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How to recruit affiliates for beauty brands like a pro?

The chance for explosive earnings of beauty brands is already promising if you’re running an affiliate program. However, you’ve faced up with the first challenge: finding affiliates to promote your beauty online store. To help you ...

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The chance for explosive earnings of beauty brands is already promising if you’re running an affiliate program. However, you’ve faced up with the first challenge: finding affiliates to promote your beauty online store. To help you out, this article will offer 7 methods you can use to recruit affiliates for beauty brands like a pro.

Let’s get it!

7 ways to recruit affiliates for beauty brands

Convert customers into affiliates

Your customer base is a wonderful place to start when it comes to recruiting affiliate partners for your beauty program.

Customers don’t need celebrity status to spread the word about your business. Word-of-mouth referrals via social media or even to friends and family can be just as effective. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than advertising.

So that, by inviting existing customers to your affiliate networks, you’re learning about the right beauty partner benefiting both parties. 

Looking for an automatic tool to turn your customers into affiliates? Yes, you can easily convert them into affiliates with UpPromote’s Post-purchase Popup. After your customers finished their orders at the checkout, there would be a popup inviting them to join your affiliate program. You can easily manage them at your fingertips with the UpPromote system too.

Approach beauty Influencers

Influencers are the greatest affiliates you’ve worked with. They help spread the word about your beauty brands and acquire more customers. However, how could you find the ones truly matching your brand?

Where can you locate beauty-specific hubs of activity? How to search for those affiliates? The below part will reveal mind-blowing ways to hit them on. 

Find influencers using Google

Google is one of the most powerful SERPS that you can use to find niche influencers. Here are some tips to make your searching potentials effective, less time-consuming, and targeted when it comes to recruiting new affiliates on Google.

  • Keyword searching

There’s no better way to start than to leverage keywords to find influencers on Google.

However, you’d better know that it’s no use searching for too general keywords causing no targeted influencers searches for your beauty brands.

Here’s a list of adjective keywords to use if you’re operating a cost-effective natural cosmetics business that uses only organic components and uses sustainable (2021 eCommerce trends) packaging:

(beyond) natural, organic, fresh

eco-friendly, sustainable, environmental-friendly

inspiring, empowering

Then, when looking for influencers in the SERPs, you can use some of these characteristics as keywords. For example, searching for ‘new organic beauty influencers’ can yield a myriad of excellent results.

Find influencers using Google: keyword searching
Find influencers using Google: keyword searching

If you feel the search results don’t meet your expectations. You can take advantage of Google search operators to make your search more focused, increasing the likelihood of getting the results you desire.

  • Leverage search operators
Operator Purpose Example Search
“  ” Ensure that each result has the precise phrase (not just synonyms) inside the quote marks “Organic beauty” influencers
OR (all caps) Show results for one or both search terms (these two operators are interchangeable) organic OR natural beauty influencers
( ) Organize your search words into groups and manage how Google searches (organic OR natural) natural beauty influencer
Remove it from the search if you don’t want to see results for a keyword with a dash before it Organic beauty -instagram
site: Only display search results from web pages hosted on a single website. site:instagram.com natural beauty influencers


  • Adjust settings: Change region

In case you want to work with influencers in your location or any place, you can switch to the region you would like to find your affiliates.

Go to Settings (in the right-bottom corner of Google search) > Choose Search Settings > Scroll down to Region Settings and choose the place you want.

Adjust settings: Change region
Adjust settings: Change region


  • Run advertising campaigns

If you have more money to spend, you can use your advertising expenditures wisely to expand your affiliate network with Google Adwords.

After building the keyword describing your beauty brands, also searching for the keywords that people in the field are looking for. Google Webmaster Tools is a wonderful method to identify the searches that are already driving traffic to your site. Then add the terms “affiliate” or “affiliate program” to such keywords.

Focusing on the landing page too. Your AdWords ad will bring people to your site, but your landing page has to convert them. Present a clear offer, a list of your terms and conditions, and your brand’s voice.

Find Instagram influencers

  • Use hashtags

Instagram Hashtags are a powerful feature that you could find your inspiring partners. Here is a comprehensive list of popular beauty hashtags which gives you a hand identifying potential influencers.


General Beauty #beauty












Natural Beauty #natural












Hair #hair












Makeup #makeup












Skincare #skincare













  • Suggested sections

Use Instagram’s “Suggested” tool to find comparable influencers.

#1 Go to the Instagram account of your desired influencer.

#2 Next to “Follow” (then click the “Arrow” button)

#3 Instagram will recommend profiles that are comparable to the profile of your ideal beauty influencer. The suggested profiles may be seen above their Instagram post.

#4 Select “See All” to view all of Instagram’s suggested profiles.

Find Instagram influencers: Suggested sections
Find Instagram influencers: Suggested sections


  • Location

Finding influencers in a given region might be challenging with this technique. Even if they don’t reside there, many Instagram users use tags, especially while they are on vacation.

#1 Type a location in the Instagram search bar.

#2 Browse the profiles that included the “Location” tag.

If you come across those with more than 200 likes, you’re probably looking at influencers with a large following.

Click on their profile name to check out their profiles in detail.

Find Instagram influencers: Suggested locations
Find Instagram influencers: Suggested locations

Youtube reviewers

YouTube is particularly useful for finding influencers that provide product reviews.

  • Using keywords

Using keywords to search for the most popular videos and channels on YouTube might help you find the most relevant content for your beauty brand. Look into long-tail beauty keywords (that you’ve found before) to restrict your search even further and locate influencers that have a lot of followers but aren’t too expensive to deal with.

Another advantage of identifying YouTube influencers is that they seldom live just on YouTube. If you identify a solid YouTube influencer, they may also have a blog or Instagram account where you can advertise your brand.

