How To Raise Pet Supplies Affiliate Recruitment?

Pet owners are willing to invest a fortune to keep their cat or dog happy, comfortable, and well-fed, which means there are plenty of opportunities for manufacturers to promote their products and affiliate marketing is the best way to do it. In this article, we’ll discuss all aspects of the pet industry as also how to raise the pet supplies affiliate recruiting methods for your brands. Stay tuned!

1. Trends in Pet Care Niches 

Everyone loves their pets, with some pet owners treating their animals as if they are their children. As a result, many pet owners are ready to spend insane amounts of money on caring for their furry loved ones, creating a big potential for anyone wishing to establish a business around this certain solid industry.

People end up spending not just on pet food, but also on other pet supplies. They occasionally cherish them far more than anyone else. 

There was a growth in the pet industry of about $6.5 billion from $97.1 billion in 2019 to $103.6 billion in 2020, and it is only in the US, therefore, it is a huge potential market for any merchants to start its business and looking for affiliates and influencers. 


$44 billion of the total was spent on animal feeds, with the remaining $23 billion spent on accessories and pharmaceuticals.

This implies that merchants and affiliates can earn a lot of money in this niche!

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting trendy in the Pet Care niches:

  • Food – Traditional pet meals are not popular with consumers. They want nutritious products and to be able to read the ingredient list. They choose fresh, frozen, and made-to-order foods for their dogs. These items are more expensive, and consumers are upgrading.
  • Treats — Pet owners give their pets 8-10 treats each day, and the patterns in which treats are prospering are similar to the trends in which pet food is succeeding.
  • Technology – We are seeing the development of pet services and conveniences along the lines of human services. The smartphone, like humans, has facilitated this transition.
  • Increased services — More emphasis is being placed on pet hairdressing, pet care, pet traveling, pet accommodations, and a variety of other facilities.
  • End-of-Life Care — There are many more goods and services available for dogs as they age and die away. Some instances include medical treatment for terminal illness pets, pet cemetery and cremation, and bereavement counseling.
  • Availability — Luxury pet meals and other items are being added to mass merchants, grocery shops, and even dollar stores, making them available at many more points of circulation than ever before.

With a lot of advantages and potential points in this niche, affiliate marketing will be the best way to promote pet products. Why am I saying that the answers will be in the next paraphrase of this article.

2. How to Increase Pet Supplies Affiliate Recruitment 

According to a study of YPulse, 76% of 20-38 years olds have a pet, 7% of Millennials say that they have adopted a pet during COVID-19 to have company during quarantines, which means that there are millions of new pet-owners in this generation as well. Most of them said that their pets are much more like animals and they have treated them as their kids.

The target customers here are more visual with these statistics above, and more than that, 93% of millennials use a smartphone, and 63% purchase via their phone. Thereby, the influencers will be the most appropriate to approach pet’s niche customers – the Millennials. 

The influencer space has expanded from sport, jewelry, and appliances to pets. So how could you find and raise affiliate’ pet care niches for your brands? Let’s go through it together! 

2.1 Turn Customers into Affiliates

Customers give a real perspective and support for your company, advocating it in ways which marketing communication cannot.

Word-of-mouth is trusted by 92 percent of worldwide customers more than other types of promotion.

There are no advertisements, tricks, or catchphrases that make prospective customers feel pressured to buy. Instead, it is someone explaining why they chose to invest in your company and why others should as well.

Customers may promote your business by discussing their insights, such as how your products treat their pets, what they loved about it, and how they felt overall.

Customers that are pleased with their purchases become excellent affiliates. Customer service is critical for retaining consumers, with 54% stating that it influences their purchase decisions.

Customers who are pleased with their purchase are more inclined to tell others about it, especially if they are encouraged.

You may use a variety of techniques to convert your customers into affiliates, such as designing and distributing campaigns with sign-up perks and offers to entice them to join.

However, you may rapidly convert customers to affiliates by using the UpPromote Post-Purchase Popup feature, which is a simple affiliate recruitment technique.

Go to Grow Affiliates Tools > Convert Customers to Affiliates from the UpPromote Dashboard. When you choose Active, the function is ready to go.


You can arrange the popup to appear once or several times and direct them to the appropriate apps based on your settings.

2.2 Social Media

Many individuals like posting pictures of their pets on social media. And that makes sense; then again, we enjoy our beloved pets. Of course, they’re also ideal for anyone wishing to expand the reach of their business or internet presence.

In general, 65% of dog breeders post regarding their furry buddies on social media two or three times each week.

