Super easy ways to find affiliates for your fashion online store

If you’re reading this, you’re probably having trouble find affiliates for your fashion online store.

It’s not simple to choose the appropriate affiliates because there are hundreds of them out there, but not all of them can deliver real results.

There’s nothing much to worry about, all you have to do is be proactive and know how to look in the right places. Especially when you decide on one of the most profitable niches: FASHION, the process is much easier.

This article will show you the best and easiest ways to collaborate with affiliates for your fashion online store.

Let’s get it!

How to find affiliates for your fashion online store?

Dedicated solution

Many powerful devoted affiliate solutions bring together multiple affiliate partners helping you speed up the affiliate recruitment process.

UpPromote Marketplace is where to help you make things possible. All you need to do is to have a Shopify website and Add UpPromote to your store. Then you can enter the Marketplace to explore top-notch affiliates.

Two ways you can do to find affiliates for your fashion online store on UpPromote Marketplace:

Showcasing your fashion affiliate program on the Marketplace so that affiliates can find if they are qualified to apply to your program.

Many merchants may prefer the second one, proactively find your potential partners. In this way, you’ll be provided access to a list of affiliate profiles from which you can select the ideal affiliates to invite directly to join your affiliate program.

Go to UpPromote Marketplace > Find affiliates > Filter Fashion industry. It will show a wide selection of potential partners related to the fashion industry including their brief bios, industry involvement, language/ location, and social media outlets showcasing, for example, their Instagram or TikTok followers.


Reach out to Fashion Influencers

Influencers are those who have a strong reputation in a certain industry, and consumers are more likely to trust their friends, family, and people they admire than the selling company.

Many merchants understand that but not all of them know how to find influencers in the fashion industry complementing their brand.

Protips: Make the most of your brand identity to help you find what you’re searching for. This serves for accurate in-depth Google searches; keyword and hashtag searches on social media channels so that you can find the top-notch influencers matching your fashion brand.

Google search: Using keywords to find fashion influencers (free)

Clarifying your brand goals, images, core values, and target customers will help you determine. Then you can easily come up with a list of keywords (adjectives) defining your fashion brand and target market.

For example, if you’re running a women’s bohemian clothing store chasing both old school and modern looking styles and using eco-friendly materials, here comes the keyword list:

  • Bohemian, hippie, whimsical
  • Free-spirited, carefree
  • 90-inspired, vintage, contemporary
  • Fabric-lined, embroidered, feminine
  • Environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly, green, sustainable
  • Trend-leading, innovative

Then you can utilize some of these adjectives as hashtags or keywords when looking for influencers on social media or SERPs. Such as searching ‘boho fashion influencers’, will bring back plenty of great results.

  • Leverage search operators

If you feel the search results don’t meet your expectations. You can take advantage of Google search operators to make your search more focused, increasing the likelihood of getting the results you desire.

Operator Purpose Example Search
“  ” Ensure that each result has the precise phrase (not just synonyms) inside the quote marks “boho fashion” influencers
OR (all caps) Show results for one or both search terms (these two operators are interchangeable) eco-friendly fashion OR sustainable fashion
( ) Organize your search words into groups and manage how Google searches (eco-friendly OR sustainable) fashion influencer
Remove it from the search if you don’t want to see results for a keyword with a dash before it sustainable fashion -instagram
site: Only display search results from web pages hosted on a single website. sustainable fashion

For example, searching this query on Google‌: sustainable fashion

Then Google will filter Instagram accounts related to sustainable fashion.

However, if you want to narrow it down to influencers with a fixed large quantity of followers on social media you can search this query: ‘k followers’ sustainable fashion

This way, Google will filter Instagram accounts having more than 1000 followers.

K followers are how Google filters accounts that have more than 1000 followers, which helps narrow down your influencers’ followers range.

You can change ‘k followers’ to ‘100k followers’ when looking for those who have more than 100.000 followers.

  • Adjust search settings: Change region

In case you want to work with influencers in your location or any place, you can switch to the region you would like to find your affiliates.

Go to Settings (in the right-bottom corner of Google search) > Choose Search Settings > Scroll down to Region Settings and choose the place you want.

Change location on Google
Change location on Google

Find fashion influencers on Instagram (free)

  • Using hashtags

Instagram Hashtags are a powerful feature that you could find your inspiring partners. Here is a comprehensive list of popular fashion hashtags which gives you a hand identifying potential influencers.

















































  • Find Instagram influencers under “Suggested” (free)

Use Instagram’s “Suggested” tool to find comparable influencers.

