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experian affiliate program

Experian Affiliate Program

Experian affiliate program allows publishers to make money by referring customers. Join now to start earning your first passive income.


$6 - $30 per signup


10 days



In today’s climate of increasing identity theft, keeping an eye on your credit report is essential. You can leverage this growing concern to generate income by becoming a publisher in the Experian affiliate program.

This article will explore everything you need about the program, the commission, and how to boost your earnings.

Overview of Experian

Experian is one of the big three consumer credit reporting agencies, along with Equifax and TransUnion. Founded in 1996, Experian collects and aggregates credit data to provide credit scores and reports that lenders use to assess lending risk. They also partner with businesses providing targeted marketing services.

The brand offers various consumer credit monitoring and identity protection products. Flagship offerings include free credit reports, CreditExpert, CreditWorks, and IdentityWorks.

What Is Experian Affiliate Program?

The Experian affiliate program allows publishers to earn commissions promoting Experian’s credit-related products. When users sign up for paid Experian services using your link, you earn a commission.

Experian offers you a tracking code as well as several creative materials to promote. You can also contact them via email (affiliatesuk@experian.com) to get more support.

The program is ideal for personal finance bloggers, credit repair coaches, identity theft protection services, and other publishers in the credit monitoring space. With Experian’s strong brand authority, it can be easier to drive conversions than unknown brands.

Commissions and Payment Details

As an Experian affiliate, you earn a $6 commission when referred customers sign up for a free account or a $7 – $30 commission for paid products.

The cookie duration remains active for 10 days. This means you will receive your earnings exclusively for conversions within this period.

You’ll receive monthly payments through PayPal. You can create a regular income stream through commissions if you consistently make sales.

Benefits and Drawbacks for Experian Affiliate Marketers

Here are some major advantages and disadvantages you need to consider before joining the program:

Pros Cons
Top useful products Competitive affiliate space
$6 – $30 bounties per conversion Short 10-day cookie duration
Provides creative assets Limited payment methods (PayPal)
Dedicated support

The Experian affiliate program presents a lucrative opportunity with top-notch products and bounties ranging from $6 to $30 per conversion. With most Experian-paid services costing around $30 per month, the $6 – $30 bounties provide a nice 20-100% commission rate.

Besides, Experian provides creative assets like affiliate links, images, and banners that help enhance your promotional efforts.

However, the finance affiliate space is highly competitive, making it more challenging to stand out. The 10-day cookie duration is a relatively short period of time for the conversion. It’s also a restriction with the only payment method via PayPal, especially for people who have never used it.

Step-by-step Guide on the Experian Affiliate Program Sign up

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the Experian affiliate program in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Experian affiliate page
Go to www.experian.com/partners/affiliate-program.html to visit the affiliate program homepage.

Step 2: Send them an email to apply
Join their affiliate program by sending your application to this address affiliatesuk@experian.com. Remember to include your website URL, company description, monthly traffic, and the most relevant products.

Step 3: Get approved
Experian reviews and approves affiliates typically within 2 business days.

Step 4: Access your links
Once approved, you’ll gain access to your unique affiliate links to integrate on your site and share.

Step 5: Start earning

Finally, all you need to do is your job of affiliate marketing!

That’s it! Just follow these 5 simple steps to become an Experian affiliate partner and start earning bounty commissions by driving signups to their paid services.

How to Maximize Your Earnings as an Experian Affiliate

To boost your earnings as an Experian affiliate, try making useful tutorials that help people enhance their credit scores. For example, you can talk about the importance of paying bills on time and handling credit responsibly, giving users easy steps to follow.

Also, you can write thorough reviews about Experian to give your audience a clear idea of its features and benefits. Adding personal experiences or success stories can make your reviews more relatable and persuasive.

For your higher commissions, you can focus on promoting paid Experian products and CreditExpert. You should highlight their pros when joining, including detailed reports, score guidance, and support. New customers also benefit from a 30-day trial of CreditExpert.

Next, you should consider sending a drip email series about credit reporting to keep your audience engaged. Plus, send last-chance reminder emails before cookies expire to prompt your audience to take action, maximizing the chances of earning commissions.

Finally, boost engagement by offering special coupons or discounts to your audience. For instance, you could provide a unique discount code for Experian’s services, making it more appealing for your followers to sign up.

Is the Experian Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Experian program can provide incremental income from occasional promotions for publishers already writing about personal finance and credit repair. Even referring a few paid signups per month could earn $30+ in bounty commissions.

Compared to alternatives like PrivacyGuard or IdentityForce, it offers competitive bounties with wider brand recognition. However, niche-specific programs may convert better depending on your audience’s interests.

If you’re a beginner, it may take 2-3 months to optimize promotions and make substantial earnings. However, with helpful affiliate management and support, the Experian affiliate program is still an option worth considering in the credit monitoring space.


Does Experian have a referral?

Yes. Experian offers a referral program. When joining, you can earn a commission through their referral customers to Experian.

Who should join the Experian Affiliate program?

The Experian affiliate program is ideal for personal finance bloggers, credit repair coaches, identity theft protection services, and anyone with an audience interested in credit monitoring and identity protection products.

Is the Experian Affiliate program free to join?

Yes, there is no fee to join the Experian affiliate program. The signup process is free.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an Experian affiliate?

Experian does not list any specific minimum traffic or sales requirements for affiliates. Anyone can apply.

How much does the Experian affiliate program pay?

For each successful referral, the affiliate will get paid:

  • $6 per free signup
  • $7 – $30 per paid service or product

Can the Experian program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, Experian allows affiliates to promote other complementary personal finance or identity protection offers along with Experian’s own products.

What are the best Experian affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives are affiliate programs from PrivacyGuard, IdentityForce, Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, LifeLock, Transunion, Equifax, Clearscore, Myfico, Ally Invest and other credit monitoring services.