How To Expand Your Gardening Affiliates’ Recruitment

Whenever it comes to gardening, there are virtually no real boundaries to what affiliate marketers may advertise as individuals desire to decorate their houses or develop an area for the family, leisure, or their trophy-winning flower/herb garden. Year by year, gardening is gradually asserting the powerful economic industry in the market nowadays. The following article will be written down to analyze the potential economy as well as solve the problems with gardening affiliates’ recruitment to skyrocket sales for all merchants in this industry.

1. How Valuable Of The Gardening Industry

The report in Statista shows that, by 2024, the gardening sale values in approximately up to 127 billion dollars in the US and it is worth 109 billion dollars by 2022, what’s an incredible sale value for this market size.

This can be understood because climate change is affecting the whole world and people are now tending to live green and friendly with the environment.

Moreover, another prominent trend is to design outdoor areas to perform as interior rooms. “Outdoor rooms,” such as covered decks, patios, or cabanas, extend the comforts of home and provide magnificent locations for resting with family and friends.

Furthermore, those who hang outside, especially those who socialize outside, have greater expectations for their outside environment. That’s why many businesses are growing in numbers in the gardening industry with their thriving potential.

It can be seen that customers will be more attracted and motivated by people who have a green lifestyle as also the ultimately outdoor organization artist. When people feel passionate about something, they naturally find and follow someone who has done it successfully before. That’s how affiliate marketing is successful with gardening.

For example, if you are passionate about home decor, you will intend to find someone who has shared the same passion with you and maybe follow their lifestyle also.

Thereby, the affiliate’s marketing or influencers’ marketing will be the best key factor to promote your gardening business. So how can I solve the critical issues when doing the affiliate marketing – gardening affiliates’ recruitment? Let’s find out in the next part.

2. Tips For Successful Gardening Affiliates’ Recruitment

2.1 Turn customers into affiliates

Starting the gardening industry could be said that it is like growing money on the trees. Money can come from trees. If you’re smart and hardworking enough to put the effort into planting and growing them.

The fastest-growing is it converts your customers into affiliates or brand ambassadors for your products. Based on the Market Research’s report, the ages 18 to 34 are doing gardening as their new hobby and it was 20% of customers.

People generally said that gardening is only for the older ages, but time has changed. The statistic showing that the Millenials are also interested in gardening is a good signal for that industry.

Younger people now have a great opportunity to approach smart devices and also social media, they can easily share their feelings about your products with thousands of your friends. It is a good chance to promote your gardening products through your customers.

To transform your consumers into affiliates, you may use a variety of strategies, such as creating and sending promotions with sign-up benefits and promotions to attract them to join.

Nevertheless, you may switch customers to affiliates immediately by using the UpPromote Post-Purchase Popup function, which is a straightforward affiliate recruiting procedure.

From the UpPromote Dashboard, go to Grow Affiliates Tools > Convert Customers to Affiliates. When you choose Active, the function is activated.

You may indeed set up the popup to display once or numerous times and guide them to the relevant programs based upon your selections.

2.2 Social Media

Since the advent of the internet, fresh material and garden advice have been instantaneously available. When the question about gardening or planting appears, it is much easier to find the answer on the internet, especially on social media, than search in a book.

Social networking has made it much easier to discover solutions to queries, as well as gardening helpful hints, thereby, consumers’ behavior will turn to go through social media if you have an interest in gardening.

Thanks to the informative database on social networking in gardening, this will be the most suitable place to promote your products and for gardening affiliates’ recruitments.


This is the biggest social networking nowadays with nearly 2,000 daily worldwide users and 3 million monthly worldwide users as of the 3rd quarter in 2021, thereby, it is the best social network worldwide for gardening affiliates’ recruitment as well as promoting your gardening products.

To find out more about gardening’s influencers on that platform, first of all, you need to go through some gardening groups on Facebook.

There are some keywords that I’d like to recommend to find the most appropriate gardening group as soon as possible:

  • gardening community
  • gardening hints and tips
  • gardening ideas and pictures
  • gardening club news
  • gardening on a budget
  • gardening tips
  • gardening DIY ideas

When you type those keywords above on Facebook’s search bars on the top-left-hand side, remember, filter them with Group features, those things will make Facebook understand you only want to find groups that link with keywords.

By the same token, you can also filter by City to narrow down the audience you want to target in the best way. When you have been approved to enter groups, the next thing you should focus on is the popular topic on that group.

When you approach popular topics through hashtags, you will have a chance to access the potential audience and also influencers.

By way of the hottest topic inside a group, find the post that has a good engagement on them, contact the author direct message, or comment on their post, they may be your potential influencers.

I suggest you should comment on their post first, give them a message that you are interested in the topic shared by them. It is always easy to start a conversation with those people who share the same interest.


