ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

Join the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program and earn commissions promoting a top-rated marketing automation platform. Unlock your passive income potential today!


20-30% Recurring


90 days



ActiveCampaign is the go-to SaaS platform for small-to-mid-sized businesses. It offers an attractive affiliate program that pays recurring commissions for referrals.

In this concise guide, we’ll navigate the ins and outs of the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program, revealing the secrets behind turning clicks into continuous cash flow. Let’s delve into it right now!

A Brief Overview of ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is your all-in-one solution for streamlined marketing and sales. This platform combines email marketing, automation, and CRM in a user-friendly package. You can create targeted email campaigns, automate workflows, and manage sales effortlessly.

ActiveCampaign is your tool for nurturing leads, automating follow-ups, and building customer relationships. Simplify your approach to customer engagement, optimizing marketing and sales in one place.

Overview of the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

ActiveCampaign affiliate program allows you to earn recurring commissions by promoting its Customer Experience Automation platform via your unique link.

This program is open to everyone, not just ActiveCampaign users. When you join, you get a referral link and access to the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Portal right away.

Once you sign up, you’ll get your unique ActiveCampaign affiliate link and access to its promotional materials, including:

  • Ready-to-use graphics and videos for content creation
  • Evergreen webinars to enhance your funnels
  • All essential business documents are in one place
  • A user-friendly dashboard to track your progress

Moreover, ongoing support includes access to new resources, updates, and a vibrant community of influencers sharing insights and success stories.

ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program: Commission Rates and Payment Details

Once joined, you can earn 20-30% commission based on the monthly revenue from accounts you refer at billing. As your MRR increases, your commission goes up. If your tier drops below the MRR thresholds, your commission percentage decreases.

There are three tiers:

  • Silver: 20% commission for referring $100 in new business in the last three months.
  • Gold: 25% commission for referring $100 in new business or having $500 inactive accounts.
  • Platinum: 30% commission for referring $500 in new business or having $2,000 inactive accounts.

Purchases are tracked for 90 days, and commissions are paid after 60 days via PayPal, excluding refunded or credit-paid accounts.

To get qualified, you need at least 2 active referred accounts, a “Due Next Payment” of $100.00, and a referral in the past 6 months. If inactive for 6 months, your commission rate drops to 20%.

ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program: Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at the ActiveCampaign affiliate program’s advantages and disadvantages:

Pros Cons
High commissions (up to 30% recurring) Difficult acceptance
Top-rated platform Limited payment method (PayPal only)
Long 90-day cookie duration Take up to 2 months to receive commission
Community support
Promoting assets and webinars included

ActiveCampaign’s affiliate program has excellent payment terms, starting at 20% and going up to 30%. You’ll never stop earning as long as your referrals stay. For influencers, it’s a unique chance with a top-rated platform, the largest global market, and community support.

You can also get access to the huge video and graphic assets and evergreen webinars, making creating your own content more accessible.

However, the challenge is getting accepted and needing substantial traffic. It can also take up to 60 days to receive your money, through PayPal only.

How to Maximize Your Earnings with ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

Want to maximize your success with ActiveCampaign’s program? Try these tips:

Spread the word about ActiveCampaign by recommending it to other businesses. Many companies can benefit from its powerful and easy-to-use email marketing, automation, and CRM features, but they might not be aware of it. You help them build a more efficient and successful business by showing them these solutions.

If you’ve used ActiveCampaign, share your experiences in reviews. Many people are searching for honest customer feedback. If you’ve used other email or automation tools, think about comparing them too. This helps others make informed decisions.

Moreover, you can support ActiveCampaign users by creating tutorials and walkthrough videos. Guide them in getting started and building effective marketing and sales processes. Ultimately, this can lead to more conversions and increased profits.

How to Join the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program?

To join the ActiveCampaign affiliate program, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Visit the affiliate page

Go to the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program page and click “Join the Affiliate Program today.”

Step 2: Sign up

Enter your ActiveCampaign account URL and admin password. If you don’t have an account, create one here.

Step 3: Provide your electronic signatures for tax records

Sign a tax document sent to your email. Payments can’t be issued until this form is signed.

Step 4: Wait for approval

After providing the necessary information, ActiveCampaign will review your application.

Step 5: Start promoting

Now, you can access ActiveCampaign’s free resources and start promoting.

Is the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program Worth It?

Is joining ActiveCampaign as an affiliate worth it? If you attract mid-market and enterprise decision-makers, it offers lucrative recurring income. If they pay $100, you get $20, and with $1000, you earn $200. Refer more and keep them longer to earn up to 30%.

The lifetime value can be immense for those in the lucrative B2B software space. ActiveCampaign provides competitive rates, given its capabilities compared to other software affiliate programs.

In summary, it’s great for publishers focusing on business decision-makers in marketing software.


Does ActiveCampaign allow affiliate marketing?

Yes, ActiveCampaign does have an affiliate marketing program. When people click your link and buy ActiveCampaign, you earn money. Your earnings depend on tiers linked to the monthly revenue of accounts you referred to during billing.

Who should join the ActiveCampaign affiliate program?

The ActiveCampaign affiliate program is perfect for influencers, bloggers, educators, and marketers. They can promote ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation and CRM software and earn commissions.

Is there a fee to join the ActiveCampaign affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the ActiveCampaign affiliate program. The signup process is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an ActiveCampaign Affiliate?

ActiveCampaign does not seem to have any specific minimum requirements to join its affiliate program. Anyone can sign up and get started promoting their products.

Can the ActiveCampaign program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, ActiveCampaign lets affiliates promote other affiliate offers and products along with its program.

What are the best ActiveCampaign affiliate program alternatives?

Some alternatives are affiliate programs from similar marketing automation tools like Contraport, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Hubspot, Constant Contact, Semrush, Aweber, and other CRM software providers.