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gusto affiliate program

Gusto Affiliate Program

The Gusto affiliate program lets you earn commissions by promoting Gusto's payroll and HR solutions. Check out our detailed guide for more!


$200 per sale


120 days


Direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal

Gusto is a popular, modern online people platform assisting businesses with onboarding, payroll, insurance, and team engagement. Gusto now also provides partners with a lucrative opportunity by promoting their solutions.

This article explores the details of the Gusto affiliate program to help you decide if it matches your marketing strategies. Let’s get started!

Overview of Gusto

Founded in 2011 in San Fransisco, Gusto is a leading all-in-one payroll, benefits, and HR platform for small businesses. With a strong focus on customer support, Gusto simplifies the often stressful tasks of payroll and HR for over 200,000 small businesses nationwide.

Their user-friendly cloud-based platform, suitable for teams of all sizes, streamlines compliance, paperwork, and complex HR tasks without requiring prior payroll expertise.

Overview of the Gusto Affiliate Program

The Gusto Affiliate Program allows partners to earn commissions by promoting Gusto’s US-based HR and payroll services.

You can join the program for free through the Impact Radius affiliate network. Once you’re in, you can get your affiliate link and other marketing materials, like banners, landing pages, and other special offers. Besides, there is a dedicated affiliate team to help you in your promotional efforts.

Gusto’s affiliate program is perfect for HR, accounting, and finance blogs, business platforms, and services like banks and consultants. It’s also a great fit for educational sites targeting small business owners.

Gusto Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Gusto pays its affiliate partners a generous $200 commission per valid sale. Qualified sales apply to all Simple, Plus, and Premium plans your referrals purchase on Gusto.

The program also offers a long 120-day cookie duration. So, you’ll get commissions for any purchase made during this period from your affiliate link.

You’ll get your monthly commissions via direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal once your account balance hits $10 (or the equivalent in your local currency).

Pros and Cons of the Gusto Affiliate Program

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of the Gusto affiliate program before deciding if you should join it:

Pros Cons
Lucrative commissions ($200/sale) High competition
Generous 120-day cookie duration Limited to the US market only
Various creative assets A payout threshold of $10
Dedicated affiliate support
Special offers, incentives, and bonuses available

The Gusto affiliate program comes with many advantages and disadvantages.

On the bright side, you can earn a generous $200 commission for each qualified sale. This lucrative amount can significantly contribute to your monthly affiliate income. The program offers an extended 120-day cookie tracking window, giving you more time to drive your referrals to purchase on Gusto.

With access to multiple marketing materials and dedicated affiliate support, affiliates can enhance their promotional efforts for improved conversion rates. Moreover, affiliates may enjoy special offers and incentives as additional rewards for their efforts.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The payroll industry is highly competitive, and the program is limited to the US market. So, affiliates have to put in more effort to stand out. Additionally, affiliates must reach a payout threshold of $10 before receiving payments.

Gusto Affiliate Program Sign Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here’s a detailed guide to joining the Gusto affiliate program in 5 steps:

Step 1: Check if you qualify

First, your website or audience must align with Gusto’s target US-based SMB market interested in payroll, HR, benefits, and other business services.

Step 2: Visit the Gusto affiliate webpage

Go to the Gusto affiliate page and click “Sign up with Impact.” This takes you to Impact’s registration page.

Step 3: Submit an application

Here, you can submit an application to join the program. Provide details on your personal, company, and promotional methods.

Step 4: Get approved

Gusto will review your application to ensure you meet their partner requirements. If approved, you’ll gain access to your affiliate dashboard.

Step 5:Gusto affiliate program login

Once approved, you can access your unique Gusto affiliate links, creative assets, and promotional materials through your dashboard.

Step 6: Start promoting

Add Gusto links, banners, etc., to your platform, promote Gusto, and earn commissions.

How to Promote Gusto Products as an Affiliate?

Here are some tips to maximize your commissions promoting Gusto:

First, you should focus on tailoring content specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs. For example, you can craft articles on managing payroll, contractors, benefits, and HR compliance to address the needs of your target audience.

Additionally, enhance your promotional efforts by offering exclusive promo codes or discounted deals along with your affiliate link. That way, you can increase a sense of exclusivity and incentivize potential customers to subscribe to Gusto through your link.

Another tip is to create content that compares Gusto with other payroll and HR services. You can highlight Gusto’s advantages in features, user-friendliness, pricing, and support, showing why Gusto is the best choice for small businesses. Remember to use your affiliate link to guide users to Gusto, making it easy for them to sign up.

Lastly, sending dedicated emails directly to SMB owners can be a potent strategy. You can customize the content to highlight how Gusto can streamline its business operations, making it more appealing and relevant. This ensures that your promotional efforts are reaching the right audience and optimizing your conversion rate.

Is the Gusto Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Gusto affiliate program can be an enticing opportunity for those targeting the US market and the payroll industry.

If you’re a Gusto affiliate, you can benefit from lucrative $200 commissions, an extended 120-day tracking window, and affiliate support. Moreover, there are various bonuses, incentives, and offers for top affiliates.

However, the program poses some challenges, like the competitive nature of the payroll industry, the US market limitation, and the $10 payout threshold.

Ultimately, the value of the Gusto affiliate program depends on how well you execute your promotion methods and handle its limitations. If you focus on the US market and payroll industry and leverage its strengths to overcome challenges, this program is worth your time and effort.


  • Does Gusto have an affiliate program?

Yes, Gusto offers an affiliate program managed by Impact, allowing partners to earn commissions for qualified sales sent to Gusto.

  • Who should join the Gusto affiliate program?

The Gusto affiliate program is ideal for websites and influencers in the HR, payroll, accounting, finance, business, and entrepreneurship niches that cater to small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Is there a fee to join the Gusto affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the Gusto affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Gusto affiliate?

Gusto does not publicly list any specific minimum requirements for affiliates. However, they likely look for sites with sufficient traffic and engagement from a relevant SMB audience.

  • Can the Gusto program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can join and promote other affiliate offers in addition to the Gusto program. Affiliates are not tied exclusively to promoting Gusto.

  • What are the best Gusto affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives to consider include Onpay, ADP, Rippling, QuickBooks, and other business services for SMB affiliate programs.