Instagram has quickly become one of the finest sites to obtain inspired ideas and open knowledge on just about every subject, across over 95 million photographs and 500 million stories published every day.

And, for home gardeners, social media offers a unique chance to gain inspiration from others by peering into their homes and backyard gardens.

Whenever an Instagram affiliate shares a brand awareness on Instagram, they generally tag the business they are advertising in the comment and also include a link to the exact product.

This implies that when people browse and read through the comments, your business will be visible to potential consumers. They will be led to your Instagram profile if they click on the tag. Furthermore, if people copy and paste the URL to the goods, you will receive extra visitors. As a result, it’s a win-win situation.

Gardening affiliates’ recruitment on Instagram would be much easier through the hashtags. There are more than 46 million plant posts on Instagram, so how can you find the influencers directly suitable for your programs?

There are some hottest hashtags about gardening niches on Instagram that might get your attention:


























Additionally, you should be focused more on the micro-influencers on Instagram. Micro-influencers have following that value their knowledge and opinions on specialized issues. They frequently develop stuff about which they are informed and passionate.

Their social engagement resembles a community rather than an audience. As a result, collaborating with a few relevant micro-influencers may assist you in getting your content in front of the proper audience.

By typing ‘k followers’ gardening influencers entering Google, Google can filter Instagram profiles with any more than 1000 followers throughout this approach.

To become more explicit, ‘k followers’ would be how Google filters account with more than 1000 followers, which assists in restricting the following range of particular influencers.

Modify ‘k followers’ to ‘100k followers’ when looking for influencers with more than 100.000 followers.

When you locate influencers that are a good fit for your programs, simply write a comment on their posting, and almost all of them will respond. Otherwise, you may send them a quick message and inquire about your offerings.


Different from the two other popular social media platforms above, Twitter has only allowed 280 characters on a post or a Tweet on them. Twitter distinguishes itself from the other social media platforms by allowing users to ‘tweet’ a brief message.

The text restriction not only improves readability but also encourages the innovative use of words.

It may be difficult for users to communicate their ideas, but they must be quite smart in doing so.

However, it is also an advantage for you for searching for influencers on Twitter. People usually spend 31 minutes per day on Twitter looking for the hottest news on that platform.

With the limited characters content and shorter time spent on Twitter, it will require a lot of catchy trending, writing skills, storytelling, and so on to attract people to stay and put more focus on it.

The one who has been successful with that process is the potential influencers for your brands on Twitter. So how could you find them?

Simple, using hashtags like Instagram. There are some interesting hashtags that you can use for gardening affiliates’ recruitment on Twitter.








#grow your own




2.3 Affiliates Marketplace

This is indeed a no-brainer, so you can easily enter any Affiliate Marketplace, like UpPromote Marketplace. There is indeed a considerable likelihood that affiliates will come to you rather than you reaching out to them.

The most significant advantage of joining such networks is that having years of experience and skill may help you redirect your affiliate marketing on the proper path. You may contact their support team personally or visit their knowledge base.

You merely have to filter the Garden & Outdoor Categories or simply search “gardening’’ on the Searching Bar in UpPromote Marketplace to discover the targeting partners.

The gardening affiliates’ recruitment on your programs will be much easier with UpPromote Marketplace.

2.4 Working with an influencer marketing agency

Choosing an influencer advertising agency can help your organization strategize and implement a program that meets your goals.

They will be in charge of all of it, from the planning phases to recruiting affiliates and analyzing campaigns. This enables businesses to save money and effort while remaining within their budget.

There still are various factors to consider while seeking an influencer marketing agency, starting with their offerings.

It’s conceivable that companies that just recruit and manage affiliates aren’t the ideal fit for you. Instead, seek organizations that can assist you with campaign planning, execution, and management.

You should perhaps investigate their measuring procedures to see how they judge the success of influencer marketing campaigns. It’s also important to understand how they count the number of impressions. Check to discover if they’re reporting true beliefs about the material or just a wild guess.

We’d like to recommend the following top 5 agency affiliate marketing:

Wrapping Up

Gardening affiliates’ recruitment is an easy procedure; all you have to do is seek them in the right locations.

The goal is to guarantee that your affiliates are knowledgeable about the gardening industry and can create high-quality leads for you. It is significantly preferable to focus your efforts on a limited number of key affiliates instead of a huge number of affiliates that may have a large following but fail.

Are you prepared to identify the greatest affiliates for your company? Remember to select affiliates that have a similar targeted audience to yours, develop a rigorous registration procedure, and properly examine each possible affiliate.

Some affiliate management systems may also assist you in managing affiliate recruiting, helping you to establish a high-quality affiliate network. If you want to get started quickly and easily, get started with UpPromote now.

You can acquire top-tier affiliates in a variety of sectors on UpPromote Marketplace, manage your affiliate crew at your disposal, and quickly monitor and assess their production. UpPromote is an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution.


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