Benefits Of Shopify Plus: Set Your Online Store For Success

According to statistics, In Q4 2022, Shopify Plus usage increased by 18% year-over-year and is becoming one of the trending e-commerce products in 2023. So what are Shopify plus benefits?

How can it aid in the expansion of your company? We examine the main characteristics and benefits and decide whether investing is worthwhile.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an e-commerce platform for companies with high volume and quick consumption. It is currently the preferred option for companies or newly developing brands and shops. Some well-known brands, including Kylie Cosmetics, GymShark, Red Bull, and BuzzFeed News, use Shopify Plus.

shopify plus example store
Shopify Plus example store

According to its description, Shopify Plus has a variety of remarkable capabilities that can help you swiftly scale your store. They concentrate on assisting you in expanding your market, better-integrating business operations, and budget optimization.

Highlight Features You Get by Upgrading to Shopify Plus

You can access eCommerce platform capability not available through normal Shopify if you apply your platform to Shopify Plus.

  • API resources: Only Shopify-Plus capabilities are available to Shopify Plus. To automate product listing, they are Gift Card, Multipass, and User for REST, and they publish and unpublish scripts in GraphQL.
  • Specialized applications and channels: Enjoy the Wholesale channel for B2B sales, Launchpad for traffic and product optimization, the Script Editor for modifying code and functionality, and more.
  • API resources: Shopify Plus members have unique Shopify-Plus features only. They are Gift Card, Multipass, and User for REST, and they publish and unpublish scripts in GraphQL to automate product listing.
  • Specialized applications and channels: Enjoy the Wholesale channel for B2B sales, Launchpad for traffic and product optimization, Script Editor for code and functionality customization, and more.
  • Custom payments: You may develop a checkout page to raise brand awareness while providing customers with the payment alternatives they’ve become accustomed to using a checkout fluid design file.
  • Support for the launch group: Shopify Plus members are given access to a team that provides setup, migration, online deployment, and strategy assistance. 
  • Unlimited staff accounts: With Shopify Plus, you get unlimited staff accounts and can acquire other Shopify options.
  • Managing permissions: Some users have different access levels or authority to carry out specific tasks. You can grant collaborators, partners, and admins different access levels depending on whether the permissions are site-wide or per-app in Shopify Plus.
  •  Up to 100 unique themes and 9 free shop extensions: Shopify Plus helps you if you want to go global and operate your company with various themes in various physical locations.
  • Shopify POS Pro: Advanced inventory management, daily sales reporting from all locations, local pickup and delivery, sales allocation, and all the features are available with POS Pro. Customers of Shopify POS Lite can access the standard.
  • Shopify Plus Academy: You can utilize the skills and strategies in this self-guided training library to expand your business.

Benefits of Shopify Plus

There are numerous aspects to consider in managing and sustaining business growth. Is there a tool that enables several teams to independently and centrally manage their work to boost management and increase sales? The complete set of utilities is available with Shopify Plus.

Benefits of Shopify Plus
Many perks once you upgrade to Shopify’s highest plan

These are the primary Shopify Plus benefits available to members of this platform.

Exclusive Customization 

Shopify currently offers a website with top sophistication and sharpness. You do not need to research or cost any extra cost; all the designed websites. After that, your job is to customize the theme as desired. 

However, Shopify Plus helps your brand to increase its monopoly by providing a unique design and allows you to edit them through CSS and complete JavaScript control. With this feature, in addition to customization, you can freely create and combine optimized encouragement techniques, including in the payment section of your site.

Adjusting your payment, you can adjust the interface and function, such as a one-click payment, adding coupon code, and other marketing tools. In addition, you can perform an A/B test to see which topic works better with your target audience.

Staff account is unlimited

The more your company grows, the more people you’ll have to hire for your team. Therefore, having access to an endless number of employees might be a significant factor in a large-scale corporation or enterprise.

no short on staff member accounts

Through staff accounts, store owners can assign specific duties to employees, such as adding/removing products, updating prices, and managing orders. Then Shopify Plus features tools that enable business owners to set up distinct staff accounts and grant them individual access rights.  Shopify Plus will track all employees’ activities. , review the performance, and improve the work process.

Sell across different platforms

Increasing the scope of access and marketing is essential to maximize profits. This will become easier when your item appears on many different platforms.

But is the multi-platform sales and managing them at a time? But Shopify Plus has all handles. E-commerce sales channels such as Esty, eBay, Amazon – Shopify Plus have insurance.

