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Top 12 Wholesale Affiliate Programs for Global Affiliates 2024

The wholesale industry is not always an ideal niche to pursue. You will have a smaller target audience in wholesale affiliate programs since it differs from the B2C process. Customers often have to sign up to ...

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best wholesale affiliate programs

The wholesale industry is not always an ideal niche to pursue. You will have a smaller target audience in wholesale affiliate programs since it differs from the B2C process.

Customers often have to sign up to purchase, even paying a fee. However, it still has a lot of earning potential.

In 2022, this market was valued at $46 billion and estimated to surpass $65 billion by 2026.

And a smaller audience is not that bad. There is less competition, helping you rank in top results to increase traffic.

Check out the following wholesale programs for more information.

Wholesale Affiliate Programs: 12 High-paying Programs in 2024


Wholesale Affiliate Programs 1

Screenshot from Alibaba Most of us have heard the story of Jack Ma and his empire, Alibaba. But do you actually know how massive the success is? It is one of the biggest eCommerce companies both in China and globally, with a 2022 annual revenue of over $134 billion.

Furthermore, the platform offers over 360 million products and about 2.8 million storefronts. Are these data enough for Alibaba to make it to your list of top wholesale affiliate programs?

Instead of having few quality goods to promote, you will probably worry about choosing specific niches here. The company aims to create the biggest CPA affiliate program in the world. Regardless of the niche you write blogs about, this program can be an ideal solution for website promotion.

Its conversion rates are pretty impressive, from 3% to 10%. Alibaba claims that its first affiliates can earn exclusive commissions of up to $7 per lead. Furthermore, you will be assisted by a dedicated team to solve any affiliate problems.

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: Up to $1,000 monthly, Up to $7 per lead
  • Cookie window: 30 days 7 days
  • Products/services: Home and garden, electronics, apparel, beauty and personal care, construction, and more
  • Payment methods: International wire transfer
  • Market(s): Global


Wholesale Affiliate Programs 2

Screenshot from DHgate Dhgate is a leading name in the Chinese eCommerce industry, allowing international businesses and consumers to access wholesale Chinese products. As of June 2020, the platform already consisted of 32 million versatile goods, from apparel and electronics to gardening.

People love to buy from Dhgate since most of its sellers are based in China. This country has no federal income or sales tax (VAT), resulting in fewer fees added to the product cost. It is clearly a significant advantage for wholesalers to stock products from the platform.

As an affiliate marketer, you would not want to miss out on the Dhgate affiliate program. It depends on the category, but you can generally earn from 3 to 60% affiliate commissions per sale. If you refer someone to become an affiliate, you will get 30% of their successful promotion.

The best part about this wholesale program is the free samples and shipping for specific products. That way, buyers needn’t worry about low-quality wholesale items, even at amazingly cheap prices.

Moreover, buying from Dhgate is safe due to the strict returns and refund guarantee. The platform will step in to resolve any arising problems.

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 3-60% per sale; 30% per referral
  • Cookie window: 45 days
  • Products/services: Healthy and beauty, sports, accessories, electronics, home appliances, and more
  • Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer
  • Market(s): Global


Wholesale Affiliate Programs 3

Screenshot from AliExpress Alibaba is a brilliant platform, but it only allows consumers to buy products in bulk. That is when AliExpress steps in, letting potential customers purchase single items at discounted prices. AliExpress is another famous eCommerce site with the majority of China-based suppliers.

It provides anything available on Amazon and other US websites but at much more affordable prices. Therefore, your target audience can expand when joining its affiliate program. Besides running the program independently, you can find it on major affiliate networks like Awin, FlexOffers, and Sovrn.

Of course, the commission rate and cookie duration in these networks will be a bit lower than the in-house sign-up. However, the registration process might be less complicated.

The good news is this platform ships its diverse product lines worldwide, and affiliates can easily create deep links to these items. Note that there is no affiliate support, so it may not be the perfect choice for beginners.

  • URL: AliExpress affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house, Awin, FlexOffers, and Sovrn
  • Commission rate: Up to 50% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Products/services: Fashion, sports, automobiles, health and beauty, accessories, and more
  • Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer, WebMoney
  • Market(s): Global

BJs Wholesale Club

Wholesale Affiliate Programs 4

How do you utilize your big audience in the Eastern Seaboard?

Try partnering with BJs Wholesale Club, one of the giant US-based wholesale affiliate programs. The company runs over 200 membership warehouses in 16 states, from Maine to Florida.

