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AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress, one of the biggest online marketplaces boasting an extensive product inventory, presents a chance for you to promote and earn commissions. However, with the multitude of affiliate programs available, it's essential to differentiate the lucrative ones from the less beneficial ones.




Are you in search of online income opportunities? If so, the AliExpress affiliate program might be worth exploring.

AliExpress, one of the biggest online marketplaces boasting an extensive product inventory, presents a chance for you to promote and earn commissions. However, with the multitude of affiliate programs available, it’s essential to differentiate the lucrative ones from the less beneficial ones.

This post will provide an ultimate review of the AliExpress affiliate program. We’ll uncover vital details such as earning potential, commission rates, and whether it’s a program worthy of your time.

Stay tuned to figure out whether affiliates are making money promoting AliExpress.

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About AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the largest online shopping websites, owned by a big company called Alibaba Group, based in China. This Group is a large and diverse company that operates in many different industries across the board.

AliExpress offers various products catering to almost every imaginable need. What sets it apart is the affordability of its prices, which are generally lower compared to popular U.S.-based online shopping platforms like Amazon.

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About AliExpress Affiliate Program

Like many other eCommerce platforms, AliExpress also has its own affiliate program.

This means you can earn money by promoting their products and getting a commission for each sale you make by promoting the available products on their websites with different categories.

You can access this affiliate program directly through the website itself or via various affiliate networks such as Awin, CJ, and FlexOffers.

How Does the AliExpress Affiliate Program Work? 

As I mentioned above, this affiliate program includes both a number of different affiliate networks and in-house programs.

However, it’s important to note that there can be some confusion surrounding the availability of affiliate networks on certain platforms. To ensure accuracy, here are the verified platforms hosted by the AliExpress affiliate program.

  • AliExpress Portals (self-managed program)
  • FlexOffers
  • Awin

Signing up for the in-house AliExpress affiliate program, called “AliExpress Portals,” can be quite frustrating, as mentioned above.

During the application process, they direct you to different websites, including a .ru domain, which might seem strange.

Once you get past the initial confusion, you’ll be asked to provide your email address. This is needed for AliExpress to send you a verification code so that you can complete your application for the affiliate program.

The verification process is important to make sure that this affiliate program is secure and real. However, you might not hear back about your acceptance into the program because they have many applications to review or not enough staff to handle affiliate requests.

AliExpress Affiliate Program Commission Rate

This affiliate program can be confusing because it varies depending on the platform you choose. Each platform has different commission rates, payout rules, and cookie durations, which can make it difficult to understand.

AliExpress Portals Awin FlexOffers CJ
Commission Rate up to 90% (for hot products) 2.4-7% 6-10% 4%

Awin offers commission rates that range from 2.4% to 7% based on the product category.

FlexOffers offers a generous commission rate up to 8.4%.

And CJ pays you 4% worldwide on all referral sales.

With AliExpress’s self-hosted affiliate program, AliExpress offers up to 90% commission rate on sales.

When does AliExpress Pay Affiliates?

If you become an AliExpress affiliate, here’s how you get paid:

  • There is no minimum payout amount, so you’ll get paid regardless of how much you earn.
  • Payments are made once a month, at the end of each month.
  • You can receive your earnings through bank transfers directly to your bank account.
  • It’s important to know that AliExpress follows a “net 60” payment policy. This means you’ll receive your earnings 60 days after the end of the month in which you earned them. For example, if you earned $100 in January, you’ll get paid at the end of March.

How much can you make as AliExpress Affiliates?

Up to 90% commission rates, however, it’s based on the products.

Based on the information we collect, it seems that the in-house program only has higher commission rates for their “Hot Products,” but those rates usually apply to expensive items.

So, if you make a $10 sale through your affiliate links, you won’t get a 50% or 90% commission. You’ll probably receive around 3% or a similar lower rate.

Having realistic expectations about the commission rates you can earn is important.

Making a consistent affiliate income with AliExpress can be tough because their products are extremely cheap. Unless you have a lot of website visitors, it’s hard to earn a reliable income.

The Amazon Associates program can be a better option if you want to promote physical products. They have a wider range of products and can offer more potential earnings for you.

Cookie Duration

The cookie duration of this program varies depending on the platform you use to promote it.

The duration of cookies in affiliate programs can be a deal-breaker, including with AliExpress.

