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chase affiliate program

Chase Affiliate Program

Chase affiliate program offers a high fixed commission for affiliates who can attract new Chase clients through referral links. Sign up now to fill your pocket!


$50 per referral


No cookie duration


Chase account

As one of the largest banks in the U.S., Chase offers an attractive affiliate program to earn commissions promoting their financial products and services.

In this article, we’ll delve into every detail of the Chase affiliate program. Read through to equip yourself with helpful information!

An Overview of Chase

Chase is an American national bank based in New York City. Chase serves nearly half of American households with a broad range of financial services, including personal banking, credit cards, auto financing, investment advice, payment processing, etc.

With over 5,100 branches in 38 states and 17,000 ATMs, Chase has the largest bank branch network in the United States. It has more than 18,5 million checking accounts and 25 million debit card users.

Overview of the Chase Affiliate Program

Chase operates an affiliate program called the Refer-A-Friend program. It allows publishers to earn commissions by referring audiences to open a qualifying Chase checking account through affiliate think.

To participate in this program, you must have an eligible Chase account first. To receive commissions, the referred one must be a new Chase customer and open a checking account with qualifying activities.

Chase allows you to attract a maximum of 10 clients per calendar year. The program is available for the following account types:

  • Chase Total Checking
  • Chase College Checking
  • Chase Premier Plus Checking
  • Chase Sapphire Checking
  • Chase Private Client Checking
  • Chase Secure Banking

Chase Affiliate Commissions and Payment Details

Chase pays competitive commissions of $50 on each new customer joining via your referral link customers. There is no cookie duration required by Chase.

After your referred audience opens a qualifying checking account, Chase will deposit a $50 bonus in your primary checking account within 30 days. However, your referred customer must not close this account at the time of payout.

You can receive up to 10 referral bonus deposits per calendar year. This means your annual affiliate revenue is a maximum of $500. This income will be transferred to your Chase account. You can withdraw it anytime without a minimum payout balance.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Chase Affiliate Program

You may wonder what are the benefits and drawbacks of joining the program. In this section, we’ll provide you with an inside look.

Benefits Drawbacks
High flat commission rate ($50) Specific requirement
No cookie duration Limited referral (10 per year)
No minimum payout threshold

It can be said that this program is among the most profitable ones, as it pays a fixed commission of $50 per sale.

Besides, affiliates are under no time pressure to attract new customers. No matter how long it takes, as long as your audience becomes a Chase checking account holder, you will be commissioned. Moreover, since your commissions are deposited in your Chase account, you can withdraw your affiliate income anytime you want.

However, to be eligible for this program, you must have a Chase checking account first. Additionally, affiliates are limited to referring 10 people in a year, equal to $500.

Chase Affiliate Program Sign-up Process

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the Chase affiliate program.

Step 1: Go to the sign-up site
Go to the Chase affiliate sign-up site at: https://accounts.chase.com/raf/landing.

Step 2: Complete application form
Enter all the required information and submit your application request.

Step 3: Wait for approval

Chase reviews all applications to ensure partners meet their guidelines. Once approved, you can access your affiliate dashboard.

Step 4: Start referring and earning money  

In your affiliate dashboard, you’ll find the text link generated by Chase. Share it to your sites and start attracting your audience.

3 Ways to Increase Your Earnings As A Chase Affiliate 

To increase their income with the program, affiliates can use the following tips.

First, it’s essential to remind your audience of the reward they’ll receive when opening a Chase checking account. When a new customer opens an eligible Chase checking account and completes transactions, they can get $200. This attractive reward can significantly help to increase your affiliate marketing traffic.

Next, for your success in affiliate marketing, you can utilize many different channels like Facebook, YouTube, blog posts, or email marketing. You will be able to reach a much wider range of potential clients.

Ultimately, it’s effective to create targeted content around Chase credit cards and bonuses. As you already have a Chase account, you can share your own experience to improve credibility. This can help you to increase your conversion rate.

Why Should You Join the Chase Affiliate Program?

With a competitive flat commission, this program is among the top-paid affiliate programs.

Although there is a limit to your Chase’s annual affiliate earnings, $500 is still a considerable amount of money. Besides, its high brand recognition and a customer base of millions can be a breeding ground for your affiliate career.

By partnering with Chase, you can earn extra income and improve your skills and experience in this industry. Chase’s reputation can also help you affirm your credibility and position as a trusted affiliate marketer.


Who should join the Chase affiliate program?

The Chase affiliate program is ideal for publishers, influencers, and bloggers who create content related to personal finance, credit cards, banking, loans, and other financial products.

Is there a fee to join the Chase affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the Chase affiliate program. You just need to be approved as an affiliate partner.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a Chase affiliate?

To join this program, you must first be a Chase checking account holder. Also, you may need to own a blog to optimize the potential of your real affiliate marketing business with Chase.

Can the Chase program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, Chase allows their program to be combined with other non-competing affiliate offers. There are no restrictions on promoting other products.

What are the best Chase affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are Citi, Capital One, American Express, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Discover, and other major bank affiliate programs.