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Youtube affiliate marketing: How to get affiliate on youtube?

YouTube is a hectic place with more than 2 billion monthly users; it’s such a fruitful place to get affiliates. However, it will undoubtedly take time to identify the ideal affiliate or influencer for your business ...

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How to find affiliate on Youtube

YouTube is a hectic place with more than 2 billion monthly users; it’s such a fruitful place to get affiliates. However, it will undoubtedly take time to identify the ideal affiliate or influencer for your business among millions of active channels. This article will guide you through the best tactics to get affiliate on Youtube for your affiliate marketing campaign.

i/ The power of Youtube affiliates/ influencers

YouTube affiliates and influencers have a lot of power because they can make viewers feel like they know them; they’re their mates. They are significantly more honest and genuine than any other people when reviewing products/services.

The ability to sell or suggest a product to their audience is highly dependent on their genuineness. This results in significant audience engagement and a 5.2-fold increase in buy intent.

While having a smaller following, micro-influencers may have a higher engagement rate and influence since they are more familiar with their audience. This might be a less expensive and more successful alternative to traditional media endorsement for a business.

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ii/ Before finding affiliates on Youtube

#1 Know your target audience on Youtube

It’s critical to start by determining your target audience, which lends you a hand in picking up the right affiliates/ influencers on Youtube for your brand.

By determining your target audience, you can increase brand awareness among a more engaged audience, reinforce your brand message through genuine endorsements, and impact consumer purchasing decisions.

Second, keep an eye on who’s talking about you online and what they’re saying. Check to see whether influencers are talking about your business on social media, and if they are, look for positive emotions you can use in your affiliate campaign. Affiliates/ influencers interested in your business or, better yet, advocating or encouraging it will be more open to possible brand relationships.

When firms work with influencers, they frequently yield higher-quality consumers than traditional marketing methods, as long as they consider their audience’s interests. What kind of content does your audience enjoy, and what is most likely to resonate with them? Preparing a plan for influencer outreach tactics may help you handle everything easier.

#2 Understanding different types of influencers

It’s crucial to understand the different influencer tiers as the booming influencer ecosystem embraces more types of creators. Collaboration with a top-tier YouTube creator might cost a lot of money if you want to reach a vast audience, but a large group of nano- and micro-creators can reach and engage smaller audiences for less money.

Nano- and micro-influencers, on average, are less expensive and create less brand recognition than mid-tier, macro- creators. Previously, the number of subscribers was more essential in defining reach; now, average video views are more crucial.

Since different YouTube creator tiers yield different amounts of average video views, knowing their various engagement levels can help you figure out who’s the greatest fit for your affiliate campaign.

For example, if you sell mountain bikes, you should look for YouTubers with channels in that niche; fitness influencers may be the best fit for your firm.

iii/ How to Find a YouTube Affiliate/ Influencer Manually

#1 Youtube “Search and Discovery” Bar 

The simplest method for locating YouTube affiliates/ influencers is to use the Youtube Search bar. It also requires the least amount of effort and budget.

When looking for a channel or creator on YouTube, be as detailed as possible by utilizing keywords relating to your brand, audience, and industry to get the most relevant results.

You may use it to look at the popularity of specific topics or channels and understand what types of videos people love. Then note down all of the information about the potential influencers you would like to collaborate with.

Youtube search bar
Youtube search bar

#2 Check Youtube “Trending” Tab

If you want to see what the YouTube community is talking about right now, there’s a Youtube trending tab for the most popular videos that were recently uploaded. This might help you understand what individuals enjoy and which content/creators pique their interest.

This is also a straightforward method of locating the best YouTube video-makers to become your partners.

Log into YouTube and select the ‘Trending’ button from the left-hand menu. It will automatically show you the most popular videos at the time.

You can narrow down your results by entering keywords related to your business or niche into the search bar.

Trending Youtube tab
Trending Youtube tab

Keep in mind that YouTube follows an algorithm, so influencers who are trending today may not be so tomorrow.

This is why it’s critical to choose the right influencer. An influencer isn’t born out of a viral video. Consistent content and interaction are the keys to success.

#3 Enter Youtube Hashtags

Hashtags are another simple approach to finding Youtube affiliates.