A lot of your eastern audience must be highly aware of its popularity on the market. Consequently, you will not struggle with promoting wholesale products from this brand. There are amazing benefits for BJs members, like unique discounts and competitive prices on brand-name items.

So, it is unsurprising that this program has collected 6 million affiliates. What’s more about membership: you can refer BJs Wholesale Club to other affiliate marketers and get them to sign up.

A 16% commission is yours for each referral membership. The program also pays 1-3% on regular sales so that affiliates can earn multiple commissions from the same buyer.

  • URL: BJs Wholesale Club affiliate program
  • Operated by: CJ Affiliate FlexOffer
  • Commission rate: 1-3% per sale, 16% per membership signup
  • Cookie window: 45 days
  • Products/services: Books, electronics, furniture, groceries, appliances, jewelry, and more
  • Payment methods: Check, Payoneer, direct deposit
  • Market(s): US only


Wholesale Affiliate Programs 5

Screenshot from SaleHoo Dropshipping has flourished from a regular niche pursuit to a significant part of the global eCommerce industry. According to Statista, its sales of $243 billion in 2023 are anticipated to double in 2026.

Despite the advantages and growth potential, drop-shippers still face many challenges in finding quality products and trustworthy suppliers. SaleHoo would be your ideal solution, as the company pre-vet over 8,000 suppliers and 2.5 million goods.

Drop-shippers will be equipped with all the necessary tools to complete the work. It appears that SaleHoo has attracted enough interest, as more than 137,000 entrepreneurs use the platform to source suppliers and products.

Its affiliate program has a 50% base recurring commission rate, but top-performing affiliates can gain up to 70% by achieving particular sales targets.

According to the company itself, you can make $500+ annually from a single sale, which falls among the highest payout rates in the wholesale niche.

  • URL: SaleHoo affiliate program
  • Operated by: ClickBank
  • Commission rate: 50-70% recurring commissions
  • Cookie window: 60 days
  • Products/services:
  • Payment methods: Check, wire transfer, Payoneer, direct deposit
  • Market(s): Global


Wholesale Affiliate Programs 6

Screenshot from Wholesale2B Wholesale2B is widely known to have a million wholesale goods to supply drop-shippers and also the tools to sell them. Most drop-shippers import products on this platform to their marketplace or store.

Wholesale2B processes orders when someone purchases, and the seller gets the profits. If your blog is about earning money online and entrepreneurship, the Wholesale2B affiliate program can be a brilliant topic.

Name one other program with attractive terms and conditions like this – you have a lifetime cookie length and 30% recurring commissions for each referral customer.

For example, if you send 500 signups with an average $39.99 monthly fee to Wholesale2B, you will earn $4,000 monthly commissions. Give this affiliate program a shot!

  • URL: Wholesale2B affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house, UpSalo, ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 30% recurring monthly commissions
  • Cookie window: Lifetime
  • Products/services: Dropshipping items and selling tools
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Market(s): Global

Global Crafts

Wholesale Affiliate Programs 7

Screenshot from Global Crafts Many consumers have split up with businesses in the past over a conflict in values. That is when ethical wholesalers receive more credit. Global Crafts is one such brand, as they work directly with artisans in India, Kenya, and Haiti.

They provide a significant source of handmade products for the wholesale market. This company operates on the Fair Trade principles, guaranteeing its artisan partners fair wages and good working conditions. Purchases on this platform will support many community projects, including healthcare facilities and schools.

Global Crafts pays a fixed commission rate of $5 per transaction, but unlike most wholesale affiliate programs, its 90-day cookie window is generous. Since the average wholesale order is worth around $500, you can expect to gain $25 per sale.

Note that the Global Crafts affiliate program is exclusively about wholesale. Thus, affiliates will not earn commissions for retail orders. And commissions are also limited to one sale per buyer, so there is no chance for repeat purchases in this program.

  • URL: Global Crafts affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 5% per sale
  • Cookie window: 90 days
  • Products/services: Handmade gifts and products
  • Payment methods: To be confirmed
  • Market(s): Global


Wholesale Affiliate Programs 8

Screenshot from FiftyFlowers Flower sales may sound small, but they can go over the roof when coming in bulk, especially on holidays. Can you believe Americans spent $2.3 billion on Valentine’s Day 2022 to buy flowers for their significant others?

And who said this romantic gesture is for old people?

