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Top 13 Best Home Improvement Affiliate Programs For Extra Cash 2024

Home improvement is a booming industry, with global spending surpassing $333 billion in 2021 and projected to reach almost $515 billion by 2028. The market has been steadily growing at a rate of 6.4% per year, ...

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Best Home Improvement Affiliate Programs

Home improvement is a booming industry, with global spending surpassing $333 billion in 2021 and projected to reach almost $515 billion by 2028.

The market has been steadily growing at a rate of 6.4% per year, making it a profitable and reliable industry to invest in.

This blog delves into the potential of home improvement affiliate programs. We will reveal the top 13 programs, providing an in-depth analysis rather than just a list.

Additionally, we also guide you through some key considerations to help you choose the best home improvement affiliate programs that aligns with your needs and goals.

13 Best Home Improvement Affiliate Programs in 2023

Each program’s features, commission rates, cookie duration, payment details, and eligibility requirements will be reviewed.

Home Depot

Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 1

The Home Depot, a titan in the U.S. home improvement sector, boasts many tools, construction supplies, appliances, and services. As the leading national home improvement retailer, it offers over 300,000 products for customers to purchase from their homes.

The company has garnered impressive brand recognition and trust among its target audience, including DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Morning Consult is even recognized as one of America’s most trusted brands.

The Home Depot Pro, formerly Interline Brands, is an MRO company owned by The Home Depot with 70 distribution centers across the U.S. One thing you must know is The Home Depot operates two affiliate programs via the Impact Radius network.

Network Commission rate Cookie duration Eligibility requirements
Home Depot 1% – 8% 1-day Complete application
Home Depot Services $10 – $15 pay per lead

Up to $30 pay per order

30 days Complete application
  • URL: Home Depot affiliate program
  • Payment details: PayPal/ wire transfer/ check/ direct deposit/ ACH transfer paid out monthly. The minimum for direct deposit is $50, and the minimum for a check is $100.


Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 2

The Wayfair Affiliate Program aims to provide affiliates with easy online access to a global selection of home goods. It is one of North America’s most oversized online furniture and decor retailers. The crazy thing is it offers a catalog of over 40 million products.

This program includes our Specialty Retail Brands, such as AllModern, Joss & Main, Birch Lane, and Perigold, for tailored brand messaging.

The company is well-known and trusted, with over 22 million active customers and net revenues of $12.2 billion in 2022. It also offers free shipping on orders over $35.

They focus on delivering an excellent customer experience by analyzing data and past success to create consumer solutions. Affiliates get access to a data feed containing over 1 million items, banner advertisements, text links, and dependable monitoring through their Commission Junction dashboard.

Network Commission rate Cookie duration Eligibility requirements
FlexOffers 9.6% 7 days Sign up
CJ Affiliate Up to 7% 7 days Complete application

For more detail:

Affiliates can sign up for Wayfair’s program through FlexOffers or CJ Affiliate. FlexOffers provides the best terms with a seven-day cookie window and a generous 9.6% commission rate.

According to CJ Affiliate, the website has an average order value of $300, so affiliates can expect to generate average commissions of around $21 – $29.

  • URL: Wayfair affiliate program
  • Payment details: Paid by Commission Junction via direct deposit/ check/ Payoneer each month. The minimum threshold is $50 for direct deposit & $100 for a check.
  • Eligibility requirements:

Burke Decor

Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 3

tarting as a small design-oriented boutique in 2007, Burke Decor expanded into an entire home store in 2008. Over the past decade, their website has grown, and their online catalog now features over 80,000 items with a unique selection of home furnishings, gifts, and home improvement products.

Their specialty lies in offering contemporary designer items and unique online products. It includes

  • tylish wallpaper
  • Custom pillows
  • Replica planters
  • Curtains
  • Area rugs
  • Accent furniture
  • hower curtains
  • Bathmats
  • oy candles
  • Tableware
  • High-end home audio equipment

They cater to designers and renovators looking for unique furnishings for both residential and commercial settings. Whether decorating an ample space or looking for that final item to tie everything together, Burke Decor has several advantages for your home design needs.

They also provide B2B purchasing and procurement services to architects, interior designers, hospitality businesses, property management companies, and contractors.

Their customers can customize their spaces from the comfort of their computers or smart devices thanks to their custom boutiques, extensive product lines, and well-known brands.

