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argos affiliate program

Argos Affiliate Program

The Argos affiliate program lets you monetize your passion for online shopping with lucrative commissions. Check out more!


3% per sale


30 days


Direct deposit, check, Payoneer

Argos, a renowned name in retail, offers an enticing opportunity for affiliate marketers. Boasting a diverse array of products, the Argos affiliate program is perfect for those delving into online shopping promotions.

In this concise guide, we’ll break down the Argos affiliate program’s details to help you decide if it fits you well. Let’s get started!

Overview of Argos

Established in 1973, Argos is a leading retailer in the UK and Ireland with over 800 stores. Over half a century, it has evolved into a leading printed catalog, known for its convenience and extensive product selection.

The company focuses on convenience with options to reserve online and collect in-store. They offer over 30,000 products across categories like home, electronics, jewelry, toys, and more. Besides, the retailer has a financial services arm called Argos Money.

Overview of the Argos Affiliate Program

The Argos affiliate program allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting Argos products to customers in the UK and Ireland.

It’s free to join the program through the CJ affiliate network. Once you’re in, you can get your affiliate link and banners. There is also a dedicated affiliate team to support you.

The program is ideal for bloggers, content creators, and influencers in the online shopping and retailer niches. Anyone with an Ireland and UK-based audience interested in electronics, homeware, toys, sports gear, etc. can join the program.

Argos Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Argos offers a fixed commission rate of 3% per transaction made through your affiliate link. The commission applies to all product categories on its website.

The program also features a 30-day cookie duration. So, you’ll have a month to convert your audience into Argos customers and earn commissions.

CJ pays Argos affiliates on a monthly basis via Payoneer, check, or direct deposit. However, there is a minimum payout threshold of $50 for direct deposit and $100 for checks.

Pros and Cons of the Argos Affiliate Program

The table below summarizes the benefits and drawbacks of the Argos affiliate program:

Pros  Cons 
Established brand with various products Limited countries (UK and Ireland)
30-day cookie lifetime Low commission (3%)
Dedicated support & creatives Minimum payout required (up to $100)

Argos has an expansive catalog with over 30,000 items. This ensures publishers have a wide selection of products to choose from for promotions. The 30-day cookie window allows affiliates to earn extras for repeated sales during this time.

However, the 3% commission rate is lower than other similar affiliate programs, like Amazon’s (up to 20%). Also, this program is currently for UK and Irish traffic, limiting opportunities for potential affiliates from other regions. The minimum threshold of up to $100 can take beginners a while to reach.

Argos Affiliate Program UK Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step-by-step Argos affiliate program sign-up guide:

Step 1: Sign up for a CJ affiliate account

Since the Argos affiliate program operates on CJ, having a CJ affiliate account is necessary. Go to the Argos affiliate webpage, enter your email, and click “Verify email.”

Step 2: Wait for approval

It takes Argos 1-2 business days to review and approve affiliate applications. Once approved, CJ will send you an email.

Step 3: Argos affiliate program login

After approval, find text links, banners, and promo materials in your CJ affiliate dashboard.

Step 4: Begin promoting Argos

Now, you can share your affiliate referral link on your platform to promote Argos and earn commissions.

How to Promote Argos Products as an Affiliate?

Here are some of the best practices to boost your affiliate earnings with the Argos affiliate program:

You can start by making detailed buying guides for popular stuff at Argos. For instance, create guides like “Picking the Best Electronics at Argos” or “Choosing the Perfect Furniture.” This helps your audience decide better and increases the chance they’ll use your affiliate links when buying from Argos.

Another effective strategy is to align your promotions with seasonal events, holidays, or trends related to home and lifestyle. This can grab attention and drive more conversions during specific times.

You can also regularly update your content, share promotions, and feature new arrivals or special offers from Argos. Keeping your audience informed builds trust and can lead to more successful referrals over time.

Lastly, consider negotiating special discounts or deals with Argos for your audience. Exclusive offers make people feel it’s urgent and special, encouraging them to use your affiliate links.

Is the Argos Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Argos affiliate program offers a promising avenue for publishers in the online shopping niche. With a strong brand and various products, there’s a huge potential for earning commissions. The 3% commission might seem low, but the 30-day cookie duration offers a benefit for repeated sales.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the limitations of Irish and British customers. To succeed, you need to create tailored and engaging content for these audiences. If your audience likes Argos and you’re ready to work hard, joining can be rewarding for online shopping publishers wanting to make money from their passion.


  • Is the Argos affiliate program available on the app?

No. The Argos affiliate program is currently available on the CJ affiliate dashboard on its website.

  • Is the Argos affiliate program available in the UK?

Yes, the Argos affiliate program is available in the UK and Ireland.

  • Who should join the Argos affiliate program?

It’s perfect for online shopping publishers and influencers who can promote Argos products to Irish and British customers.

  • Is there a fee to join the Argos affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the Argos affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become an Argos Affiliate?

Argos does not publicly disclose any minimum traffic or sales requirements. However, your site should be relevant to their products and target UK/Irish audiences.

  • Can the Argos program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, Argos can complement other appliances, electronics, home goods, furniture, sports equipment, and general e-commerce affiliate programs.

  • What are the best Argos affiliate program alternatives?

Some alternatives are Currys, Smyths, Dunelm, and Amazon Associates UK affiliate programs.