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Make money on Facebook: Ultimate guide to Facebook affiliate marketing

Facebook is the most popular social platform on the planet. Hundreds of millions of individuals use their Facebook feed every month, making it a viable traffic source for numerous businesses. But how can you get started ...

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Facebook is the most popular social platform on the planet. Hundreds of millions of individuals use their Facebook feed every month, making it a viable traffic source for numerous businesses. But how can you get started with Facebook affiliate marketing? There are a few possibilities; this article will help you figure out the best ways to make money on Facebook with affiliate marketing.

I/ Astonishing stats about why you should make money on Facebook

The amount of exposure that Facebook provides is enormous. With over 2 billion monthly active users, we guarantee that any affiliate marketers like you would love to have a presence to supplement your income.

Facebook comes with multiple areas for promoting your merchants’ products/websites such as profile, pages, groups, etc. than other social media platforms, including Instagram, Youtube.

Unlike TikTok, Facebook has been around for a long time, so getting noticed here is challenging.

However, as the most popular social platform, Facebook is worth trying. The goal is to carve up your affiliate niche among Facebook’s billions of users.

And you do it by forming a group of people interested in the area in which you want to focus your marketing skills is one of the tactics we mention below.

Let’s thrive in the next part on how to make money on Facebook.

II/ Affiliate marketing on Facebook – Start with picking your tactics

There are multiple strategies to sell on Facebook as an affiliate, including:

  • Seeding in others’ communities

You create content to attract traffic to your affiliate link in Facebook groups that contain your target customers.

  • Create your communities/fan page¬†

Build up your followers, then create content to attract traffic to your affiliate links/coupons.

  • Build up your personal brand

Turn yourself into a Key-Opinion-Leader in your niche.

Tips: You can pick one or all strategies above, but remember: Everything is about content!

So before you pick your strategy, you need to:

Set up your profile checklist

  • Profile pic: Your face or your logo in the most beautiful and professional way
  • Cover photo: It can be anything, but it should look professional and speak up your style
  • Profile intro: Briefly describe yourself or your page. The description needs to impress visitors at first sight or make them understand what this is all about
  • Story highlights: Select the best pictures of you. You can put one or two product images here, but not all!
Profile setup checklist
Profile setup checklist

Privacy Settings

Make sure to filter content and information. Decide on preference:

  • Attract more visitors? Set your posts visibility option to Public
  • Share some privacy information? Set to Friends
  • Afraid of spam and malicious attacks? To avoid surprises, turn off the tagging option.

However, don’t conceal too much from your Facebook friends. Your educational and professional background can help you attract others with similar interests, which can help your personal brand.

Privacy Settings | Make money on Facebook

Now let’s jump to the first way to make money on Facebook as an affiliate by seeding in Facebook groups.

1. Seeding on Facebook’s groups/ communities

What does seeding on Facebook mean?

Seeding is an online marketing strategy in which you generate and distribute content to attract your target customers on Facebook.

This can be done in different ways, and seeding on Facebook’s groups is the best way to do seeding.

In the customer journey, you will act as a friend, a peer, a like-minded person, and a mentor. When they deliver the message, it will work effectively. Your merchant’s products are successfully promoted thanks to seeding.

Step 1: Find Facebook groups that have your customer

1.1. Identify your customers’ age, interests, and insights

For example, if the product is sneakers, your target customers will be the young (under 30), both male and female; they might like celebrities, pop music. They can be students or work in offices, etc.

1.2. Find relevant topics that your affiliates might interests

Knowing your customers, the next step is to identify issues that your customers interest. For example, Spider-Man: No way home, Tom Holland is what the mentioned customers above might be interested in.

1.3. Search for groups using identified keywords

Search for relevant groups using keywords identified in the previous steps. Then you can join these groups that you find the most relevant to your affiliate niche.

1.4. Explore suggested groups

There are suggestions of relevant groups within a group that you can find in the comment section, which are all related to your target customers that you can join.

Step 2: How to do seeding?

There are two ways you can implement:

Finding relevant topics about your affiliate product, then you can comment on that post recommending your products with an affiliate link. With UpPromote, you can quickly generate a product affiliate link with straightforward steps.

Shorten link with UpPromote
Shorten link with UpPromote

Don’t forget to Get a shortened link to bring it a professional look.

Another way is to use another Facebook account to ask where to buy the niche products, then comment on your affiliate link/coupon!

Where to take your coupon on UpPromote?

Go straight to your Dashboard; in the Affiliate Coupon section, you can find your coupon code.

Which contents to post when seeding?

Sell directly

It only applies to unique/highly converted products, and the groups allow selling directly or you will get banned from that group.

Story-telling with your affiliate link

Tell a story about the product that catches people’s attention with your affiliate link. You can share your experience with the product.

For example, if you’re in the gardening niche, you could share with others about “How to get a new hobby” and the gardening process that inspires people.

Review multiple products

Deliver your opinion on multiple products (no more than 5) with your affiliate links. Make sure your reviews are objective and don’t try to sell; make it natural.

Remember that you are reviewing, not selling!

Tips for seeding

Do: Make it fun! Entertainment is always a good topic if you don’t know what to write

Don’t: Don’t just focus on selling. Focus on providing values!

Do: Make sure you understand the groups and the rules set by admins

Don’t: People hate ads. Don’t make your content look like an ad!

2. Create your communities/ fan page

Create a Facebook fan page

Go to http://facebook.com/pages/create to establish a Facebook Page for your affiliate marketing business and begin filling in the details.

You need to fill in the Page Information to create a page:

  • Page name
  • Category
  • Description

To customize it for your audience, you need to add a ‘Profile picture‘ and a ‘Cover photo.’

Finally, click ‘Save’ to finish your “Business” page.

Create a Facebook page

Create your community

Go to the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/create/ to create your group/ community.

Then fill these sections out:

  • Group name
  • Set its privacy level (Private or Public and Visible or Hidden)
  • Invite friends

Then add a cover photo, your first post, and other details to the group.

Remember to set up your URL featuring your group by going to Settings > Customize group and filling in your website address.

Otherwise, it would look like this:

Not good Facebook group URL

How to build your audience?

Engaging with your audience will be extremely tough if you don’t have one.

So, let’s look at how you can persuade people to pay attention to your content.


You could build up your audience by placing your group or page (usually group) by seeding it in different ways we mentioned earlier.

It’s one of the easiest ways to engage your audience to your group and page.


Many existing groups have a large number of members, that’s why you’ll be able to benefit from an established audience of these groups.

This is an example of doing piggybacking:

Make money on Facebook | Build personal brand

By adding the latter with the former Marvel, your audience will reach your fan page organically.

3. Build up your personal brand

Facebook is all about content. To cut a long tale short, personal brands are superior to corporate brands (your merchant). Grow yours on Facebook, and both you and your merchant will prosper.

There are two types of personal brands for you to pick up your impressions:

KOL/Influencer: are well-known people who have a lot of followers. They impress others by:

  • Being physically attractive
  • Having special talents
  • Being funny
  • Having expertise in their field

Product Ambassadors: are people known for their expertise in the products they sell. They impress others by:

  • Having in-depth knowledge about the products
  • Being credible and trustworthy about what they sell
  • Selling at the most competitive price

You can choose one of the two options above to build your personal brand.

Besides setting up your profile before, you need to set up Privacy for your Facebook profile.

III/ Wrapping up

You’ve prepared the way for a bright affiliate marketing future now that you’re aware of the critical stages in establishing a Face affiliate account to make money on Facebook and are familiar with all of the best practices.

Continue reading about building up your affiliate social profile in the Related Articles below.

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