  • URL: Burke Decor affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 8% commission, with increased rates for monthly sales of $ 2,000 or more (9%) and $ 5,000 or more (12%).
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Payment details: Through Check/ wire transfer/ direct deposit/ international direct deposit via ShareASale every month. The minimum payout is $50.
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application.


Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 4

Houzz is a hub of stunning home images, a platform to connect with the right design and construction professionals, and a community of homeowners and home design enthusiasts. What started as a side project has now blossomed into a global community of millions.

Houzz is the perfect platform for finding design inspiration, researching and hiring home experts, and sourcing items to complete your projects. It offers a plethora of decorating options for every room size and budget.

It’s particularly popular with younger homeowners, with 25 to 34-year-olds making up one-fifth of the site’s audience.

The site offers innovative features like “View in My Room 3D”, which lets shoppers virtually position a product in their home before purchasing. They also connect homeowners with local construction professionals, roofers, interior designers, and other home improvement professionals.

Network Commission rate Cookie duration Eligibility requirements
ShareASale 5% 30 days Complete application
PartnerStack 30 days Sign up

For more detail

You can sign up for the Houzz affiliate program through ShareASale. Affiliates will receive a 30 days cookie window & 3% commission rate for all sales.

hareASale’s 30-day figures express an average order value of $704.60, a $17.45 EPC, & a 0.77% conversion rate. Agencies can also choose this partner program to earn commissions from every client. .

  • URL: Houzz affiliate program
  • Payment details: Check/ wire transfer/ direct deposit/ international direct deposit via ShareASale every month. The minimum payout is $50.
  • Eligibility requirements:

Lowe’s Home Improvement

Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 5

Lowe’s, a leading name in the home improvement industry, boasts an impressive presence with over 2,000 stores across the US and Canada. As a trusted retailer, it is an easy recommendation for your audience, offering a vast catalog of power tools, appliances, hardware, home decor products, and professional installation services.

The Lowe’s affiliate program can be found through two networks: CJ Affiliate & FlexOffers. The CJ Affiliate program provides better terms but specifically targets the Canadian audience.

Regardless of your chosen network, you can access to marketing materials and resources, including comprehensive data feeds, exclusive affiliate promotions, and regular newsletters.

Network Commission rate Cookie duration Eligibility requirements
CJ Affiliate 2% 1 day Complete application
FlexOffers 0.8% 1 day Sign up

URL: Lowe’s Home Improvement affiliate program

Modern Bathroom

Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 6

This online store offers various items, including sinks, faucets, vanities, storage solutions, water-saving faucets, recycled countertops, and sustainably harvested wood vanities.

They carry products from top brands like Fairmont Designs, Toto, MTI, Design Element, and Danze, as well as their in-house Modern Bathroom and Wyndham Collection brands. Best of all, all orders come with free shipping!

At Modern Bathroom, they prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Whether doing a complete bathroom renovation or simply replacing a few fixtures, they can help you find home items that match your style.

They remain committed to providing personalized attention, low prices, and high-quality products, making them one of the most popular destinations for bathroom articles.

  • URL: Modern Bathroom affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 4% – 8% per sale.  Plus, there is a $25 first-sale bonus for new affiliates & a generous monthly bonus plan. There’s significant earning potential with an average order price of $1,500 & a three-month EPC of $62.54.
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Payment details: Commission Junction affiliate pays them monthly via direct deposit, check, or Payoneer. The minimum threshold is $50 for direct deposit and $100 for a check.
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application.


Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 7

Toolbarn is owned by Kyocera, a major Japanese company specializing in electronics and industrial products. Their target audience is slightly younger than Acme Tools’, with the most significant demographic being 35 to 44-year-olds.

They offer a wide selection from all the big brands and some niche manufacturers. And the best part? Most orders over $199 come with free shipping!

One exciting thing about Toolbarn is that they’re open to working with influencers/KOLs in the home improvement niche. If you have a robust social media following, this program could be an excellent fit for you. Toolbarn provides plenty of marketing tools, including banner ads, text links, and a complete data feed containing all their products.

  • URL: Toolbarn affiliate program
  • Commission rates: Flat commission of 3% per sale. The program has a 30-day EPC of $2.07. On average, Toolbarn’s orders are around $75, meaning you could earn around $2.25 per action
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Payment details: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, ACH transfer
  • Eligibility requirements: Sign up through Impact Radius


Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 8

Modernize is a platform that helps people find home improvement and construction professionals nearby. They have connected over two million customers with local professionals.

