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carhartt affiliate program

Carhartt Affiliate Program

The Carhartt affiliate program offers lucrative partnerships in workwear promotion. Learn more about its potential earnings in our latest article.




30 days


Direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal

Carhartt stands out as a prominent figure in the workwear industry, recognized for its durable and quality products. Now, you can get your earning potential by partnering with a powerhouse in the industry through its affiliate program.

This article will detail the Carhartt affiliate program, highlighting its key features and potential advantages. Let’s delve into it!

Overview of Carhartt

Founded in 1889, Carhartt is an American apparel brand that manufactures sturdy and durable workwear. With its 130+ years of heritage focused on the American worker, Carhartt has built a reputation for making quality garments that last, which appeals strongly to its core audience.

Known for its rugged construction, Carhartt clothing is designed to withstand harsh working conditions. Some popular products include shoes, outerwear, and bottoms for men and women. Carhartt also provides other accessories and clothing for kids.

What is a Carhartt Affiliate Program?

Carhartt has partnered with Impact Radius to offer partners a lucrative opportunity to join the Carhartt affiliate program. As a Carhartt affiliate, you can put Carhartt-approved links on your site and other channels and earn a commission on sales from customers you send to Carhartt.com.

The program is ideal for web owners, content creators, online retailers, and other small businesses. You can join the Carhartt affiliate program for free through Impact.

Once you’re approved, the brand will provide free access to their affiliate toolbox, text links, and banner images to promote Carhartt products and earn. There’s also the technology and support to help maximize your promoting efforts.

Carhartt Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

The Carhartt affiliate program pays affiliates a fixed commission rate of 4% per sale. Commissions apply to all product categories on Carthartt.com.

The program also features a 30-day cookie duration. If someone clicks your affiliate link and purchases Carhartt products within a month, you’ll get credited for the referral.

Payment is sent 14 days after Impact finalizes your tracked orders. You can get your commissions through direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal.

However, there is a minimum commission payment threshold of US$10. If your earned commission doesn’t reach this required amount, the balance will be kept until it reaches the minimum payout level.

Pros and Cons of the Carhartt Affiliate Program 

Here’s the summary table of the Carhartt affiliate program’s benefits and drawbacks:

Pros Cons
Strong brand recognition Low commission rate (4%/sale)
Loyal customer base with frequent repurchases Minimum threshold required ($10)
30-day cookie duration Presence of big competitors
Detailed reporting
Dedicated team support & creatives and marketing tools

Once you join the Carhartt affiliate program, you’ll get some advantages. The brand has a solid reputation in the workwear industry, ensuring affiliates benefit from strong brand recognition. Additionally, Carhartt boasts a loyal customer base that makes frequent purchases, increasing the conversion rate.

The 30-day cookie duration is another positive aspect, giving affiliates a month to earn commissions on sales generated through their referrals. Besides, affiliates receive support through marketing tools and a dedicated team for better promotions.

However, there are some potential downsides to consider. The commission rate is low at 4% per sale and is not recurring, making it hard to build a stable income. Additionally, the presence of significant competitors like Dickies, Wrangler, and Ariat could pose a challenge in a competitive market.

How to Join the Carhartt Affiliate Program (5 Simple Steps)

Below are detailed steps to become a Carhartt affiliate:

Step 1: Visit the affiliate page

Go to the Carhartt affiliate program site at https://www.carhartt.com/affiliate. Then, click “Apply Now” button to start your enrollment.

Step 2: Sign up

The first step takes you to Impact’s signup page. You’ll need to provide your personal, company, and promotional information. Then, click the “Sign up” button to submit your application.

Step 3: Get approved

Impact will review your application to ensure your site and audience align with their target niche. This may take a few business days.

Step 4: Access the Carhartt affiliate program 

Once approved, you will gain access to your Impact affiliate dashboard. Here, you can find your unique Carhartt affiliate links to use for promoting their products. You can also access banner ads and other creatives.

Step 5: Start promoting

Begin promoting Carhartt products through your website, social media, YouTube, email newsletters, and other channels using your approved affiliate links.

Step 5: Track and earn

Use your affiliate dashboard to track clicks, conversions, sales, and commissions from your Carhartt promotions.

How to Promote the Carhartt Affiliate Program

Boosting your earnings as a Carhartt affiliate involves strategic promotion techniques.

One effective approach is creating content focusing on product tests and durability. Consumers often seek reliable information about the durability and performance of workwear. By providing comprehensive product tests, you can help them make informed decisions.

Additionally, you can target promotions during peak seasons, such as autumn and winter, and key back-to-work periods. This can capitalize on increased demand for Carhartt products during these times.

Another good strategy is to use emails and social media to show off new Carhartt products. Keeping your audience up-to-date on the latest stuff will interest them and encourage to buy.

Last but not least, it helps to organize your audience by what they do and what they like. If you gear your content toward specific groups, like construction workers or outdoor enthusiasts, it matches their needs and preferences better.

Is the Carhartt Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Carhartt affiliate program can be a worthwhile opportunity for the outdoor clothing niche thanks to the strong brand recognition, loyal customer base, and long 30-day cookie window. The dedicated support from the team and creative assets assist in your promotion efforts.

However, the program does pose some challenges. The low commission rate of 4% and the absence of recurring commissions may take you a while to build a stable income. Additionally, the presence of major competitors like Dickies, Wrangler, and Ariat suggests a competitive market that requires strategic promotion to stand out.

In summary, whether you should join the Carhartt affiliate program depends on how you market, who you’re trying to reach, and if you can handle the challenges. If you use the program’s strengths well and deal with its problems smartly, it could be a good boost to your affiliate marketing efforts.


Who should join the Carhartt affiliate program?

The Carhartt affiliate program is best suited for websites and influencers focused on workwear, construction, outdoor sports, ranching, and tactical apparel. Your niche should align with Carhartt’s durable clothing and core audience.

Is there a fee to join the Carhartt affiliate program?

No, there are no fees to join the Carhartt affiliate program.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a Carhartt affiliate?

Carhartt does not list any specific minimum traffic or sales requirements. However, your site or channel should have an established audience that fits Carhartt’s target niche.

Can the Carhartt program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, Carhartt allows affiliates to simultaneously promote other apparel and accessory brands if they fit your niche. There are no exclusivity limitations.

What are the best Carhartt affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are affiliate programs from competing workwear brands like Ariat, Dickies, Nike, Wrangler, Amazon, Levi’s, Duluth Trading Co., Walls, and Helly Hansen.