How to improve customer conversion?

How to improve customer conversion The potential of E-commerce remains huge while not every online store makes great profit. People who know how to drive traffic to their store made good progress. But it is not ...

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How to improve customer conversion

The potential of E-commerce remains huge while not every online store makes great profit. People who know how to drive traffic to their store made good progress. But it is not enough. After driving traffic to your store, you still need to know how to keep them, to make them become your customer instead of just clicking into your store. Optimizing your strategies to improve customer conversion is possible and there are a lot of things we can do. In this article, we are going to talk about customer conversion and several strategies to improve it.

What is it and why is it important?

The amount of people shopping online is enormous. Every online seller is trying their best to attract people’s attention and create great revenue. Customer conversion is a crucial part in any business process.

If your website conversion rate is around 3 percent, which means for every 100 people visiting your store, you will get 3 customers. In this case, if your conversion rate goes up to 10 percent or more, your business is doing very well. On the other hand, if the conversion rate is only 0.1 percent, this means that it will take 1000 visitors to get only one customer. It is a waste of traffic.

So how to improve customer conversion? In the following, we are going to give some strategies that might help.

9 strategies to improve customer conversion

Drive quality traffic

Traffic is the first thing you should consider when you start your online business. With a great volume of traffic, a high conversion rate is possible to get. If there are no people, there is no conversion.

Quality traffic is what we are pursuing and there are a lot of ways to drive it. For example, optimizing your SEO strategy with the right keywords, putting ads in Google targeting the preferred audience and doing email-marketing to engage previous customers and other methods are very useful.

Set up goals and make plans

Always set up goals before implementing your business strategies. A goal can be how many sales you are going to make in one month or a year. Only when you have a clear and measurable goal, can you make a reasonable plan and stick to it. With goals and plans, you can modify your business strategies when something goes wrong and make adjustments on time.

Furthermore, it is also a good way to help you to realize the current situation and to think about what you should do in the future in advance.

User friendly website

A messy website can be a disaster and make visitors leave. Too colorful or too many unrelated columns are distracting people’s attention and might confuse visitors or make them feel lost.

A good website should be clear and user friendly. Not only the design of the page but also the design of the function distribution.

To have a simple and clear page design is easy to understand, but how to make it user friendly?

The shopping process needs to be intuitive to facilitate the navigation so that people will not get lost when purchasing products. For example, when I am buying a product, I need to know clearly which button to click and to make sure every page I visit is reasonable. It is a crucial part of the user experience. In the end, good user experience will definitely bring you a good conversion rate.

Page Speed

Page speed is a point that most of the business will neglect. No one likes to wait for a page to open for a few seconds and people’s patience can easily get lost. Imagine how long you will wait for a page to show up? If the page speed is too slow, most of the people will shut it down immediately and go to others.

By speeding up your website page loading speed there is a greater chance of people staying longer in your website, thus, a greater chance of making conversion. It might look trivial, but it is every little thing that makes your business stand out in the market.

Write blogs

Starting to write some blogs is a good way to build your brand awareness. The content in your blog doesn’t have to be limited to your product only, you can start blogging about related products, the product’s niche or any related matter.

Blogs can attract people’s attention easily. Some of your potential customers will go to internet to find solutions for their problems. To have a quality blog in your website gives them a solution to solve their issues but also an access to your business. When gaining a lot of loyal readers, they naturally tend to trust your post and have a higher chance of becoming your customer in the future.


Advertising is a good way to attract people’s attention and bring you good traffic. The forms of advertising may vary depending on the audience you target, since we are doing online business, online advertising is worth trying and social media advertising is one of the most useful ways to expand your business.

With low expenses, Social media advertising can reach incredibly good results. With the great traffic on social media platforms, by precisely pushing advertisements to people who might actually need your products, you will end up with a potential high conversion rate, increasing your sales volume and brand awareness at the same time.

On other hand, if you are a new business on Shopify platform, using affiliate marketing is a potential option to advertise your products faster and stably. Affiliate marketing allows your products to be approached to target audiences through affiliate’s cosical channels. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing supports usesful features to help you track and manage your affiliate team successfully. By working with affiliates, your sales conversion will increase instantly with low marketing investment.

Customer Service

After successfully attracting people to your store, you need to think about how to keep them. Customer service is an important one before and after purchasing. Providing 24/7 customer service is really necessary. If a customer is well attended, he will come back and purchase again, thus, you have won yourself another loyal customer.

Customer expectations are higher than ever, only using appropriate approaches can distinguish yourself from the market. The way of conducting customer service is another lesson and there are many useful ones. Here we suggest a good way that is proactive customer service which is worth mentioning and very effective.

Build trust

The importance of building trust can’t be stressed enough, but how to build trust is an issue that is worth discussing. A trustworthy business should not sell fake products to customers, and should not neglect customer’s feelings.

Businesses that customers will trust are those who have business guarantees, answer questions on time, have a clear website, update their products regularly and pay attention to customer’s experience. These small tactics can make a great impact on customer conversion and the effort you put in will definitely get well paid.

Make yourself unique

Making yourself unique doesn’t mean that you should make your website design special, but also ensure that the offers you provide stand out in the market. Personalization is important to make your store stand out against the competition. Solutions like Intelistyle, can help you differentiate and stand out.

For example, when you want to create a discount for your customers and want to do it differently, you can choose a useful app to help you. DSers have a unique feature that will assist you in making special offers to attract people’s attention, such as creating BOGOs (Buy One Get One) and Bundles in your store. Creating attractive offers becomes easy with the help of DSers.

Having something that other people don’t possess inevitably will make you competitive in the market. In the same way, you can think of other things to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Uniqueness helps to improve conversion rate.

Final Thoughts

Improving customer conversion is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of effort and much attention. How to improve your customer conversion? We have summarized 9 strategies that are really useful.

Before anything, driving traffic to your store will be the first thing to do. Having a stable and quality traffic, setting up goals and plans will save you a lot of trouble and clear up your business’ goals. A user-friendly website is necessary and the page speed also matters. Starting your own blogging platform is another way to improve customer conversion. Like all other businesses, advertising is an important step. A good advertising method will bring you unexceptional results. Furthermore, building trust and having good customer service are strategies that you can’t ignore. Last but not least, to have something different from others will make yourself competitive and survive in the market.

Choose well and we hope they will be useful!

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