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Thanks to the development speedily of technology in recent years, mobile phones have become the most obvious device for everyone to communicate and the mobile phone industry has also turned into a potential field for all ...

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Thanks to the development speedily of technology in recent years, mobile phones have become the most obvious device for everyone to communicate and the mobile phone industry has also turned into a potential field for all merchants. Let’s begin the article with the topic of sharing by affiliate marketing in the mobile phone industry and how to increase the mobile phone affiliates’ recruitment. 

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1. Why is Influencer Marketing the most efficient in Mobile Phone Category?

In the twenty-first century economy, the mobile phone is possibly the most essential source of innovation. The first mobile phone was created in 1973 by Motorola and 20 years later, the first smartphone was invented. 

The usage convenient of mobile phone or smartphone has no complaints about it due to the 1.3 billion sold by year-end of 2020 and the market share have spread out of the top big company which is: 

  • Android 
  • iOS 
  • Samsung

According to Statistic’s report, there are 6.4 billion global mobile phone users and nearly 300 million mobile phone users in the United States. 

Have you ever noticed that, out of nearly 300 million mobile phone users, more than 93% of users are millennials, who have become very familiar with technology, especially mobile and smartphones? 

The primarily millennial customer in the mobile industry usually uses mobile over two hours per day, which causes high demand for mobile products and accessories. So what things can affect their purchasing decision, in technology in general and the mobile industry in particular? 

The answer is the online reviews. 62% of millennial users say that they will read a review or watch a tutorial video before purchasing technology and mobile devices. Also, the millennials are attracted to some kinds of videos such as unbox or video from those who have used the kinds of mobile as they are considered to purchase. 

Furthermore, they also trust a real review from a person rather than a review from merchants, it is more realistic and feels like it has no advertising elements inside. 

With all characteristics above, influencer marketing becomes the most suitable to promote for all merchants. The influencers or the affiliates will be the best bridge to transfer the promotion message to customers. 

Moreover, the influencers will have the impact strength to their community through their social media, especially to millennials. Thereby, it will be easier for them to connect and promote mobile devices to millennial users and engage purchasing decisions. 

In the next part of the article, we’ll discuss how to expand the mobile phone affiliates’ recruitment for all merchants through specific areas to hire the best influencers. 

2. How to Raise Mobile Phone Affiliates’ Recruitment? 

Influencer marketing has risen as social media has become a more integrated part of our lives. People are seeking guidance and recommendations on making purchase decisions from their favorite Instagram stars, Twitter celebrities, and YouTubers. Millions of consumers admire these influencers, and businesses are listening carefully. 

Through interesting content and engagement, social media has offered ordinary individuals the ability to develop their own identities. Traditional celebrities are less relatable than all these new influencers.

Let’s go through some popular social media platforms to make the mobile phone affiliates’ recruitment easier. 

2.1 Youtube 

YouTube producers are more influential than traditional celebrities among millennials who spend countless hours consuming online video.

4 in 10 millennials say that their favorite creators understand them better, even their friends. It’s simple to grasp since Youtube creators and influencers react to and communicate with their viewers, resulting in a network that resembles a friendship rather than a fandom. 

If you are doing the business of the mobile industry, especially mobile accessories, you also need to know about the some of keywords related to raising the mobile phone affiliates’ recruitment, which is: 

  • #phonecaseshop 
  • #mobileprotection 
  • #techaccessories 
  • #huaweicase 
  • #wirelesscharger 
  • #phonecasesforsale 
  • #screenprotector 
  • #phoneaccessory
  • #phoneaccesoryreview 
  • #phonecovers 
  • #phonecover

Usually, it is popular to find videos with creative content related to phone accessories by Youtube influencers. 

Additionally, do not skip the useful and helpful of Google to increase your mobile phone affiliates’ recruitment. Go to Google with the keyword ‘best youtube mobile reviewers’ to find the influencers. Remember to select the region and updates in the Advanced Search to narrow down to the newest influencers that meet perfectly for your requirements. 

2.2 Facebook 

Facebook is one of the most prominent social media platforms, with 2.89 billion monthly users worldwide and 52% of shopping decisions impacted by the platform. 

