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How TréSkin’s Embrace of Affiliate Marketing is Accelerating Sales

TréSkin, a USA top-favored organic beauty & health brand, works with UpPromote to offer affiliate opportunities for those who wish to help them spread the word and expand their reach to their new audiences. With UpPromote’s ...

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How TréSkin's embrace of affiliate marketing is accelerating sales

TréSkin, a USA top-favored organic beauty & health brand, works with UpPromote to offer affiliate opportunities for those who wish to help them spread the word and expand their reach to their new audiences.

With UpPromote’s easy-to-use solution keeping their affiliate enrollment, management, tracking, and payment process, TréSkin saw an outstanding total of $120,000+ in affiliate revenue since first launching their affiliate program in August 2022.

Getting to work with UpPromote to design and develop our affiliate opportunity has been an amazing experience. We really feel like their team is part of our team and cares for our success!” – Kiel Tredrea, TréSkin Chief Creative Officer.

An Organic Beauty Brand Goes Big

TréSkin, a USA-based organic beauty brand, manufacturing and selling advanced skincare based with Medical-Grade/100% Certified USDA Organic Aloe Vera, is endorsed by many loyal customers across the country.

After discovering affiliate marketing’s potential to reach a broader audience and provide cost-and risk-free insurance, the company began to take affiliate marketing more seriously as a part of their business tactic in late 2022.

When TréSkin began, they knew the need to discover a strategy for growing their market and getting more people to use their goods. They could have run advertising or engaged in other forms of conventional marketing, but they decided that collaborating with affiliates would be the best way.

Affiliates promote the brand in return for a cut of each sale they bring in. While assisting in promoting TréSkin, the affiliates gain some financial benefit. Additionally, TréSkin can grow its customer base without investing significantly in marketing. It’s a win-win!

Kiel Tredrea TréSkin Chief Creative Officer
Kiel Tredrea TréSkin Chief Creative Officer

“We chose to add an affiliate marketing channel to our business model because of how easy it is to share our products & reward our Affiliate Partners with big commissions.”

Their first success was launching a completely flawless omnichannel platform for clients and affiliates across various channels including their website, Amazon, social media, and Google Shopping.

The company rapidly came up with a novel strategy for streamlining clients’ purchasing experiences. They credit a large part of their success to always prioritizing the needs of their partners and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Expand Their Network Reach Further

Affiliate marketing can be a fantastic way to promote products/services. It may, however, also be a way for you to blow past your budget if you are not careful. That’s why the brand is always looking for new and creative ways to expand their affiliate network.

TréSkin’s decision to grow their affiliate team is a smart one. They offer both public and private/invite-only programs. By partnering with people who are already well-connected in their respective fields, TréSkin is able to expand their reach and create new, loyal customers through the referrals of their Affiliate Partner Community.

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TréSkin recruits their affiliate partners on UpPromote Marketplace, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin), and 3rd-party apps to explore a community of partners.

A Lucrative-Driven Ambassador Strategy

TréSkin’s industry-leading commissions are made possible by the ability to custom-tailor programs for different-level affiliates. This allows them to create offers that best fit the needs of their partners while also providing the highest possible payouts.

TréSkin can attract some of the best affiliates in the industry by offering such high commissions. In turn, their affiliates can generate significant sales for TréSkin. This virtuous cycle is one of the key reasons why TréSkin is growing stronger.

They also appreciate Affiliate Partners and everything they do to help TréSkin build their brand. That’s why they offer lucrative commission rates on their two most popular skin care collections, CORE 4 and SUPER 6.

“With these collections ranging from $175-$299, our Affiliate Partners can earn some serious commissions! And because we pay 100% dollar-for-dollar on sales, they can rest assured that they’re getting the highest commission possible. So, if you’re looking to maximize your earnings potential, be sure to partner with TréSkin! We’ll take care of the rest.” – Kiel said.

Kiel Tredrea TréSkin Chief Creative Officer
Kiel Tredrea TréSkin Chief Creative Officer

TréSkin always puts their affiliates’ needs first, and they’re always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience. It’s a key to building a valuable relationship with affiliates.

For example, if an affiliate or influencer needs a specific program setup, they’ll be happy to do that case-by-case. This customization ensures that everyone involved in the process has a great experience.

The Right Affiliate Tools for the Job

Early in 2022, TréSkin joined UpPromote and benefited greatly from their clever strategies. The brand chose UpPromote because our top-recommended affiliate solution enables them to better plan and grow their affiliate opportunities.

They believe that we support their success and work as a team member. TréSkin is thrilled to have discovered the most outstanding solution from the beginning, thanks to our top-notch service, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive features! TréSkin is on pace to meet their affiliate targets and keep expanding their business thanks to UpPromote.

With the help of the UpPromote Marketplace’s readily searchable influencer/affiliate directory, tracking methods, and affiliate management system, TréSkin can swiftly find new partners, onboard them, track their success, grow its network, and create a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

Join TréSkin Affiliate Program

Join TréSkin Affiliate Program

If you are a talented affiliate marketer and looking for a unique program promoting world-class skincare & body wellness products, join TréSkin Professional Program!

This exciting invite-only program pays 30% first-purchase commissions plus a 10% discount code to share with your audience.


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