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About UpPromote

Build, Mange, Succeed with Affiliate & Referral Marketing


Our mission is to bring merchants’ businesses to as many people as possible. We focus on spreading products and brand’s unique stories through the potential of brand ambassadors’ voices.

UpPromote team provides tools that help merchants manage and expand their affiliate team, save time and effort, thus making your team the greatest possible, as well as turning users like you into the best affiliate managers.

Our core values

Our product development process focuses on the following five key criteria:


We prioritize preparing detailed instructions and guidelines to save users time. We’re confident that we are one of the easiest-to-use apps in the Shopify App Store.


The system is frequently reviewed to ensure everything is smooth, stable and reliable. Our professional team makes UpPromote the best affiliate solution.


Advanced technology and multiple tracking options help the system to accurately record and analyze data.


We constantly improve the system and update new features based on our users’ ever-expanding needs.


We provide options to customize the settings and appearances to match your brand look as well as meet your requirements.

Our team

We are a team of young Asian enthusiasts with the goal of maximizing the potential of affiliate marketing and helping businesses grow. We focus on Shopify merchants, optimizing and developing the system daily to serve their needs. Our team strives to be:






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