Younger consumers, from 18 to 29 years old, are increasingly reported to show love by purchasing flowers from online retailers. A retailer like FiftyFlowers can be favorable for affiliate marketers in this niche.

The company ships flowers directly from farms to customers or their special someone. Newsweek once ranked it as one of the US’s top companies for customer service, with a history of delighting customers. ShareASale is responsible for operating the FiftyFlowers affiliate program.

You will receive a 10% commission per sale, with a generous 90-day cookie duration. For your information, the 30-day figures on this network show positive statistics about this brand.

The average sale is $278+, a $23.40 EPC, and a strong 3.75% conversion rate. They are much higher than other flower affiliate programs on ShareASale.

  • URL: FiftyFlowers affiliate program
  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie window: 90 days
  • Products/services: Flower delivery
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, (international) direct deposit, wire transfer
  • Market(s): US only

Wholesale Chess

Wholesale Affiliate Programs 9

Screenshot from Wholesale Chess Promoting wholesale supplies for chess clubs is not the most fascinating thing to do, huh? But wait before you skip this option among seemingly boring wholesale affiliate programs.

After The Queen’s Gambit went viral on Netflix in late 2020, interest in chess has escalated quickly. And we have extra support from UN figures indicating that 605 million adults worldwide play chess regularly.

There is a clear opportunity here to make money online with chess products. That brings us to Wholesale Chess, selling a wide array of chess-related goods, including books, boards, pieces, and clocks.

Since it accepts purchase orders, affiliates can easily sell to chess clubs, government entities, and other organizations.

Wholesale Chess pays a good 10% commission on all sales generated from your affiliate links. The cookie window is also quite generous, which is 30 days.

  • URL: Wholesale Chess affiliate program
  • Operated by: Ascend by Partnerize
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Products/services: Chess pieces, chess boards, chess club supplies, other chess products
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Market(s): Global

Microfiber Wholesale

Wholesale Affiliate Programs 10

Screenshot from Microfiber Wholesale You may ask yourself: what even are microfibers?

And why would people want to purchase them in a bundle, anyway? Microfibers are high-quality synthetic fibers that can become awesome cleaning products. This is due to their superb characteristics in strength, softness, and absorption.

Turns out they are also a massive industry, with worldwide sales forecasted to reach nearly $750 million in 2026. So, you might as well consider joining the Microfiber Wholesale affiliate program. Its huge stock is full of first-class microfibers to help with daily cleaning.

This family-owned company has built solid relationships with pro cleaners by providing free limited product samples to verified businesses. If you target an audience who are cleaners or you write content related to cleaning, choose this affiliate program to promote.

This program’s commission rate is quite attractive, which is 10% per sale. Plus, it gives discounts of up to 40% on bulk purchases, so the potential to upsell is extremely high.

  • URL: Microfiber Wholesale affiliate program
  • Operated by: Refersion
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie window: 14 days
  • Products/services: Microfiber products
  • Payment methods: PayPal, gift card, Trolley
  • Market(s): US only


Wholesale Affiliate Programs 11

Screenshot from Wholesale4Fashion We believe many people who visit the Wholesale4Fashion website may find it a bit old-fashioned. Most importantly, the company has not even converted its website to HTTPS.

Not to mention all the typos. But that does not mean there is no opportunity for wholesale affiliates to make money here. Wholesale4Fashion operates an online store with thousands of products for a variety of customers.

Besides personal buyers, it sells to resellers, store owners, and B2B wholesalers searching for suppliers. Wholesale4Fashion claims to have competitive pricing, estimated up to 90% cheaper than normal retailers.

After filling out its simple online form to become an affiliate, you can start promoting and earn a 5% commission on all sales.

  • URL: Wholesale4Fashion affiliate program
  • Operated by: In–house
  • Commission rate: 5% per sale
  • Cookie window: To be confirmed
  • Products/services: Wholesale shoes, accessories, apparel, home textiles
  • Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer, check
  • Market(s): Global

Global Industrial

Wholesale Affiliate Programs 12

Screenshot from Global Industrial At first, Global Industrial may not strike you as a trustworthy name. However, this company is a significant player in the industrial and commercial supplies industry. It has a 70-year-long history and a diverse category of 1.7+ million products in 21 categories.

So, what’s in it for you to be a part of wholesale affiliate programs like this?

Affiliates can create and manage many order lists, subscriptions, and auto re-orders simultaneously. And while others have to wait for checkout, its members can go through the process faster, in a more personalized way.

