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appsumo affiliate program

AppSumo Affiliate Program

The AppSumo affiliate program offers a generous commission of up to 100% for publishers. Let’s explore whether it’s right for you in our in-depth guide.


Up to 100%


7 days


ACH, eCheck, Paypal, wire transfer

AppSumo offers affordable SaaS tools and online services for all entrepreneurs and small business owners. As an affiliate, you can tap into this rapidly growing marketplace by joining AppSumo’s generous affiliate program.

This article will explore everything you need to know about monetizing your audience with the AppSumo affiliate program, from the impressive benefits to tips for maximizing payouts.

Overview of AppSumo

AppSumo is a leading digital marketplace that offers exclusive deals on SaaS tools, online services, software, and other products for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Founded in 2010 by Noah Kagan, AppSumo partners with vendors to provide heavily discounted lifetime access to their products.

AppSumo has over 1.5 million subscribers to their email newsletter featuring new deals every week. Some of their most popular offers include tools like Sumo, Hostinger web hosting, Canva Pro, and more. AppSumo operates on a freemium model with both free and paid membership tiers.

Overview of the AppSumo Affiliate Program

The AppSumo affiliate program allows publishers to earn money by promoting AppSumo deals. As an affiliate, you get a custom link and earn a generous commission on any initial paying subscribers you refer.

When someone signs up for a paid AppSumo membership via your link, you are credited for that user’s paying value. The program provides all the necessary creatives and assets to help drive conversions. You can also access a custom dashboard anytime to check your statistics.

Ideal partners for the program can be bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, or marketers who have an audience interested in online business, marketing, productivity, or technology tools.

AppSumo Affiliate Program: Commission Rate and Payment Details

As an AppSume affiliate, you earn a commission of up to 100% for every initial transaction sale you refer. However, the maximum commission for each order is $50.

The cookie duration lasts 7 days. So, you’ll only get the commission for the referral that subscribes to AppSumo for one week.

Your payment is made monthly via ACH, eCheck, Paypal, or wire transfer. AppSumo won’t send paper checks attached to this payment. Note that the minimum threshold for monthly payouts is $100.

The payouts are locked 60 days after the end of the month they are tracked and then issued 10 days after locking. For example, if you generate a sale on June 14th, your payout for the sales made in June will be processed and issued during the initial week of September.

AppSumo Affiliate Program: Pros and Cons

Let’s see some of the key advantages and disadvantages when you join the AppSumo Affiliate Program:

Pros Cons
Generous commission (up to 100%) Capped at $50/order
Dedicated support Short cookie duration (7 days)
Detailed performance tracking Long payment processing
Flexible payment options Minimum threshold ($100)

The AppSumo affiliate program comes with some notable advantages. Firstly, the program offers a great opportunity for earnings with a generous commission rate of up to 100%.

Plus, affiliates benefit from a variety of marketing assets provided by AppSumo, such as text links, banners, and images. The detailed performance tracking feature allows affiliates to keep a close eye on the status of their referred users.

Moreover, it’s convenient for affiliates to receive their payouts thanks to various payment methods that include ACH, eCheck, Paypal, or wire transfer.

However, while it has a high commission rate, the earning is capped at $50 per order, limiting potential earnings for high-value purchases. The 7-day cookie duration is relatively short, which means referrals must convert quickly for affiliates to earn commissions. In addition, affiliates must earn at least $100 to withdraw their payouts.

Step-by-step Guide on the AppSumo Affiliate Program Sign up

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the AppSumo affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the AppSumo affiliate page

Go to https://www.appsumo.com/affiliates/ to visit the affiliate program homepage.

Step 2: Access the registration form

On the page, click the prominent pink “Become an AppSumo Affiliate” button to access the registration form.

Step 3: Fill out the signup form

Provide your information, company, and promotional information to complete the affiliate registration form.

Step 4: Get approved

Your registration form will be reviewed and approved typically within 1 business day.

Step 5: Access your links

Once approved, you’ll get access to your unique affiliate links to integrate on your site and share.

That’s it! Follow these 5 steps to become an AppSumo affiliate partner and earn lifetime commissions. Consistency and optimization will be key to maximizing your recurring payouts.

How to Maximize Your Earnings with the AppSumo Affiliate Program

To increase the money you make as an AppSumo affiliate, consider writing articles that review the “best AppSumo deals.” You can include other customers’ thoughts on the products and their usefulness.

Also, you should stream content focusing on your potential customers – online business owners. This way, your messages will be more relevant to their needs and interests.

Next, you can spread the word about AppSumo deals by posting on social media and participating in online discussions. Share your personal experiences with the products to make your recommendations more trustworthy.

Finally, it’s good to encourage people to sign up using custom discount coupons as a special incentive. You can also take advantage of seasonal promotions during major holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. This helps attract more attention and boost your affiliate earnings.

Is the AppSumo Affiliate Program Worth It?

AppSumo affiliate program offers stellar long-term monetization potential for publishers with an online entrepreneur audience. For example, referring just 10 active Plus members per month could generate $500 in monthly income at 100% revenue share. Compared to alternatives like WooCommerce or Kajabi, AppSumo’s earning potential blows these out of the water.

Affiliates also benefit from the various resources, dedicated support, and flexible payment options AppSumo provides.

However, niche-specific programs require targeting the right audiences for better conversion. You also need proper strategies to deal with the restriction of short cookie duration and the limited commission at $50 per sale.

Overall, AppSumo’s generous affiliate program provides genuine passive income opportunities. It’s a top option for marketers targeting the online business and SaaS tools space.


Who should join the AppSumo Affiliate program?

The AppSumo affiliate program is ideal for publishers, bloggers, influencers, and content creators who cater to entrepreneurs, small business owners, SaaS users, and online marketers.

Is there a fee to join the AppSumo Affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the AppSumo affiliate program. The signup process is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an AppSumo affiliate?

AppSumo does not list any specific minimum traffic or sales requirements for affiliates. Anyone can apply for their program.

How much commission does AppSumo take?

AppSumo pays a commission of up to 100% for each first-time purchase you refer. But the highest commission you can receive for any single order is limited to $50.

Can the AppSumo program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, AppSumo allows affiliates to promote other complementary offers along with their own deals. Diversifying programs can maximize earnings.

What are the best AppSumo affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are partner programs from BigCommerce, Kajabi, Teachable, OptinMonster, SEMRush, AWeber, Hosting, WP Engine, Bluehost, AuthorityHacker, Thinkific, Skillshare and other SaaS/online business services.