The cookie duration of this program varies depending on the platform you use to promote it. If you sign up directly through AliExpress or use FlexOffers, the cookie duration is session-based, meaning it expires when the user closes their browser.

However, if you promote AliExpress through CJ or Awin, the cookie duration extends to 3 days.

Creatives Gallery

If you have experience with affiliate networks, you can expect familiar creatives from them. These creative gadgets typically include a combination of text links and banner ads to promote products effectively.

Such creatives from this program include:

Banner Ads: Choose from a wide range of banner ads provided by AliExpress. These ads feature attractive visuals and compelling text to capture your audience’s attention.

Product Links: You can generate unique affiliate links for specific products on AliExpress. When a customer purchases through that link, you’ll get a commission.

Deep Links: This program allows you to create deep links that directly lead to specific product pages or categories, making it easier for your audience to access the exact products you’re promoting.

Data Feeds: AliExpress offers data feeds that provide detailed information about their product catalog. You can integrate these feeds into your website or app to display AliExpress products and earn commissions.

API Integration: For more advanced users, AliExpress provides API integration.

Who Can Join the AliExpress Affiliate Program?

The great news is that this affiliate program is open to almost anyone with an online presence and some website traffic.

While the program’s FAQ may be written in broken English, it suggests that individuals from various backgrounds, such as influencers, bloggers, agencies, coupon sites, and deal sites, can apply and become AliExpress affiliates.

Requirements of AliExpress Affiliate Program

To join the affiliate program, there are several requirements you need to meet. While the exact criteria may vary, here are some common requirements:

Have a stable online presence: Affiliates need to have an established online platform, such as a website, blog, or social media account, to promote AliExpress products and generate traffic.

Content Quality: Your online platform should feature high-quality content that is relevant, engaging, and adds value to your audience.

Traffic Generation: It’s beneficial to have a consistent flow of visitors to your online platform to maximize your potential to earn commissions.

Compliance: You must comply with AliExpress’ terms and conditions, including their affiliate program policies and guidelines. This includes following ethical practices and not engaging in fraudulent or deceptive activities.

Application Process: You will need to complete the application process, which may involve providing information about your online platform, traffic sources, and promotional strategies.

The AliExpress Affiliate Program Support

WordPress Aliplugin

The program provides a range of tools and resources to support its affiliates, including the AliPlugin. As stated on the AliPlugin website, it was initially priced at $99 but is now available for purchase at $47.

You need not worry about missing out on the discount as the plugin has maintained this price for a significant period. It is highly unlikely that it was ever priced at $99.

The AliPlugin offers several beneficial features, including:

  • Custom affiliate website themes
  • Product filter functionality for finding suitable products
  • Automatic product updates
  • Instant posting capabilities

However, additional aspects of the AliPlugin are not mentioned on the website.

Publishers Support

The plugin usually works well, but if you encounter any issues, you’re pretty much on your own. You can contact AliExpress support, but it’s unlikely you’ll get a response.

Money Withdrawal

The process of cashing out is functional, but it can be frustrating because it involves an international wire transfer with a minimum withdrawal fee of $16. AliExpress does not utilize PayPal for commission payments.

Pros & Cons of AliExpress Affiliate Program


  • Various products to promote
  • Competitive commission rate, the rate on some items is higher than Amazon
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Great for both affiliates and dropshippers
  • Create deep links to products
  • Shipping worldwide (but quite slow)
  • Lower prices on products
  • Longer cookie duration than Amazon (3x longer)


  • Low commission rates for certain products
  • Complex and confusing application process
  • Confusing commission structure
  • Delays in shipping
  • Lack of adequate affiliate support
  • Difficulty in signing up for and using the in-house affiliate program
  • Due to lower prices, you need a higher volume of sales to earn comparable income to other affiliate programs
  • Some brands offer low-quality products

What to Promote on AliExpress Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate of AliExpress, you gain access to an extensive inventory of over 150 million products for promotion.

This wide range allows you to showcase items from virtually any category you can imagine, including but not limited to:

  • Fashion for men and women
  • Toys, kids, and baby products
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Home goods, pet supplies, and appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computers, office supplies, and security products
  • Home improvement tools, and more.

Each main category branches out into various sub-categories, which in turn lead to even more specific segments of products. This offers you the opportunity to discover niche items for promotion within these sub-categories,  with new products updated online every month.

