How to Write a Friendly Affiliate Marketing Email to Customers

Affiliate Marketing Email is the critical connection sector in the affiliate campaign for all affiliates in every niche. But, as we can see, there are still a lot of affiliates who have made mistakes when writing an affiliate marketing email. 

Understanding these issues, in the following articles below, we’d like to discuss and share some information about writing a close affiliate marketing email. 

Enjoy the articles, and let’s write together some great affiliate marketing emails!

1. Common Affiliate Marketing Email Mistakes

Before doing something news, let’s look at some widespread mistakes when affiliates do affiliate marketing emails. 

1.1 Not Gathering Customer Emails From the Start

Affiliate marketers must have an effective email marketing plan. It allows you to establish a real connection with your readers while also providing you with a fully prepared list of possible prospects. Putting off this component until you’re already up and going is a bad idea.

While acquiring consumer emails may appear challenging initially, causing many to ignore it instead of focusing on other aspects, it does not have to be!

Implementing email opt-ins on your site, combined with the promise of something helpful – like a weekly newsletter, a free ebook, or a report to the reader – is a proven and tested technique. 

1.2 Choosing Quantity Over Quality

Many new affiliates keep phasing out content right away, with their main worry being the number of items in their archive.

Instead, the priority should be on quality.

One or two in-depth and valuable pieces per month that provide consumers with all of the information required to make a purchasing choice will eventually overcome a brief article nearly every day that will not do the brand respect.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to ensure high-quality content. For example, when brainstorming article ideas, always start with value, asking questions such as, “What value will this post give to my readers?”

One way to improve your quality content in an affiliate marketing email is following the email workflow of competitors. By doing this, you can compare yourself with your competitors, and furthermore, draws out strengths and weaknesses in the email in your affiliate marketing email.

1.3 Emotional Emailing 

For all new affiliates who want to show the kindest and friendly to customers through email with an emoji icon, it is a prevalent mistake that everyone made. 

Emojis have become an integral element of communicating with our friends and family. We don’t think twice about sending a smiling or a sad face to individuals we care about.

When you include a smiley emoji in a message, your recipient may not perceive you as more cheerful or hopeful. Instead, you may be delivering the message that you are not severe or capable.

According to Forber’s reports, researchers observed that including a happy face in a work email is generally a bad idea if you want your audience to perceive you as skilled. 

It might subtract from the recipient’s perspective of you and encourage less information sharing in return.

Thereby, putting emoji on your affiliate marketing email is a very unprofessional idea, and it might affect the open rate and the conversation of the whole campaign. Instead of giving your customers emotional emailing with emoji, try to get the content in professional and straightforward ways. 

In the following parts of our articles, let’s discuss some ways to make your affiliate marketing email stand out from competitors. 

2. Create An Affiliate Marketing Email Standout 

2.1 Gathering An Email List of Interested Subscribers

You should not send emails to anyone to market your products. You can’t sell to someone not interested in what you have to offer!

It would be best if you start by determining who your primary demographic is by questioning yourself the following questions:

  • Who should I send these emails to?
  • What can I do to find potential customers?
  • Is my offer relevant to them?
  • Does the product that I’m promoting benefit their businesses in any way?

As soon as you have a good idea of who your target audience is, you can start establishing a list of subscribers that fit your criteria. 

Whatever way you use, make sure it isn’t overcomplicated so that others aren’t put off from joining your list! Alternatively, they may become dissatisfied and quit, which is unhelpful if you attempt to grow your email list.

Once you have a good list of consumers engaged in what you are promoting, it is faster for them to believe that they desire the product or service since they understand who is emailing and why.

2.2 Create A Plan For The Sequencing and Regularity Of Your Affiliate Marketing Email

A range of different methods is used in an affiliate marketing email campaign. A highly effective strategy is to send sequencing messages until your goal is met.

This strategy not only makes you appear more respectable, but it also emphasizes the necessity of understanding something you have to say instead of simply comparing offers.