It provides multi-platform integration to market your product. This means you can manage each separately for each platform while holding it on the same platform and managing everything from behind.

This provides more considerable management control and opportunities for intensive multi-platform analysis and adjustment.

Shopify flow

This is an exclusive feature only on Shopify Plus – an urgent feature many businesses need to create a unique, expandable store. Shopify Flow helps automate the working process, saves time, reduces the risk of human errors, and allows many tasks to be performed simultaneously in the background.

shopify flow

That provides pre-built working processes ready to set up and your writing ability based on specifications. Here are the work processes you can automate with Shopify Flow:

  • Buy tracking
  • Email sequence
  • Customer segment
  • Product recommendation by the algorithm

Optimized traffic processing

During the peak season or times during the launch of a marketing campaign or SALE OFF (Black Friday or Christmas), traffic to your website can spike. While Shopify Plus offers unlimited bandwidth to anticipate this, it also provides a tool to help you manage more optimally.

With Shopify Plus powered by Launchpad, you can handle traffic spikes with new product launches, make bulk changes to your store, and:

  • Schedule multiple events in advance in detail, from themes to displaying special prices depending on location
  • Change your Store Key visibility
  • Set up a captcha to fight bots
  • Manage scripts for up-selling or cross-selling

And the best part is that you can do this optimization in real-time from a single table.

Successful management

General Management

Shopify Plus gives you specialized left-hand in-store management in all aspects. This assistant can assist you in setting up various types of discounts, from gift giving, percentage off, pricing or bundled products, and more. 

Shopify Plus permission allows you to assign level-based permissions to your collaborators, partners, and admins, website-wide or app-by-app.

Plus, you’re empowered with more setup with Shopify Plus. You can access and edit custom scripts. This helps you optimize the process of managing custom scripts to your liking. You’ll also receive regular updates on new Shopify Plus features via personalized emails and phone calls, especially regarding time-sensitive issues.

Wholesale management

Wholesaling and retailing need different strategies and needs, so effective separation of management is what businesses want. Shopify Plus supports running a wholesale store “separately” from a designated account with features needed for a B2B business, like custom quotes, shipping and delivery setup, and more. Shopify Plus offers different admin panels to separate them when managing your stores efficiently.

Is Shopify Plus worth it?

If you’re wondering whether to switch to Shopify Plus, it’s essential to understand your business needs, growth potential, and budget. Here are some things to consider if you’re debating whether or not you need to upgrade to Shopify Plus:

Has your business revenue reached seven digits?

=> After you hit over $1 million in annual sales, it’s time to switch to Shopify Plus and Shopify.

According to revenue and cost-based calculation for Shopify, the extra features included with the proven, cost-effective platform package help you scale quickly and generate excellent ROI.

Are you planning to target the international market?

=> If you want to expand your customer reach, Shopify Plus has all the tools you need. You can create nine mirrored online stores in different languages and currencies at no extra cost.

Does Your Store Sell Wholesale?

=> If your business sells products wholesale, Shopify Plus has a wholesale channel that allows stores to reach B2B customers. You only integrate pre-existing customer and product data with 3PLs and other systems your business needs.

Are You Looking for a Customized Checkout Solution?

=> As mentioned earlier, Shopify Plus has many features that make it easy to customize the checkout process. You can access Shopify’s checkout.liquid file and change the appearance, shipping methods, and payment options on the checkout page. It will give you complete control over branding and functionality.

Who will immediately reap the benefits of Shopify Plus?

The audiences that are taking advantage of Shopify Plus often include:

  • Enterprise-level businesses
  • B2B companies
  • High-growth merchants
  • Luxury brands

Shopify Plus has been designed for businesses making millions of dollars. Besides the above benefits, Shopify Plus offers a great Seller Success Program, Shopify Plus Academy, Shopify organization administration, custom checkout, advanced apps, and more.

The cost of Shopify 1 month is not small ($2000USD/month), but if you’re a long-time player in the e-commerce field with an already-established brand, loyal clients, and stable income, then consider a Shopify upgrade makes sense as it’s a great tool to plan further growth.

Are you looking for an agency with Shopify Plus expertise? As Shopify partners, we work with brands on Shopify and Shopify Plus, leveraging our marketing skills to create the best e-commerce campaigns. Learn more about Shopify plus benefits and us to uncover the hidden potential in your business!

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