#1 Go to the Instagram account of your desired influencer.

#2 Next to “Follow” (then click the “Arrow” button)


#3 Instagram will recommend profiles that are comparable to the profile of your ideal influencer. The suggested profiles may be seen above their Instagram post.

#4 Select “See All” to view all of Instagram’s suggested profiles.


  • Find Instagram fashion influencers by Location (free)

Finding influencers in a given region might be challenging with this technique. Even if they don’t reside there, many Instagram users use tags, especially while they are on vacation.

#1 Type a location in the Instagram search bar.

#2 Browse the profiles that included the “Location” tag.

Source: moukary - Find fashion influencers through Location search
Source: moukary – Find fashion influencers through Location search

If you come across good material with more than 200 likes, you’re probably looking at influencers with a large following.

Click on their profile name to check out their profiles in detail.

Leverage social media platforms (paid)

Here are some social media platforms that help you saving your time to find influencers


Influenex is a useful tool for finding and managing Youtube influencers. The search filter is extremely strong since, in addition to standard search categories, you can add ‘Fashion’ Category, Area, or Subscribers, it also allows you to filter by Engagement rate, Last update, and so on.


Social Baker

All you have to do is enter information about your region and “related fashion” keyword, and the platform will create a list of influencers with over 100,000 followers, along with their profiles. You’ll need to pay to access all features and contact influencers.


Fiverr is a marketplace for businesses to buy and sell services. You can look for appropriate influencers and learn more about their bios to determine whether they are the right fit for your fashion brand.

Influencers on this site work on a variety of platforms, and they also post their price information so you can simply compare them to others and see whether they fit your campaign budget.

Fiver - find affiliates for fashion online store
Fiver – find affiliates for fashion online store

Coupon and deal sites (paid)

These coupon and deal sites would become your affiliates by pushing your promotion codes on their websites, customers would then use your code taken on the sites at your store’s checkout, and the sites would receive a commission while you converted a myriad of customers.

Customers are constantly captivated by coupon bargains, therefore they visit these sites and choose the deals. Some highly recommended sites are RetailMeNot,, BradDeals, etc. There’re different categories on these sites.

So if you collaborate with them, your fashion brand’s coupon deals will be listed on the Clothing/ Fashion section.

Affiliate recruitment agencies (paid)

Working with an affiliate recruitment agency is another effective way to discover affiliates. Unlike traditional affiliate management agencies, these firms are only focused on discovering and hiring affiliates for your brands.

While you are responsible for managing the strategic parts of your brand, recruiting agencies can help you make your offer and commission structure more appealing to potential partners.

Grovia focuses on recruiting partners. Grovia offers a recruitment solution connecting brands with a qualified partner team for scalable outreach campaigns and partner onboarding services.

To leverage the whole partner discovery feature, you need to upgrade your plan starting from $97/mo.

Grovia - find affiliates for your fashion online store
Grovia – find affiliates for your fashion online store

As it’s named, Acceleration Partners accelerate the process of finding potential partners as soon as possible. The International Performance Marketing Awards just recognized them as the Best Performance Marketing Agency in 2018.

Fill out the Contact form to get in touch with the team, and they will assist you with locating your affiliates for your fashion brand.

Acceleration Partners
Acceleration Partners

DMi Partners Affiliate Marketing focuses on the recruitment of affiliate partners, working with industry content partners for brand exposure, helping you locate top-notch affiliates for your fashion brand, by partnering with industry-leading media and content partners for brand exposure.

To book the service, go to Service > Choose Affiliate Marketing section > Click Send us a Note button and fill in the provided form > Then Send it!

DMi Partners Affiliate Marketing
DMi Partners Affiliate Marketing

Turn customers into affiliates

Last but not least, you can reach out to your customers and turn them into your affiliates. To do so, your fashion brands must have several trusted and loyal customers who are willing to promote your products.

You can approach them via direct messaging, or emails saying that they refer their friends to receive a commission.

Automatically convert your customers into affiliates with UpPromote Post-purchase popups. After your customers finished their orders at the checkout, there would be a popup inviting them to join your affiliate program.


Above are 5 simple methods to find affiliates for your fashion online store. But keep in mind that this is only the beginning of preparing your affiliate program. The key to a successful affiliate marketing plan is to make your product enticing, give unique commissions increasing the chance of affiliates’ registration to your programs.

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