Fandomaniax: 15-25% of our monthly revenue came from UpPromote

We – UpPromote had an interview with the Fandomaniax manager. He told us about his business, how he knows about the UpPromote app and how our app could help him with the business. Let’s hear his story!

Visit the Fandomaniax website here.

The company

I run an E-commerce anime-themed merchandise store, where we sell anime-inspired apparel and merchandise to fans all around the world. Designs are submitted backend by the freelance artists that we worked with around the world to produce quality designs not seen elsewhere.

The challenge

We need brand equity in the anime community and we had a hard time penetrating the market as a go-to brand when it comes to shopping for quality anime products.

We tried various forms of paid marketing from Facebook to Google. We had our first breakthrough last year when various TikTok content creators began to give us random shout-outs because of how much they loved our product. We soon realize that there is a huge potential in the influencer-affiliate channel and we dived into working directly with content creators from IG/Tiktok.

The solution

Find out a software where we can compensate our partners fairly for the traffic they are sending us.

That’s when we came across UpPromote. The 30-day cookie and custom discount code for each content creator allow us to payout accordingly to their merits. It’s very transparent and we have forged many wonderful relationships with content creators from various platforms since.

Since last year’s Q4, UpPromote has contributed 15-25% of our monthly revenue with a 10-15x ROAS compared to other digital marketing assets.

Encourage a win-win relationship

The motivation for affiliates to promote us is that we pride our products to be of a higher tier quality than other anime apparel brands out there. We also reward our partners fairly and appropriately.

We have a tier system that allows them to increase their commission payout based on the total $ of sales that are poured in. That way, they are incentivized to put in extra effort in their campaigns, which allows them to rake in higher commissions.

We aim to grow together with our partners that choose to promote our products. With UpPromote, we are able to foster a strong relationship with many of our affiliate partners and we have many more collaborations in the months ahead. 

Ensure affiliates can have a smooth experience promoting our brand

We optimized the affiliate experience while joining our program to motivate them to promote our store the best and assist them as best as we can. Here are some of the core steps in the activities series:

  • Customized coupons, and links for partners to utilize.
  • Auto-generation of coupons and discounts.
  • Auto tiering of affiliates once they hit a certain threshold of sales that they bring in
  • Store credits options instead of PayPal payout.

We don’t market the affiliate program in our stores openly. The affiliate program is only for invitees only where we partner with content creators from various platforms.

We do, however, give our customers an opportunity to work with us aka micro-influencer, which is integrated nicely with Klaviyo. After their order is received, we would send an email, checking if they liked the product. At the same time, we offer them a chance to refer their friends to buy from us too!

Every sale entitles them to a commission, which is payout via store credits. This allows a chain effect that allows our customers to build an ecosystem of referrals and we are seeing higher customer retention than ever before.

It’s evident that Fandomaniax had a major breakthrough with us, and you can accomplish the same when you start with UpPromote here.


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