Modernize in-house PPL (Pay-per-lead) affiliate program offers an affiliate program that pays commissions for leads in HVAC, roofing, solar, windows, and other trades. The payout varies based on the project’s specifics, and the program is open to all affiliate marketers.

However, Modernize gives priority to those with home improvement or design-focused websites. Affiliates can access a wide selection of creative assets once approved.

  • URL: Modernize affiliate program
  • Payment details: Check, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, Payoneer
  • Commission rates and cookie duration: Contact affiliates@modernize.com for more information

Build with Ferguson

Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 9

Joining the Build with Ferguson Affiliate Program offers a competitive edge with commission rates on thousands of products from Build.com.

You can profit from all qualified sales you drive and easily track your results through Impact Radius. They provide

  • A daily product data feed.
  • The support affiliate account managers & tech support provided by the Impact platform.
  • Affiliates can access various marketing materials & resources. It includes deep product linking, unique promo code tracking, and a regularly updated product catalog.
  • They lead online stores for home renovation and decorating goods in the United States and Canada.
  • They offer over 800,000 items for any DIY project.
  • The average order value is more than $350, and they have very high conversion rates.

At Ferguson’s Build, customers can browse an extensive interior decor and design product collection. With a reputation for providing superb customer service and professional guidance, their team of product specialists (all based in the US) is always on hand to help customers find the perfect products.

  • URL: Build with Ferguson affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 2%
  • Cookie duration: 1 day
  • Payment details: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, ACH transfer
  • Eligibility requirements: Create an account and apply to the program. To partner with them, you should have the website in this home improvement niche generating US traffic. They are open to working with influencers and paying for content placements.

Acme Tools

Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 10

Acme Tools is a reputable retailer specializing in power tools and equipment. Their inventory boasts a whopping 70,000 products from some of the most prominent brands in the industry, including DeWalt, Honda, and Makita.

This niche is expected to significantly increase sales, with estimates projecting global power tool sales to surpass $35 billion by 2029.

Acme Tools prides itself on offering the lowest guaranteed prices on cordless tools, generators, heavy equipment, and more.

As an authorized affiliate marketer, you can obtain marketing resources such as unique promotions and discount codes. Acme Tools offers personalized text links, banner ads, retargeting images, and a comprehensive data feed.

  • URL: Acme Tools affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 3%
  • Cookie duration: 15 days
  • Payment details: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, ACH transfer
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application.

The RTA Store

Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 11

The RTA Store, a family-owned business established in 2009, specializes in ready-to-assemble bathroom and kitchen cabinets. They launched as an alternative to big box stores, focusing on delivering excellent customer service.

The RTA Store caters to a wide range of high-quality furniture and has served customers since 1969. Their online store has helped over 50,000 families nationwide get a fantastic kitchen at an incredible price. They value trust and genuine customer service, and their primary goal is to ensure you are delighted with your design.

Over the years, they have partnerships with home makeover shows on the DIY Network & other broadcasters. Affiliates can access tracking tools, text links, banner ads, and more via ShareASale’s affiliate dashboard.

They offer a Free Kitchen Design Service, where their team of skillful designers can help you create a suitable kitchen. They don’t employ salespeople or operate on commissions, so you won’t feel pressured to choose.

The typical kitchen impossible equipment and bathroom sale is $2800 and $900, respectively. With an average order price of $3,513.38 and a 30-day EPC of $42.05, there’s real earning potential here.

  • URL: The RTA Store affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 2%+ per sale, climbing to 25% on select deal creatives
  • Cookie duration: Lifelong
  • Payment details:  Check, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, Payoneer
  • Eligibility requirements: Complete the application.

Ace Hardware

Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 12

Ace Hardware offers many products that affiliate marketers can promote to their audience. With a focus on outdoor entertainment, brands such as Weber, Tregar, and Yeti are sure to be popular among readers.

It is known for its exceptional customer service and has even been recognized by JD Power for having the highest customer satisfaction among home improvement retailer stores.

Those interested in joining the Ace Hardware affiliate program can find it on Impact Radius. The program boasts a 10-day cookie duration and a 2% commission rate, with a 30-day EPC of $0.23.

