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brooks affiliate program

Brooks Affiliate Program

The Brooks affiliate program lets you earn lucrative commissions promoting its top-notch running gear. Read our detailed guide for more information.


5% per sale


30 days


Direct deposit, check, Payoneer

For affiliate marketers looking to tap into the active lifestyle and running niche, the Brooks affiliate program is definitely one to consider. As one of the most popular and reputable running shoe and apparel brands, Brooks Running offers competitive commission rates to match its high-quality athletic gear.

But should you become a Brooks affiliate? Does their program align with your affiliate business goals? In this in-depth article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Brooks affiliate program to decide if it’s the right fit.

A Brief Overview of Brooks Running

Founded in 1914, Brooks Running is an American company dedicated to designing high-quality running shoes, apparel, and accessories. The brand is renowned for its innovative technologies like BioMoGo and DNA cushioning.

Brooks cares about the environment and loves to get involved in the running community. People all over the world love Brooks for their comfy and cool shoes like the Ghost and Adrenaline GTS. It’s not just about gear for them; it’s about making running awesome!

Overview of the Brooks Affiliate Program

The Brooks affiliate program pays its publishers single-tier commissions for driving sales of Brooks gear.

You just need to create a Commission Junction affiliate account and apply to the program for free. Once you’re in, you can get your affiliate link, creatives, and exclusive promotions and deals. There is also a dedicated account manager team to help with your promotion.

The Brooks affiliate program is ideal for individuals, influencers, bloggers, or website owners with a focus on running, fitness, or active lifestyle topics.

Brooks Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Brooks Running pays its partners a flat 5% for each qualified sale driven to its website. The commission applies to all product categories on brookrunnings.com, including shoes and apparel for women and men.

The program offers a 30-day cookie window, meaning you can earn extra money on repeated sales your referrals make during this time.

CJ will pay Brooks affiliates monthly through direct deposit, check, and Payoneer. However, partners must reach $50 (for direct deposits) or $100 (for checks) before withdrawing their commissions.

Pros and Cons of the Brooks Affiliate Program

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Brooks affiliate program:

Pros Cons
Established brands High competition
Good commission (5%) Minimum threshold required ($50-$100)
Long 30-day cookie window
Dedicated support

Brooks Running shoes have strong brand recognition and a loyal customer base, making it easier for affiliates to promote these popular products to their audiences. The decent 5% commission and an extended 30-day cookie lifetime let publishers earn extras for repeated purchases.

However, there is tough competition in the activewear niche, making it hard for newcomers to stand out. Affiliates must also reach a minimum payout threshold of up to $100 before getting paid, which can take a while for beginners.

Brooks Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the Brooks affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Brooks affiliate program page

Go to the Brooks affiliate program page, and click on “Apply Today.” You’ll be directed to the CJ publisher registration page.

Step 2: Sign up for a CJ publisher account

Enter your email, click “Verify email,” and then follow the email instructions to set up your CJ affiliate account.

Step 3: Apply for the Brooks affiliate program

Once you have a CJ affiliate account, log in, find the Brooks affiliate program in your CJ dashboard, and apply for it there.

Step 4: Get approved

The Brooks Running team will check your application to make sure you meet their standards. It might take 1-2 weeks for them to review it.

Step 5: Brooks affiliate program login

Once approved, you can use the Brooks affiliate dashboard. There, you get your affiliate product links, creatives, and see how well you’re doing.

Step 6: Start promoting Brooks

You can now start sharing your Brooks affiliate links on your platform and earn commissions on sales.

How to Promote Brooks Running as an Affiliate?

Here are some of the best practices to maximize your affiliate income as a Brooks affiliate:

First, you can write detailed guides about specific Brooks running gear, like “The Ultimate Guide to Brooks Trail Running Shoes” or “Top Brooks Running Gear for Beginners.” This helps your audience choose what to buy and increases the chances of earning money.

You can also make videos showing off the cool features of Brooks Running shoes, like the special cushioning or stability technology. That way, you make the products more interesting to potential buyers and improve your chances of earning commissions.

Another tip is to organize challenges or virtual races with Brooks Running gear. You can ask participants to share their experiences and use your affiliate links to buy Brooks products. Challenges can build a sense of community and boost your affiliate sales.

The last tip is to create seasonal content like “Spring Running Essentials” or “Winter Marathon Gear,” featuring Brooks products suitable for different weather. This attracts people looking for specific items during each season, increasing your chances of earning commissions.

Is the Brooks Affiliate Program Worth It?

In summary, the Brooks affiliate program allows you to partner with a well-known brand specializing in top-notch running gear. While there’s a chance to earn well (5% commissions), be aware that the running industry is highly competitive.

To succeed in this program, you need to focus on what makes Brooks Running special, connect with your audience, and navigate the tough competition in athletic footwear. Despite the challenges, for those who love running and promoting strategically, the Brooks affiliate program can be an excellent opportunity in the world of fitness and sportswear.


  • Does Brooks have an affiliate program?

Yes, Brooks Running operates an affiliate program on CJ, one of the biggest affiliate networks. It allows partners to earn commissions by driving sales to brooksrunning.com

  • Who should join the Brooks affiliate program?

The Brooks affiliate program is great for websites and content creators focusing on running, fitness, and outdoor activities.

  • Is there a fee to join the Brooks affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join or participate in the Brooks affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Brooks Affiliate?

Brooks Running does not publicly disclose any minimum website traffic, social following, or sales requirements to join its program. However, you need an engaged audience interested in fitness and athletic gear to promote.

  • Can the Brooks program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can use other affiliate programs besides Brooks Running. Many affiliates find success in combining multiple programs to diversify their income sources.

  • What are the best Brooks affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are Asics, Nike, Hoka, Puma, Saucony, Adidas, and Lululemon affiliate programs.