Also, through social media, posting pictures is not only about sharing cute moments but also, is a place to rescue or find a home for these animals, thereby, it can touch the user’s heart and their emotion. 

Therefore, social media is the best place to find and raise the pet supplies affiliate recruitment to help you out and solve your promoted products’ problems in your pet brands. Let’s go through some of the most effective. 


One of the most powerful social media nowadays with 500 million daily active users accessing the Instagram app globally, Instagram is the most popular platform to promote and gain your pet supplies affiliate recruitment. 

To start in gaining pet supplies affiliate recruitment, you can start with finding posts on Instagram by Hashtags. There are more than 12 million posts about Pet Lovers which are very helpful for you to increase your pet supplies affiliate recruitment. 

There are some very familiar hashtags on Instagram that you can use to find influencers for your pet brands, included: 


































The influencers on the pet niches are a little bit different than normal. It is actual animals who have their owners as social media managers, posting for them and even making money per post for whatever they sponsor or advertise.

Despite clear communication differences, prominent pet influencers have engagement rates, endorsements, and audience following on social media that are comparable to their human influencer counterparts. These animal influencers have the rare capacity to attract animal lovers of all ages—and soften their hearts—with the support of dedicated parents.

Some of the top pet supplies affiliate recruitment such as: 

  • JIFF POM – 8.9M Followers 
  • NALA THE CAT – 3.7M Followers 
  • DOUG THE PUG – 3.6M Followers 
  • JUNIPER THE FOX – 2.5M Followers

Above it is the top 5 popular pet supplies affiliate recruitment that may get advantages for your pet brands in promoting pet products. 

On the other hand, you also should not ignore the micro-influencers which have fewer followers than the top popular ones. The micro pet supplies affiliate recruitment have their power, especially the ones that gain from zero. 

The smaller the community that follows them, the more information that is transferred directly to their followers. Some of the micro-influencers that you should follow and put attention to are: 

  • BORIS THE CHAMELEON – 66K Followers
  • WILLIE CUTE – 58K Followers
  • TITO THE RACCOON – 55K Followers

Chose the affiliates wisely and give them attention by commenting on their Instagram post or directly messaging them, they will handle the rest of the process which promotes your products to their community. 

One of the most simple ways to increase pet supplies affiliate recruitment for any merchants was using Google search. Use search keywords ‘pet love community Instagram influencers’ or ‘top pet lover influencers’ to search for your pet’s brands. 


One interesting note for all merchants thatGen Z nowadays uses Tiktok more than Instagrams or Facebook, Twitter. Over half of Gen Z consumers are now on TikTok. This is absolutely a social platform for the next generation. For all merchants who want to expand the pet supplies affiliate recruitment, you should not ignore the potential of this platform.  


Compared  2 million posts with the Dogs hashtags in particular and nearly 1 million posts with Pet hashtags in Facebook, there are more than 680 million views about pet’s product videos on Tiktok, and more than 36 billion views about only with hashtag pet which are the mined gold for anyone who wants to promote their pet’s products 

There is some very attractive hashtag that attracts viewers on Tiktok, including: 













Additionally, you can look for more pet’s popular hashtags on Tiktok here to increase your pet supplies affiliate recruitment. 

One note for all merchants looking for affiliates on Tiktok is that when you’ve seen the affiliate’s video, share them directly into your social platform, it could be more effective than messaging them. 

2.3 Affiliates Marketplace

You can easily join any Affiliate Marketplace, such as UpPromote Marketplace. There is a significant probability that affiliates will come to you rather than you seeking out them.

The most major benefit of joining such networks is that their decades of expertise and skill may help you guide your affiliate marketing on the proper path. You may contact their support team directly or visit their knowledge base.

You merely need to filter the Pet Supplies in Categories in UpPromote Marketplace to discover the targeting partners.

Final Thought

The goal is to guarantee that your affiliates are knowledgeable about the pet industry and can create high-quality leads for you. It is significantly preferable to focus your efforts on a limited number of key affiliates instead of a huge number of affiliates that may have a large following but fail.

Are you prepared to identify the greatest affiliates for your company? Remember to select affiliates that have a similar targeted audience to yours, develop a rigorous registration procedure, and properly examine each possible affiliate.

Some affiliate management systems may also assist you in managing affiliate recruiting, helping you to establish a high-quality affiliate network. If you want to get started quickly and easily, get started with UpPromote now.

You can acquire top-tier affiliates in a variety of sectors on UpPromote Marketplace, manage your affiliate crew at your disposal, and quickly monitor and assess their production. UpPromote is an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution.

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