On Facebook, influencers aren’t necessarily people, but pages with a large follower base and high user interaction. 

Facebook influencers are skilled at converting their fans into paying consumers for your company. A powerful influencer connects thousands with your brand by posting visual or written material on their Facebook page.

And that can increase people’s interest in your service or merchandise. This, in turn, can shift them into loyal consumers, all because they believe what the influencer has to say.

To find the best mobile phone influencers on Facebook, you can go typically on the searching bars with keywords, for example, phone accessories. Select Groups, and always remember to choose the locations and cities that meet your requirements for mobile phone affiliates’ recruitment. 

One important thing for all merchants who want to hire influencers on Facebook is that many fake Facebook influencers sell likes and followers on the platform. These influencers have little or no meaningful involvement, thus collaborating with them is unlikely to yield results.

The Facebook influencers you work with should be enthusiastic about the content they produce, and their beliefs should align with yours.

Also, don’t spam them. If you reach out to an influencer and don’t hear back, don’t keep bothering them with emails or direct messages.

This may irritate the influencer. Allow ample time for them to read and respond to your email or message. Keep your team up to date on who you’re contacting. As a result, the influencers will not receive numerous emails from different employees in your company.

Remember that Facebook influencers may receive hundreds of emails and messages per day asking for cooperation. You shouldn’t keep bothering them in the hopes of receiving a response.

2.3 Twitter

Twitter isn’t the newest thing on the block, but that can be a good thing. Users on Twitter are slightly older than those on Instagram and far older than those on TikTok or Snapchat. 

Twitter allows your brand to reach a somewhat different demographic than other social media platforms, without completely dismissing the young and trendy. Remember, Twitter was created by teenagers.

Using Google to locate Twitter influencers is one of the simplest ways to do it. There are numerous ways to use this search engine in general. You’ll want to conduct relevant Google searches to determine who is writing on specific subjects. Then seek for those that have Twitter accounts that are active. You’ll be able to assess their profiles for eligibility from here.

Another option is to use Google and search for the topic plus “Twitter.” In this case, using ‘mobile review Twitter. This will bring up a list of Tweets on a specific topic. You’ll eventually locate the Twitter influencers you’re looking for if you find people talking about that issue frequently. Finally, if you want to know if someone is a Twitter influencer, look them up on Google to see if they have a profile and review it if they do.

Additionally, you also do not underestimate Twitter Chat. The purpose of Twitter Chats is to bring people in the same business together. Influencers are frequently in charge, and influencers are often present as guests and active participants.

Twitter Chats are hour-long live chats that take place daily. People can follow them by utilizing a hashtag that is widely used. There is a defined topic of conversation, a host, a guest, and a follow-up Q&A in a Twitter Chat.

It’s a fantastic location to network, meet influencers, and find the proper people to collaborate with.

Once you’re logged in to Twitter, go to the search bar and type in the hashtag for the chat (for example, #mobilephonereview). To see all of the tweets from the chat, go to the results page and choose “latest.” A host or moderator will often lead a Twitter chat by posting Twitter queries or issues for people to remark on or discuss. Type a message and include the hashtag if you want to leave a comment or answer a question. Your tweets will not be seen by the conversation participants if you do not include the hashtag.

2.4 Affiliate Marketplace

The same as Sport, Gaming, Technology, or even Mom & Kids, you also can join the Affiliate Marketplace to increase your Mobile Phone Affiliates’ Recruitment.

It is simple to participate in any Affiliate Marketplace, including the UpPromote Marketplace. Affiliates are more interested in finding you than you are in finding them.

The most important benefit of building such networks is that you can benefit from their years of experience and expertise in guiding your affiliate marketing down the proper path. you can contact their customer service department or look up their knowledge and understanding on the internet.

Go to UpPromote Marketplace and pick a Phone & Communication under Categories to locate the right partners.

3. Final Words 

Based on the information and data we’ve shown above, influencer marketing is the most suitable marketing strategy for all merchants who want to do business in the mobile phone field as well as promote their products to millennial customers. 

You also can follow these specific steps above to increase your mobile phone affiliates’ recruitment on your own or easily come with UpPromote Marketplace. This is an all-in-one affiliate marketplace that all merchants need. 

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