Affiliate marketers can conveniently access all necessary resources through the Impact platform, including reporting tools, banner ads, and text links. Overall, promoting Ace Hardware’s products is a great way to offer valuable solutions to readers while earning a commission.

  • URL: Ace Hardware affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 2% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 14 days
  • Payment details: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, ACH transfer
  • Eligibility requirements: Read our Affiliate Master Campaign Agreement & complete the Online Application

LL Flooring

Home Improvement Affiliate Programs 13

LL Flooring is a flooring supplier that offers an extensive range of flooring choices in North America. Founded in May 2015, they went public after being on the market for two years. The company specializes in strong and engineered hardwood flooring, but it also sells other options such as laminate, bamboo, cork, vinyl, and wood-look tile.

Additionally, they offer butcher blocks, moldings, extras, and tools to ensure their clients have everything they need to complete their flooring projects efficiently.

LL Flooring understands that the right flooring can transform a house into a remarkable home. They offer their customers over 400 floors, ensuring they find the perfect option to match their style, budget, and vision.

The company has over 400 stores across the United States and Canada, making it easy for professionals and DIY customers to access their products. Affiliates can access various marketing materials and resources, including deep product linking, a detailed product catalog, and unique promotional codes.

  • URL: LL Flooring affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 1% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, or ACH transfer via Impact.com paid out monthly. The minimum for direct deposit is $50 & the minimum for a check is $100.
  • Eligibility requirements: Complete the application.

Why is a Home Improvement Affiliate Program a Good Niche?

Why you should invest time and effort in home improvement as a potential niche? The results speak for themself!

We will provide you with some impressive numbers below!

  • Home improvement project spending saw a significant increase from 2019 to 2022, with estimated spending in 2023 projected to reach $485 billion.
  • The total home improvement market in the United States generated over $450 billion in sales in 2020 and is expected to increase to $510 billion by an undisclosed year.
  • The LIRA predicts a modest decline of 2.8 percent in year-over-year expenditures for homeowner improvements and maintenance through the first quarter of an undisclosed year.
  • U.S. home improvement industry sales will reach $625 billion in an undisclosed year.
  • The home improvement industry is expected to exceed $1 trillion annually by 2027.

What exactly are the reasons for making these incredible numbers?

The home improvement affiliate programs niche is a lucrative one, offering a multitude of benefits.

Firstly, the high price points of home improvement products and services mean that substantial commissions can be earned with each referral.

Secondly, the wide range of products available, from furniture and appliances to tools, provides ample opportunities for promotion. The constant need for home improvement among homeowners ensures a steady stream of potential customers, making this an evergreen market with consistent sales throughout the year.

Furthermore, the nature of home improvement projects often leads to repeat business and ongoing commissions due to multiple purchases.

Lastly, these programs target a specific audience of homeowners and DIY enthusiasts actively seeking solutions to improve their homes.

This combination of factors makes the home improvement affiliate programs niche promising for those looking to earn through affiliate marketing.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Home Improvement Affiliate Program? 

Several factors must be checked when choosing the best home improvement program for top-performing affiliates.

  • Programs offering high commission rates can generate more income per sale.
  • It would be best to consider the range of products because a more comprehensive range allows for more promotional opportunities and caters to various customer needs.
  • Partnering with well-known and trusted brands can enhance credibility and conversion rates.
  • A more prolonged duration means you can earn a commission if a customer purchases within a certain period after clicking your affiliate link.
  • You need to understand the payment terms, such as when and how you will be paid. Some programs pay monthly, while others may have different schedules.
  • Good affiliate programs provide marketing support, including banners, product images, and promotional content, to aid your marketing efforts.
  • Excellent customer service for affiliates and customers can improve the shopping experience & increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.
  •  Always read the terms and conditions of the affiliate program to ensure they are fair and transparent.
  • Checking the program’s conversion rate is also beneficial; a high conversion rate indicates that the program successfully turns visitors into buyers.
  • Lastly, ensure that the products are in demand; high-demand products are easier to sell.


Who would have thought that home improvement affiliate programs could be a goldmine for affiliate marketers? With generous commission rates, a diverse product selection, and support from established brands, these 13 programs offer endless earning opportunities.

Plus, the home improvement market is always in demand, so there’s always a supply of potential customers. However, finding the right program that suits your audience and marketing approach is crucial.

With careful planning and consideration, you could be well on your way to success in this lucrative niche.

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