful practices, and soul work. With a thriving online community of over 1 million members, the brand offers robust resources and services to support personal transformation and healing.

Affiliates of The Mantra Co. have the opportunity to promote a range of products to their audience. These include the best-selling Soulwork Planners, digital templates, and everyday loungewear. The diverse product offerings cater to individuals seeking guidance and support in their personal growth journeys. With a focus on intentional living and mindfulness, the products align with the growing demand for self-care and self-improvement.

They offer a 10% commission on each sale generated by affiliates. While the commission rate is not as high as some other programs, it still provides an opportunity for affiliates to earn a decent income.

The payment methods offered by The Mantra Co. include popular options such as PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle, providing flexibility for affiliates to receive their commissions.

4. Top Trainer

Commission Rate and Type: up to 50% (Flat Rate Per Item)

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Category: Beauty & Health

Payout Options: Paypal, Store credit

Products: Fitness Vitamins & Supplements

Website: https://toptrainer.com/

Top Trainer Affiliate Program

The Top Trainer Affiliate Program offers fitness partners an opportunity to promote high-end supplements and earn commissions of up to 50% per item sold. The program provides a generous commission structure, a long 90-day cookie duration, and a target audience spanning different age groups, genders, and locations in the United States.

Top Trainer Supplements focuses on providing world-class products that deliver results and cater specifically to fitness entrepreneurs. Their flagship online model allows affiliates to earn the lion’s share of the profits without the overhead costs.

Additionally, the program offers back-end marketing support, subscription features, and lifetime payouts, emphasizing long-term business sustainability.

5. Stock Region

Commission Rate and Type: 50% (Percent of sale)

Cookie Duration: 3652 days

Category: Computer & office, Software

Payout Options: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Venmo, Store Credit

Products: Educational courses, real-time trade call-outs

Website: https://stockregionuniversity.com/

Stock Region Affiliate Program

The Stock Region Program offers an opportunity to promote a comprehensive stock market education platform and earn a generous commission of 50% per sale. The program targets a wide range of individuals, including those aged 18-44, with a focus on the United States market.

Stock Region provides a valuable service by offering stock market alerts, updates, educational courses, and a community of traders and investors through Telegram and Discord platforms. The platform aims to assist individuals who may not have enough time to conduct extensive research and technical analysis due to their full-time jobs. It caters to both experienced day traders and newcomers to the stock market, providing daily stock market sentiments designed to benefit traders at all skill levels and with portfolios of all sizes.

The Stock Region Affiliate Program offers a generous commission rate of 50% per sale and a lengthy cookie duration of 3652 days. The program targets individuals interested in stock market education and trading, with the potential for attractive earnings due to the average EPS of 100.

6. Oshahi

Commission Rate and Type: 10% (Percent of sale)

Cookie Duration: 365 days

Category: Beauty & Health

Payout Options: Paypal, Store Credit

Products: Natural essential oils

Website: https://oshadhi.com/

Oshadhi Affiliate Program

Oshadhi has a strong reputation in the industry, boasting 30 years of experience and expertise in essential oils. They offer an extensive range of over 500 essential oils, 80 hydrolates, and various base oils and body care products. The majority of their products are organic or sourced from wild-grown origins, emphasizing their commitment to quality.

The program provides an opportunity for affiliates to connect with the vital energy of nature by promoting Oshadhi’s products. Essential oils and aromatherapy have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their potential health benefits and natural healing properties, making them a sought-after product category for affiliate marketers.

While the program is open to affiliate partners in the United States, Oshadhi’s products are sold globally, presenting a wide potential market for affiliates. This global reach enhances the earning potential for affiliates who can tap into various international markets.

For individuals passionate about wellness and natural products, the Oshadhi affiliate program offers an appealing chance to promote products of the highest quality. Affiliates can confidently promote Oshadhi’s offerings, knowing they are backed by a reputable brand with a strong emphasis on quality sourcing and production.

7. Click and Grow

Commission Rate and Type: 10% (Percent of sale)

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Category: Home & tool, Garden & outdoor, Grocery & food

Payout Options: Paypal

Products: smart indoor gardening systems

Website: https://www.clickandgrow.com/

Click and Grow Affiliate Program

Click & Grow is a company that offers zero-effort smart indoor gardens, allowing individuals to experience the benefits of growing herbs, greens, and vegetables right at home. Their smart gardens take care of watering, light, and nutrients, making it possible to grow plants all year round, even in busy households.