Prepare the email chain you’ll deliver to your potential and current clients. Creating an email marketing sequence is sending emails at various points throughout the sales funnel. It is feasible to strengthen client relationships by distributing the right content to the right audience at the right time. 

Another vital issue is the frequency with which you send emails. A subscriber should never get more than three or four emails in a row, mainly if they haven’t purchased anything. Sending too many promotional emails in a row may harm your sales and drive your subscribers to unsubscribe.

2.3 Use A Professional Email Address To Send Affiliate Marketing Email

Sending affiliate marketing emails from a free address is not a good idea! People are far more inclined to open an email if it seems professional and does not come from an unknown source.

A personalized, professional email address should send it to make your affiliate marketing efforts appear more genuine and professional, which is precisely what you want for this type of outreach!

If you truly want to wow customers with your product offering, free providers such as Gmail and Yahoo may not be the ideal choice. Use or to make your marketing emails appear severe and trustworthy

3. Tips to Write a Friendly Affiliate Marketing Email

3.1 Get Use Of Email Template That Straightforward and Precise

It is critical to provide all required information to pique people’s interest in what you are presenting. Having a template with too much content will hurt your campaign rather than help it because people today don’t want to take the time to read it all. 

Try to shorten your message till you can clarify it. Most individuals will only read the first two or three sentences of your email before deciding whether or not to click the link and purchase one of your products!

Use appealing subheadings, headers, and bullets as needed to assist the email recipient in swiftly scanning your email message and reading it further if it interests them.

Also, remember to provide a hyperlink to your official site or product site with the words and phrases that you believe require more explanation.

One important note is that you only communicate your message to your reader if they can read it correctly and without hesitation. Choose one or two colors for your email content that are tidy and clear for people to read on any electronic device.

We strongly advise using a font text size of 14-16 px and a font type that complements your message content and corporate brand. Popular fonts include Calibri, Arial, Times Roman, Serif, Georgia, etc.

Creating the perfect email template can be challenging, but you should never give up! Make your emails easy to read and understand for your readers and visually appealing, and they will be more inclined to click through and purchase an affiliate product or service.

3.2 Create A Catchy Subject Line

Your affiliate email marketing campaign’s subject line might be “make or break.” It will almost definitely be the first thing your recipients notice when they open the email, and it is critical to encourage them to engage in your offer.

For a typical affiliate offer, a primary subject line like “Your favorite product” or something similar would find. Still, if you deliver advertising messages for a specific request, such as one relating to an event or sale, it should be significantly more catchy and unique!

Emails with exciting subject lines have a better open rate because they capture people’s attention and pique their interest in what’s within. Consumers avoid opening emails with unappealing, dull, or impersonal subject lines.

3.3 Use HTML Formatting Correctly and Included CTA Button

Make sure your formatting is simple because most users will not have images enabled, causing your email to show wrongly. Simple coding for your subject line and CTA should be used so that everything appears on all devices. 

Furthermore, you should ensure that your advertising message is easy to understand by your target audience to find the information they seek. 

Also, adding a CTA link to your affiliate marketing email will make a difference. Any CTAs must be clear and direct. Make it clear to your readers what they should do next. 

The language should be simple to read, such as “Click here” or “Get started now.” It can also be beneficial to offer a reward if you click on it immediately away, which encourages immediate clicks, leading to quick results.

A compelling call to action should be short, straightforward, and impactful. If individuals click on something, they should know what they are getting themselves into. 

Your CTA must be clear enough and include sufficient knowledge to understand any questions about what’s in the email.


This concludes our discussion and advice on how to send a good affiliate marketing email. If you’re seeking an easy and comprehensive Affiliate app, check out UpPromote Affiliate right now!

In addition, we have taken careful note of the 2022 eCommerce calendar in general, as well as the eCommerce holiday calendar in March in particular.

Wishing all merchants and affiliates success in 2022!

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