This is an impressive selling point since more than 60% of customers expect brands to customize experiences based on their likings.

Wholesale purchases from Global Industrial will gain affiliates a 4% commission each. As it claims to have a high average order value ($300), you will likely receive $12 for each transaction.

  • URL: Global Industrial affiliate program
  • Operated by: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission rate: 4% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Products/services: Industrial & commercial supplies, medical equipment
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, direct deposit
  • Market(s): US, CA

What is a Wholesale Affiliate Program and How Does It Work? 

Wholesale affiliate programs are operated mainly by big manufacturers or wholesalers aiming to expand their business with the help of affiliates.

When a buyer clicks on your affiliate link, they will be directed to a wholesale website and purchase there. Affiliates like yourself can earn a commission based on the provided percentage from the product price. Most wholesale affiliate programs work more globally or on an extensive basis.

That is why they are more open to partnering with affiliate marketers. Unlike retailers, you can trust a wholesaler because you will not work with middlemen. And the wholesale program itself is the one paying you.

When joining such programs, you have the chance to promote a wide variety of products across different categories. From electronics and home appliances to third-party goods produced by small businesses – no limit on your promotional niche.

Of course, wholesale offers are always on the line if you find suitable deals for your audience.

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Affiliate Program? 

Among tons of wholesale affiliate programs on the market, how do you define the suitable ones to register for? Should you only look for the most profitable affiliate programs? Or the ones operated by famous businesses in your niche? Here are a few factors worth considering when you choose a whole program:

Brand recognition

You should opt for brands with high-quality products and a good reputation. They do not necessarily have to be major names, though. Some small businesses still have the potential for you to monetize your promotion channels. Try these ways to evaluate a brand’s credibility:

  • Ask questions on Reddit or Quora
  • Read reviews on unbiased sites
  • Reach out to fellow affiliates

Product familiarity

As an affiliate, you will be more confident promoting familiar products. In case you want to experiment with a brand new niche, make sure you have enough knowledge about it. Be prepared with online research, YouTube instructional videos, or other resources. Advertising something you are clueless about can result in trust loss from your audience.

Commission rate and bonus

Consider whether a program’s commission rate is fair based on the product prices. The average rates vary from 5% to 70% across different categories.

Keep in mind that high commissions do not mean it is a good program, and low ones may not be the determining factor. How much the affiliate products cost matters because it helps determine whether the commission rate can earn you a lot of money.

Affiliate support

Wholesale affiliate programs with active support are undoubtedly ideal, especially if you are a newbie.

Some even offer dedicated affiliate managers to provide tips and guidance to boost your income.

Moreover, you may receive newsletters updating the latest deals and promotions. A good program should have the level of assistance you require.

How to Get Started With Wholesale Affiliate Programs?

Look at these simple steps to know how to begin with a wholesale affiliate program.

Choose a niche

Because there are multiple niches available, think about your expertise and interest. Your chosen program should align with what you want to promote.

As you choose the wholesale items to sell in a commercial space or from home, check the data from previous sales. It helps you predict the most beneficial goods for your income.

Select the primary content platform

Your marketing channels are essential in promoting wholesale affiliate products. You should research which platforms your competitors in the same niche are using.

The most common ones include YouTube, social media, podcasts, and blogs. For example, most food bloggers upload content on Instagram and blogs.

Find and join wholesale affiliate programs

Always remember that your audience relies on your advice and reviews. Find suitable wholesale programs in your niche (instructed above) to maintain a good reputation.

Create engaging content

Many wholesale programs provide their affiliates with marketing resources like text links or banner ads for advertisement. You should place attractive images and videos in your content to get more attention.

Another way to incentivize people to click on your affiliate links is coupons. They are good for affiliate tracking and making customers believe they receive good deals.

Bring traffic to the platform

Use the following strategies to drive traffic to your channels:

  • Produce SEO-optimized content, including matching keywords with the buyer’s intent
  • Create engagement with social media followers, build their trust to purchase via your links
  • Run paid ad campaigns on blogs or social media accounts to generate traffic, but the advertising cost should be smaller than your commission earnings.


Wholesale affiliate programs have an obvious advantage over other types. Since the product prices are usually lower than retail costs, customers will likely buy in a bundle. This means you will have higher average order values and higher monthly commissions.

Does that sound appealing enough to make it your additional stream of income? Follow our detailed guide above to ensure you join the right wholesale program and benefit the most from it.

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