If you run a blog focused on reviewing products, you’ll find plenty of potential within these mini-categories. With a continuous influx of new products each month, you’ll have a steady stream of items to review for a long time to come.

How to Become an AliExpress Affiliate?

Unlike many other affiliate programs that primarily offer product links for promotion, this affiliate program provides multiple methods to become an affiliate.

Through the Aliexpress website directly

The AliExpress affiliate page typically includes a filled-in form that you can use to join their affiliate program.

However, there seems to be an issue with the button not functioning properly after filling in the form. The ‘Next’ button on the opt-in form appears to be non-functional, lacking any associated functionality or action.

It’s unclear how long this problem has persisted, but you need to resort to the second method available for signing up as an affiliate.

But if you’re trying to sign up for the program, just follow these steps.

Step 1. Go to their website > Click on the Register or Start Earning button, and you will be directed to the Create Account page.

aliexpress affiliate program

Step 2. Provide your location, email address, and create a password. It’s a simple process that takes just a few minutes.

Step 3. Once your account is created, you can start listing your products on AliExpress and promote them through various channels such as your website, social media platforms, blogs, articles, and more.

You have the flexibility to advertise the products wherever you prefer. Additionally, AliExpress provides an API that you can use to promote the products further.

Join through affiliate networks

Several affiliate marketplace websites provide the opportunity to join the AliExpress affiliate program. However, before becoming an AliExpress affiliate, you need to register on these marketplace websites.

Consider joining affiliate networks like Awin, CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction), or FlexOffers. These networks have partnerships with AliExpress and provide a smoother application process.

It’s crucial to note that commission rates may vary depending on your specific marketplace. Therefore, it is recommended to determine the products you intend to promote in advance, allowing you to select the marketplace that offers the highest payout for those products.

Use AliExpress affiliate plugins

If you have a WordPress website, you can use plugins like AliPlugin or AliDropship to integrate AliExpress affiliate features and earn commissions.

How to Promote AliExpress – Best Tips for AliExpress Affiliates

When promoting AliExpress products, one successful approach is creating content showcasing the wide range of products available on the platform.

There are several methods you can employ:

Your own website

Writing informative and engaging product reviews is an effective way to promote affiliate programs like AliExpress. By addressing the reader’s questions and providing valuable insights, you can help them make informed purchasing decisions and earn commissions.

Social media

Utilize popular social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to promote the affiliate program. Creating short-form content, such as 30-60 second videos, allows you to reach a large audience. Share product reviews or highlight attractive deals on AliExpress to capture viewers’ attention.

Email marketing campaigns

Another way to promote is to build an email list of subscribers interested in your niche. Send regular newsletters featuring AliExpress product recommendations, exclusive discounts, and special promotions to encourage conversions.

Stay updated on promotions and trends

Regularly check the AliExpress affiliate program portal for new product launches, promotions, and seasonal offers. Stay informed about current trends and incorporate popular products into your promotional efforts.


How much can I earn as AliExpress affiliates?

The commission rates for the AliExpress affiliate program vary depending on the product category and the affiliate network you join. It’s best to check the program details on the respective affiliate network’s website for specific commission rates.

How to make money with AliExpress affiliate program?

To make money with the AliExpress affiliate program, you can promote AliExpress products through various channels like your website, social media platforms, and content marketing. Earn commissions by driving traffic to AliExpress through your unique affiliate links and generating successful sales.

What are AliExpress Affiliate Program Alternatives?

Apart from AliExpress, several other affiliate programs and platforms are available, such as Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network, ShareASale, and CJ Affiliate. These programs offer a wide range of products and brands that you can promote and earn commissions from.

Are Alibaba and AliExpress the Same?

No, Alibaba and AliExpress are not. Alibaba is for businesses to buy and sell in large quantities, while AliExpress is for individual consumers to shop for products worldwide.


Should I join the AliExpress Affiliate Program? There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. It depends on various factors.

If you rely solely on one affiliate program for your income, I don’t recommend choosing AliExpress. They offer discounts regularly, but the commission rates remain the same, making it difficult to predict your monthly earnings.

You can sign up for the program if you plan to use it as an additional bonus. However, selecting products before signing up is advisable because commission rates can differ across affiliate marketplace websites.

Depending on the product, you might earn more by joining through other websites.

In my opinion, AliExpress is valuable for drop shippers as they can set their own prices for the products they sell.