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How to Find Affiliates: Ultimate Guide for Any Business

How to Find Affiliates: Ultimate Guide for Any Business

Since it’s a more cost-effective and low-risk strategy, you’ve switched to affiliate marketing to attract prospective customers to your eCommerce store. Then you decide to launch an affiliate program but don’t know how to recruit affiliates to market your products. Understanding that, UpPromote has decided to aggregate and classify the affiliate recruitment series to help eCommerce merchants learn more about tips, tricks,…

Best ways to find influencers on Instagram for any industry

Best ways to find influencers on Instagram for any industry

People are spending time like crazy on Instagram. Finding affiliates here would be easy and pay off well in the long run. When it comes to Instagram affiliate marketing, you form partnerships with people who have a large following, sometimes known as influencers, and pay them for effectively advertising your product/service. In this article, you’ll explore the best ways to find influencers…

4 Quick Steps to Build an Online Store: eCommerce for dummies

4 Quick Steps to Build an Online Store for Dummies

Over the past few years, eCommerce has rapidly grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, with millions of people shopping online daily. Despite its potential, many beginners find it challenging to start an eCommerce business due to the complexity of the online marketplace. However, creating an eCommerce store can be worth experiencing and a profitable venture with the right approach and understanding of…

Remove Shipping Calculated At Shopify Checkout: Problem Solved!

Remove Shipping Calculated at Checkout Shopify blog post by uppromote

As shoppers about to complete their online orders on a Shopify store, they might see a notification about shipping calculated at checkout. But what if your merchant has included all relevant fees before checkout or offers free shipping? Consequently, this message will confuse customers and make them assume they are doing something wrong, resulting in a high cart abandonment rate afterward. Knowing…

Ecommerce SEO Checklist for Category Pages to Rank Higher

Ecommerce SEO Checklist for Category Pages to Rank Higher

Did you know that more than 50% of all website traffic comes from organic search? That’s why e-commerce brands need a high search engine ranking. Optimizing your category pages is one efficient way to improve your search engine ranking. This blog offers an eCommerce SEO checklist for category pages to boost your ranking and online visibility. Follow along with our guide to…

Best Ecommerce Tracking App Elevating Your Logistic & Inventory Management

5 eCommerce tracking apps to optimize logistics and inventory management

As an online seller, you have probably heard of using tracking software to manage store logistics and inventory, such as Shopify Analytics or Google Analytics. This system is proven to optimize your merchandise management process and significantly benefit your business. With the assistance of this innovative tool, you can have complete control of your eCommerce inventory and logistics effectively. Look at this…

A Comprehensive Facebook Ecommerce Strategy Guideline For Beginners

Facebook Ecommerce Strategies for Beginners

Facebook eCommerce strategy is an essential part of any online business. With over 2.96 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing channels available. As such, eCommerce brands of all sizes can benefit from developing a comprehensive Facebook strategy and leveraging this powerful platform to reach new customers. This guideline will help eCommerce beginners establish an effective…

How to Organize Products on Shopify Like A Pro?

How to Organize Products on Shopify Like A Pro?

As an online retailer, your Shopify store is the virtual storefront that welcomes customers worldwide. When arranging your Shopify products, ensuring that your shop is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing is critical. In this post, we’ll look at the best tips on how to organize and sort products on Shopify with wizard-like precision, ensuring that your Shopify store is in great…

5 Best Practices Fraud Prevention for your Ecommerce store

Best Practices Fraud Prevention for your Ecommerce Store

As the online shopping industry has risen remarkably in recent years, the risk of being scammed on eCommerce platforms also increases. It is reported that the global eCommerce industry lost approximately $41 billion to online payment fraud in 2022 alone, and this figure will continue to grow in 2023. Considering how dangerous it may get for opportunistic fraudsters to roam around and…

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