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We combine affiliate & referral marketing under a single solution to power your customer acquisition using assorted affiliates and your existing customers.

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Dynamic commission structure

Make your affiliate campaign both desirable and manageable with: 
   > Commission on flat rate/sales percentage/order value
   > Special product commission/coupon commissioning, etc.

Recruitment & Communication

Blend the affiliate initiatives with your branding effortlessly using:
   > Everything-can-be-edited affiliate registration form
   > White-label options: custom domain, customizable affiliate portal/ emails.


UpPromote is built with extensive features to help you make encouraging and attractive affiliate programs. 

Diverse recruitment methods

Expand your affiliate team directly & indirectly via: 
   > Converted loyal customers to affiliates 
   > Employed multi-level marketing network (MLM)
   > Trusted affiliate marketplace

Completed affiliate package

We help you broadcast recruitment messages through different channels and hold close communication with the potential prospects.

Branding-approved materials

Provide your affiliates beyond a single referral link: 
   > Custom coupon codes & custom/product referral links 
   > Highly-editorial images, copies, and videos

Enticing incentivized methods

Drive your team to achieve higher sales with: 
   > Affiliate gifts, bonuses, campaign-specific rewards
   > Lifetime commissions or auto-tier commissions

Empowerment & Motivation

Set your affiliates up for success with ready-to-use media and lucrative incentives.

All-inclusive management

Control every aspect of your affiliate program with advanced management options: 
   > One-by-one or automated referral sales approval
   > Manually or scheduled in-app affiliate payout
   > Country specified tax/invoice options

Automatic tracking system

Diverse tracking options with:
   > Referral link, coupon, product tracking with fraud protection
   > Detailed & insight-focused analytics


Grow and verify referral sales substantially with UpPromote’s comprehensive management system.

Mindful & effective communication 

Converse with your affiliate network using personalized approach:
   > Automatic emails with editable templates or bulk actions for  mass messages
   > In-app live chat for direct communication.

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