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greengeeks affiliate program

GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

The GreenGeeks affiliate program lets you monetize your audience's interest in eco-friendly hosting solutions. Learn more in our guide now.


Up to $100 per sale


30 days



GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting provider. Its affiliate program allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting GreenGeeks web hosting services.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the GreenGeeks affiliate program. Read on now to see if it’s a great fit for your affiliate goals.

Overview of GreenGeeks

Founded in 2008, GreenGeeks is one of the greenest web hosting companies on the planet. Its web hosting runs on green energy from wind and solar power, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

GreenGeeks offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server plans. Key features include free solid-state drive (SSD) storage, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, and excellent customer support.

With a focus on performance and environment, GreenGeeks has become a reliable web hosting provider, serving over 300,000 customers globally.

Overview of the GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

The GreenGeeks affiliate program pays publishers to refer customers who sign up for web hosting plans on GreenGeeks.com.

You can sign up for the program at no cost on the website. Once accepted, you’ll receive your special tracking link and marketing materials. These include different ads, banners, content, and special web pages.

Plus, there are detailed stats and tools to track your performance in real-time. And, if you’re performing well, you can earn even more with increased commission rates.

It’s great for influencers, bloggers, and content creators in the web hosting niche. Anyone with an audience interested in building websites can find this a lucrative opportunity.

GreenGeeks Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

GreenGeeks pays its affiliates up to $100 per successful referral. The exact rate depends on the number of sign-ups you refer each month. Here’s the detailed commission structure:

  • 1 sale/month: $50 /sale
  • 2 sales/month: $60 /sale
  • 3 sales/month: $70 /sale
  • 4 sales/month: $80 /sale
  • 5 sales/month: $90 /sale
  • 6+ sales/month: $100 /sale
  • 10+ sales/month: Custom commission rate

There is a 30-day cookie lifetime. So, if someone clicks your tracking link and subscribes to the GreenGreeks hosting plan, you’ll earn credit for that referral.

You’ll get your monthly commissions via PayPal. For more details about the payout threshold, contact affiliates@greengeeks.com.

Pros and Cons of the GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

The table below summarizes the key advantages and disadvantages of the GreenGeeks affiliate program:

Pros  Cons 
Generous commission rate (up to $100/sale) Limited payment option (via PayPal only)
30-day cookie duration
Various marketing materials

The high commission of up to $100 per sale quickly adds to your passive income stream. You’ll also have a chance to get a higher commission rate if you refer 10+ customers per month. The 30-day cookie duration gives you ample to apply your strategies effectively. Plus, you get various creatives, like banners, landing pages, etc., to promote GreenGeeks effortlessly.

However, there is strong competition in this niche, requiring you to work hard to stand out. Additionally, you can get your money via Paypal only, which may be inconvenient if you’re accustomed to other options like wire or bank transfers.

GreenGeeks Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

How To Create a Greengeeks Affiliate Account (Quick and EASY)

In this part, we’ll give you a detailed guide on how to join the GreenGeeks affiliate program:

Step 1: Visit the GreenGeeks affiliate page

Go to the GreenGeeks affiliate program page and review the program details.

Step 2: Click “Sign me up”

On the affiliate page, click the “Sign me up” button to bring up the online application form.

Step 3: Fill out the application

Complete the GreenGeeks affiliate application with your website and contact details. Then, click “Submit application.”

Step 4: Get approved

GreenGeeks will check your application. If accepted, you’ll receive an approval email within a few business days.

Wait for an approval email from the GreenGeeks affiliate team confirming you have been accepted into the program.

Step 5: GreenGeeks affiliate program login

Access your affiliate dashboard to find your GreenGeeks affiliate link and other assets. Put these links and creatives on your platforms, start promoting GreenGeeks, and earn commissions.

How to Effectively Promote GreenGeeks Affiliate Program?

Here are tips to maximize your affiliate revenue with the GreenGeeks affiliate program:

The first tip is to create informative content about GreenGeeks’ eco-friendly hosting services. You can offer insights into its sustainability practices and performance benefits to help potential customers make informed choices via your affiliate links.

It’s also effective to create comparison reviews between GreenGeeks and other web hosting providers. You can highlight GreenGeeks’ unique features, pricing, performance, and eco-friendly initiatives. By offering valuable insights, you help your audience make informed decisions.

Furthermore, you should stay updated on GreenGeeks’ latest features and discounts. Timing your deals with product launches or special offers can pique your audience’s excitement.

One more tip is to join communities or groups focused on web hosting. You can share your affiliate links thoughtfully, providing helpful advice and establishing credibility to maximize the impact of your promotions.

Is the GreenGeeks Affiliate Program Worth It?

With its commission rate of up to $100/sale, the GreenGeeks affiliate program is an exciting opportunity for web hosting marketers.

To achieve a monthly income of $1000, you just need to refer to 10 successful sales. This is absolutely achievable in several months with consistent promotions across your marketing channels.

Furthermore, the program offers benefits like a lengthy cookie duration and reliable support. Notably, if you can refer over 10 customers monthly, you’ll get a higher commission rate, enhancing your earning potential.

Overall, if your audience is interested in eco-friendly hosting plans, the GreenGeeks affiliate program is truly worthwhile.


  • Who should join the GreenGeeks affiliate program?

The GreenGeeks affiliate program is perfect for publishers whose audiences are interested in web hosting.

  • Is the GreenGeeks affiliate program free to join?

Yes, there is no cost to join the GreenGeeks affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a GreenGeeks affiliate?

There are no minimum requirements to join the GreenGeeks affiliate program.

  • Can the GreenGeeks program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, GreenGeeks doesn’t have any exclusivity requirements for its affiliate program.

  • What are the best GreenGeeks affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to the GreenGeek affiliate programs are Dreamhost, Liquid Web, WP Engine, and HostPapa affiliate programs.