The mission of Click & Grow is to bridge the gap between modern life and nature by allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of having a garden, regardless of their living situation. With 55% of the world’s population residing in urban areas and increasing anxiety levels, Click & Grow recognizes the importance of plants in improving health, reducing stress, and enhancing overall happiness.

The Click & Grow affiliate program is well-suited for individuals interested in gardening, home improvement, sustainable living, or those looking to promote products that enhance well-being and bring nature into modern lifestyles. The company’s innovative approach and focus on automating the gardening process make its products appealing to a wide audience.

8. Enjoy The Wood

Commission Rate and Type: 13% (Percent of sale)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Category: Home & tool, Art, Computer & office

Payout Options: Paypal

Products: Wooden World Maps

Website: https://enjoythewood.com/

Enjoy the Wood Affiliate Program

Enjoy The Wood is a Ukrainian company that specializes in 3D Wooden World Maps. They are the world’s largest supplier of these unique and handcrafted maps, offering a wide range of designs and colors. The maps are made of high-quality birch plywood, ensuring durability and stain resistance. Enjoy The Wood takes pride in its personalized approach to each client, providing 24/7 customer service and a lifetime warranty on its products.

The target audience for the Enjoy The Wood affiliate program includes individuals aged 25-64 and above, of all genders, located in various countries such as, especially in Europe. This wide target audience provides good potential for reaching a diverse customer base.

The program provides monthly partner revenue potential of up to $2400; the average conversion rate of high-quality affiliate traffic is 5%. This indicates that with effective promotion, there is a chance to generate significant revenue as an affiliate. The promotional materials, including media content and creatives, are available to assist affiliates in their marketing efforts.

Commission payments are made after 28 days or after the goods are sent to the customer. Payments are processed through PayPal, ensuring a convenient and secure payment method.

Affiliates can log in to their affiliate account on the Enjoy The Wood website to access more information and promotional materials. The program also offers a detailed promotion guide, SEO recommendations, and a guide to social media ads to help affiliates maximize their marketing efforts.

9. The Pedla

Commission Rate and Type: 10% (Percent of sale)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Category: Fashion, Sport & entertainment

Payout Options: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Store Credit

Products: cycling apparel

Website: https://thepedla.com/

The PedIa Affiliate Program

The Pedla is a progressive cycling brand based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2013, they have been designing and producing cycling apparel that combines performance, style, and innovation. The brand is committed to pushing the boundaries of cycling apparel both on and off the bike, offering world-class product solutions that go beyond the norm.

The target audience for The Pedla affiliate program includes individuals aged 25-64, encompassing a wide range of age groups. The program is open to all genders and targets customers located in various countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Greenland, Indonesia, Iceland, Japan, Malaysia, and more.

The program’s average earnings per sale (EPS) is $30, which gives you an idea of the potential earnings for each referred sale. The 30-day cookie duration allows for a reasonable window of time to earn commissions on purchases made by customers you refer.

10. KenJo

Commission Rate and Type: 10% (Percent of sale)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Category: Toys & Hobbies, Electronic components & supplies, Game

Payout Options: Store Credit

Products: lightsabers and related electronics

Website: https://kenjo-sabers.myshopify.com/


KenJo is a lightsaber shop located in the Netherlands and shipping worldwide. They are highly rated with a Trustpilot score of 4.9 Excellent. As avid Star Wars and lightsaber fans themselves, KenJo is dedicated to providing high-quality sabers and electronics to their customers. They prioritize customer satisfaction, quality products, and excellent customer service.

The KenJo affiliate program aims to establish long-lasting partnerships with affiliates who genuinely appreciate the brand and its products. They offer a 10% commission through the Uppromote Marketplace program and may invite affiliates to join their exclusive Content Creator program if it is deemed a better fit. This program provides additional bonuses based on referral thresholds.


In summary, the affiliate programs featured on UpPromote this July 2023 offer an excellent chance for individuals to generate income through promotional efforts.

With a diverse range of top-quality products and competitive commission rates, these programs present an enticing opportunity for affiliate marketers. Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting out, these top affiliate programs provide a valuable avenue to achieve financial success in July 2023.

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