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garden of life affiliate program

Garden of Life Affiliate Program

The Garden of Life affiliate program lets you monetize your audience's interest in premium natural supplements. Check it out now!


6% - 13% per sale


30 days


BACS, International wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, Domestic payments

Are you running a health and wellness website and looking for ways to monetize your content? The Garden of Life affiliate program offers an exciting opportunity to align your interests with a trusted supplement brand. It lets you earn commissions by promoting its pure and high-quality health supplement products.

Let’s explore how you can thrive in this flourishing landscape of wellness with our detailed guide on the Garden of Life affiliate program. Keep on reading to see if it fits you well.

Overview of Garden of Life

Founded in 2000, Garden of Life is a leading health and wellness brand offering supplements and nutrition products.

Garden of Life uses a seed-to-seal approach, meaning ingredients are grown without chemicals from soil to supplement. It offers an extensive range of products, including vitamins, supplements, protein powders, probiotics, and more.

These products cater to diverse health needs, from vitamins for different ages and genders to digestive supplements and more. Garden of Life also cares about the environment, using recyclable materials for packaging.

Overview of the Garden of Life Affiliate Program

There are different ways to partner with Garden of Life. The first partner group includes retailers, online retailers, and healthcare professionals. To open a partner account, you must choose one of these 3 profiles that best suits you, fill out the form, and send it to Garden of Life for approval.

If you’re an online retailer, you need to meet some criteria:

  • Have an established health-related site with a working Shopping Cart
  • Provide your resale and business licenses or tax ID
  • Meet the Garden of Life’s minimum order of $300

In general, healthcare professionals will have a wholesale discount on Garden of Life products. For more details regarding its commissions and extra perks for this partner group, email: etail@gardenoflife.com or etail@gardenoflife.com.

The second partner opportunity is the Garden of Life UK affiliate program, which is hosted through Awin, one of the popular affiliate networks.

Publishers and influencers in the health, wellness, nutrition, and supplements spaces can join the program for free. However, this program is available for partners with audiences in the UK only. After approval, you can access your affiliate link and other resources in the affiliate dashboard.

Garden of Life Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Garden of Life pays its partners a 6%-13% commission on each qualifying sale. The rate applies to all Garden of Life products and varies depending on the status of the customer you referred. Here’s the detail:

  • New customers: 13% of the order amount
  • Old customers: 6% of the order amount

There is a 30-day cookie lifetime. So, if your audience clicks your affiliate link and purchases Garden of Life products during that period, you’ll earn commissions for that referral.

Awin will pay your commissions on the 1st and 15th of each month through BACS, international wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, or domestic payments. However, there is a minimum payout threshold of $20 before you can request your payouts.

Pros and Cons of the Garden of Life Affiliate Program

The table below summarizes the top benefits and drawbacks of the Garden of Life affiliate program:

Pros  Cons 
Popular brand with a wide range of products Limited to the UK
Competitive commission rates (up to 13%) $20 minimum payout requirement
30-day cookie lifetime

Garden of Life is a well-known brand with various high-converting products, which will boost your affiliate conversions. With commissions up to 13%, there’s great earning potential, especially with repeat purchases within a 30-day cookie duration.

However, the program is available in the UK, limiting earning opportunities for publishers with engaged audiences in other regions. Also, you need at least $20 in your account to withdraw funds.

How to Join the Garden of Life Affiliate Program?

Here is a detailed guide on how to become a Garden of Life affiliate marketer:

Step 1: Visit the Garden of Life affiliate page

Go to the Garden of Life affiliate program page on Awin. Read all the program’s information and terms. Then, click on Sign up and join programme.” to start your registration.

Step 2: Fill out the application

If you have a website, click “Join Awin.” For Instagram influencers, click “Sign up here.” Then, fill out the affiliate application with your website and contact info.

Step 3: Get approved

Garden of Life will review your application. If approved, you’ll get an email from Garden of Life’s affiliate team.

Step 4: Garden of Life affiliate program login

Log in to your affiliate dashboard and find your affiliate link and other marketing materials.

Step 5: Start promoting

Place your affiliate referral link and other approved content on your platforms to start promoting Garden of Life products and earn lucrative affiliate commissions.

How to Promote Garden of Life as an Affiliate?

Here are some tips to maximize your affiliate revenue with the Garden of Life affiliate program:

The first tip is to provide detailed reviews of certain Garden of Life products instead of general product reviews. You can focus on specific health needs like digestion, immunity, or protein. This helps attract specific groups of people, increasing sales.

You can also make videos showing how to use Garden of Life products in daily life. For example, demonstrate adding Garden of Life protein powders to smoothies or using their supplements in workouts. Videos bring products to life better, encouraging clicks on your links.

Moreover, you can share real stories from Garden of Life users on social media platforms. You can show how its products have helped people reach their health goals. Authentic stories inspire your audience to try Garden of Life products.

Finally, consider partnering with Garden of Life to offer your audience special deals. Exclusive discounts or product bundles attract attention, motivating them to try Garden of Life items through your links.

Is the Garden of Life Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Garden of Life affiliate program offers a great opportunity for affiliates in the health and wellness space.

With its attractive commission rates, reputable brand, and sought-after products, it’s a promising way to earn money. Joining the program also helps you connect with other creators and influencers, expanding your reach and learning new promotional tactics.

While competition is tough, you have a 30-day cookie window to implement your strategies and find what works best for you. Overall, with dedication and smart approaches, this program lets you earn substantial earnings.


  • Is the Garden of Life affiliate program available on Amazon?

No, the Garden of Life affiliate program is available on the Awin affiliate network only.

  • Who should join the Garden of Life affiliate program?

The Garden of Life affiliate program is great for publishers in the health, wellness, and natural supplement niches.

  • Is the Garden of Life affiliate program free to join?

Yes, it’s free to join the Garden of Life affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Garden of Life affiliate?

To become a Garden of Life affiliate, you need to apply with your nutrition or supplement-related website.

  • Can the Garden of Life program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can promote Garden of Life alongside other affiliate programs.

  • What are the best Garden of Life affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to the Garden of Life affiliate program are Thrive Market, iHerb, and NOW Foods affiliate programs.