Searching for hashtags relevant to your brand and industry can help you find the right affiliates.

Since such hashtags are related to your industry, their audience is likely interested in products and services similar to yours.

Connecting with influencers currently talking about topics important to your brand lends credibility to the content. Real engagement and conversions will result from these influencers.

Youtube hashtag search
Youtube hashtag search

Your main focus should be determining who started the conversation and who contributes the most to that hashtag. The number of subscribers will also show how far they can spread their influence.

Once you have this in your hand, you should contact these influencers to see if a partnership may emerge.

#4 Formerly Sponsored Content

Not all YouTubers are looking for collaboration with brands. It will help if you look for people working with several brands previously or presently.

Search for the hashtags ‘sponsored’ or ‘ad’ + your niche on YouTube to identify influencers.

There will undoubtedly be a large number of sponsored advertisements and content. These YouTube videos are created specifically to promote and market a product or service for a firm like yours!

You should take note of this and attempt to contact these influencers as well. They want to form relationships and collaborate to create their brand.

As a result, looking for sponsored content might help you find outstanding talent for your firm without putting in a lot of work.

Sponsor content on Youtube
Sponsor content on Youtube

iv/ How to get Youtube affiliates/ influencers on Google?

Another fantastic way to find Youtube affiliates is on Google.

Go straight to the Google search bar, enter a simple Google search containing your niche keywords (e.g., gardening YouTubers, fitness YouTubers), and choose the “Videos” tab.

Find Youtube affiliates on Google
Find Youtube affiliates on Google

Your search will almost certainly pull up notable names in the industry.

That is to say; they are likely to be costly and difficult to afford.

This is a terrific option if you have a well-established firm with a substantial digital marketing budget.

If you’re on a tight budget, try to focus your search as much as possible by using more particular keywords and phrases (for example, “autumn makeup look” to locate all the YouTubers that do makeup videos).

Protip: You may find influencers by narrowing your search to more particular sub-niches relevant to your product/ service. They will resonate with your audience because they share some similarities with your brand.

v/ Other ways to find affiliates on Youtube

#1 Explore creators’ following 

YouTube influencers typically interact with other YouTubers in their industry, collaborating, recommending, and talking about them. You may identify skilled creators related to your business by investigating other YouTubers in a specific network.

It’s also a good idea to look at an influencer’s other channels, as well as who they follow and mention on them and their primary channel.

#2 Referrals from your creators’ network

Whether you already have ties with YouTube creators, ask if they would recommend other YouTubers as partners.

As influencers frequently have vast networks of influencers that share similar content and interests, asking them might help you narrow down your search. This is especially effective if your company has a long-term influencer connection.

#3 Free tools to find Youtube creators

Use the free tools available on the internet to help you get the most out of your search. Platforms like FameBit, which was created expressly for influencer marketing to connect companies and creators, are excellent marketing tools.

Meanwhile, tools like Channel Crawler help uncover lesser influencers within YouTube’s vast pool of producers, and SocialBlade is a must-have for gauging a channel’s health and development and whether it’s worth investing in.

vi/ How do Youtube affiliates promote your products?

After collecting your affiliates on Youtube, you can easily add them to UpPromote Dashboard. The system will help you track how effectively your affiliates on Youtube are working.

To add a single affiliate to your list, go to Affiliates & Coupons > Affiliates > Add affiliate.

Then you can choose to add them manually or import a CSV file.

Add affiliates with UpPromote
Add affiliates with UpPromote

Your Youtube affiliates should seek opportunities to showcase affiliate links outside of the midst of videos. Encourage your YouTube affiliate partners to add your affiliate links in video descriptions. The description should pique the viewer’s interest and, perhaps, result in a conversion. ‌

Youtube affiliates can also add affiliate links on other social media platforms. They can include them in Facebook posts promoting a new YouTube video with an affiliate link. While in a video, YouTubers can also mention an affiliate coupon code on your website. The video description can also serve as a coupon code that their viewers can utilize in your store.

Every order will be tracked precisely and automatically on UpPromote Dashboard.

Try UpPromote now!

vii/ Conclusion

That’s all for finding Youtube affiliates. I hope this post provided you with some insight into the current techniques used by marketers to find YouTube affiliates. If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment and share it on your social network to help spread the word about it.

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