  • Tools to find influencers

If keywords do not help you filter them, you can use social media platforms like Social Baker to find and manage Youtube influencers.

All you need to do is filling information about Region and Interest, the tool will generate influencers with over 100,000 followers with their details profile. However, you may need to upgrade to use all features and be able to contact influencers.

Tools to find influencers
Tools to find influencers

So, you can filter out many influencers with different subscribers. There’s no need to focus on influencers with large subscribers, those with modest ones could be beneficial too if your brand does not have a large budget.

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Dedicated solutions

Many powerful devoted affiliate solutions bring together multiple affiliate partners helping you speed up the affiliate recruitment process.

UpPromote Marketplace is where to help you make things possible. All you need to do is to have a Shopify website and Add UpPromote to your store. Then you can enter the Marketplace to explore top-notch affiliates.

Two ways you can do to find affiliates for your beauty brands on UpPromote Marketplace:

Showcasing your beauty affiliate program on the Marketplace so that affiliates can find if they are qualified to apply to your program.

Many merchants may prefer the second one, proactively find your potential partners. In this way, you’ll be provided access to a list of affiliate profiles from which you can select the ideal affiliates to invite directly to join your affiliate program.

Go to UpPromote Marketplace > Find affiliates > Filter Industry. It will show a wide selection of potential partners related to the Beauty & Heath Industry including their brief bios, industry involvement, language/ location, and social media outlets showcasing, for example, their Instagram or TikTok followers.

Recruit affiliates for beauty brands with UpPromote Marketplace
Recruit affiliates for beauty brands with UpPromote Marketplace

Coupon sites

These coupon and deal sites would become your affiliates by promoting your promotion codes on their websites, customers would then apply the code they found on the sites at your store’s checkout, and the sites would be compensated while you converted a large number of customers.

Customers are continuously enthralled by coupon discounts, therefore they frequent these websites and select the best deals. RetailMeNot, Offer.com, BradDeals are highly recommended. These websites are divided into many categories that you can look into.

Coupon sites
Coupon sites

So if you collaborate with them, your beauty brand’s coupon deals will be listed on the Health & Beauty section.

Beauty products review/ comparing sites

Many beauty businesses have discovered substantial benefits in collaborating with product comparison and review sites. Many customers, particularly those seeking skincare and beauty items, conduct extensive research on specific items from a variety of companies before making an online purchase.

As a result, beauty brands can benefit from partnering with product comparison and review sites to attract clients seeking their goods.

Consider working with sites having topical and the most related-to-brand articles concerned with beauty trends and ideas which increases the chance of customers’ reach to your beauty brand.

Use existing affiliates to recruit affiliates for beauty brands

Using your existing affiliates to promote your affiliate program and attract new affiliates is a wonderful method to recruit new affiliates. You can accomplish this by offering incentives to your current affiliates in exchange for bringing in new affiliates to the program.

You can utilize a multi-level network, allowing you to build up multiple tiers of affiliates, each with a different compensation rate. Downline affiliates can then be recruited by upline or current affiliates. The upline affiliate is rewarded by the multi-level network by receiving a percentage of each sale made by the downline affiliate. 

UpPromote MLM feature gives you a hand to make things easier under your control. Each affiliate can invite or recruit unlimited distributors and their network commission will be calculated on either program commission or total sale with the percentage set by the merchant.

Beauty groups

Groups including Facebook or Linkedin groups, Reddit pages are one of the most active places with many like-minded beauty lovers, meaning it’s a great source of new and potential affiliates as well as customers.

Beauty product-centric or affiliate-centric groups are the ones you’re looking for. When you’ve found the people you want to attract, contact them to develop a connection before telling them about your affiliate program.

Facebook groups are more highly focused and have less restrictive rules than other groups so you can recruit affiliates easier.

Some of the best beauty Facebook groups you can consider include Into The Gloss: The Group, Korean Beauty and Skincare, The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room, Caroline Hirons Skincare Freaks.

Beauty groups
Beauty groups

Tips to attract affiliates for your beauty brands

High-quality, genuine products

To attract worthwhile affiliates, you have to convince them that your product is deserving of their attention. As a result, having high-quality, genuine products are a must.

Provide a fully fleshed-out beauty product that is of actual value to the general audience. Then show your potential partners how valuable your products are.

Have a professional website

The first thing publishers are going to check is whether or not you’re the real deal. That means you need a professional beauty product website, high-quality images, and a flawless user experience.

Investments like a professional web design theme, intuitive shopping cart features, and secure payment processing will make your business attractive to publishers and buyers alike for your beauty business.

Protip: Don’t forget to include an affiliate landing page on your website making it easier for potential partners to join your affiliate program.

Create an easy-to-find affiliate landing page
Create an easy-to-find affiliate landing page

Offer a fair commission for affiliates

A fair commission rate will make more sense than a lucrative one, the typical affiliate commission rate should be between 5% and 30%.

You need to consider which factors affect your commission rate including your beauty product cost, the beauty industry, (as usual, beauty affiliate commissions range from 15 to 20%), customer lifetime value. 

Then you can make final estimates of the correct commission rate for your items or brands once you’ve considered and assessed all of the criteria stated above.

See this guide to look deeper into proper commission rate calculation for your affiliate campaign.

Show off your success stories

A perfect way to convince affiliates to join your affiliate program is by showing a real-world example of others successfully moving to affiliate partnerships before making the leap. 

Interview your satisfied affiliates about their experience and how simple it was for them to become an affiliate. The more success stories you can post on your website, the more likely more dominoes will fall.

Wrapping up

Recruiting outstanding affiliates is crucial to the success of your program, and we’re always here to help! Check out our blog for additional ideas on affiliate industry recruitment, and affiliate management.

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