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hbo max affiliate program

HBO Max Affiliate Program

The HBO Max affiliate program provides a great opportunity to earn money by referring subscribers. Learn more details and join now!


$10.20 per sale


30 days


Paypal, Bank Transfer

Streaming entertainment is all the rage nowadays, with services like HBO Max offering thousands of hours of on-demand shows, movies, and more. So, it would be rewarding to monetize your audiences by promoting HBO Max as an affiliate.

This blog post will dive into everything you need to know to evaluate whether becoming an HBO Max affiliate fits your website and readership.

HBO Max Overview

HBO Max is a subscription video-on-demand service owned by Warner Bros. They offer thousands of hours of premium content, including HBO original series, newly released movies, and popular shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, and Rick & Morty. They also provide live streaming of HBO channels.

The platform is available in the U.S. and some international markets. Subscribers can access HBO Max on mobile devices, smart TVs, computers, and gaming consoles. Monthly subscription plans start at $9.99 with ads or $14.99 ad-free.

Overview of the HBO Max Affiliate Program

The HBO Max Affiliate Program allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting HBO Max subscriptions. It is managed by the Partnerize Network.

Approved affiliates can access banner ads, text links, and other promotional assets to feature on their site. When site visitors click those affiliate links, get redirected to HBOMax.com, and purchase a subscription, the affiliate earns a commission.

The program is suitable for bloggers, deal site owners, content creators, and anyone who has audiences interested in TV, movies, and streaming entertainment. However, it’s now only available in the US.

There are no costs or fees to join the HBO Max affiliate program. It is free to apply and participate.

HBO Max Affiliate Program: Commission Rate and Payment Details

Once you join the program, you will get $10.20 for each HBO Max sale you make. You can keep track of detailed analytics on clicks, impressions, and conversions to calculate your potential income.

Commissions are tracked through cookies that expire after 30 days. It means you will earn a commission if your referral purchases within the period. Your payments are issued monthly via PayPal or bank transfer.

Benefits and Drawbacks for HBO Max Affiliate Marketers

While the HBO Max affiliate program appeals to affiliates because of its reputation, it’s essential to take note of some drawbacks:

Benefits Drawbacks
High brand recognition High competitive niche
Long cookie duration (30 days) Limited in the US
Turnkey assets
Real-time tracking

The HBO Max affiliate program brings lots of advantages. First, you may enjoy HBO Max’s high brand recognition, making it easier to attract potential customers. The program offers a long time for more conversions with a generous cookie duration of 30 days.

Plus, they give you ready-made things like links, banners, and other cool stuff to help you promote HBO Max. You can also check your performance anytime on the dashboard, which reveals the number of clicks, sign-ups, and money you’re earning.

On the other hand, the niche in which HBO Max operates is highly competitive. This may make it more challenging for beginners to stand out and attract referrals. Besides, the restricted geographical coverage can limit affiliates targeting a global audience.

Step-by-step Guide for HBO Max Affiliate Program Signup

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the HBO Max affiliate program in 4 steps:

Step 1: Create an affiliate account

Sign up for the HBO Max affiliate program through the Partnerize page to have an affiliate account. Follow the registration steps to get approval on the network.

Step 2: Apply for the HBO Max affiliate program

After getting approval on Partnerize, locate and request to join the HBO Max affiliate program available in the marketplace. Submit any necessary information.

Step 3: Get approved
HBO Max can take a few days to review and approve affiliate applications. You’ll receive an email once you’re accepted into the program.

Step 4: Access affiliate links and promos
After approval, you’ll have access to your affiliate links, banners, and other creatives to start promoting HBO Max on your site or social platforms and earning commissions!

How to Maximize Your Earnings with HBO Max Affiliate Program?

Consider the following tips to boost your HBO Max affiliate income.

One way to increase your affiliate income as an HBO Max affiliate is by writing reviews about new or popular movies and shows. For instance, you can write about the exciting plot twists in the latest thriller or the heartwarming moments in a popular family movie.

You can also compile lists of movies or shows based on specific themes, like “top comedy shows for family.” It’s easier for your audience to discover content they might enjoy, increasing the likelihood of them signing up for HBO Max to access the suggested shows and movies.

Another tip is giving out special codes to encourage more people to sign up for HBO Max. For example, you can share a code that gives them a discount on their subscription.

Sending emails that are just about HBO Max to people who love entertainment is a smart move. This way, you’re targeting the right audience and telling them about the benefits of subscribing to HBO Max. It can lead to more sign-ups and income for you as an affiliate.

Is the HBO Max Affiliate Program Worth It?

The HBO Max affiliate program can be very lucrative if you repeatedly direct targeted, high-intent traffic. The $10.20 commission rate provides nice potential earnings per subscriber you refer.

But becoming an affiliate makes the most sense if entertainment and streaming content are topically relevant to your website or audience. Don’t expect to earn much promoting HBO Max to readers there just for your yoga tutorials or fashion tips.

Niche sites focused on TV, movies, entertainment, and tech stand the best chance to convert visitors and maximize commissions over time. With consistent promotion, directing 500+ clicks per month to HBO Max could translate to $50+ in monthly affiliate revenue once you build momentum.

Just make sure to highlight your exclusive promo codes and capitalize on new HBO Max releases. The HBO Max affiliate program can become a recurring revenue stream with the right audience and promotion strategy.


Who should join the HBO Max Affiliate program?

The HBO Max affiliate program is best suited for publishers and influencers with an audience interested in TV shows, movies, and streaming entertainment. Some content for promoting HBO Max subscriptions are entertainment, cord-cutting guides, pop culture, and so on.

Is there a fee to join the HBO Max Affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the HBO Max affiliate program. It is free to submit an application and begin earning commissions if approved.

Are there any minimum requirements to become an HBO Max affiliate?

HBO Max does not publicly disclose any minimum traffic or sales requirements for affiliates. However, it is recommended that affiliate applicants have an established website or social media account with a significant following and engagement levels.

How much does the HBO Max affiliate program pay?

HBO Max pays their affiliate a commission of $10.20 per referred subscriber.

Can the HBO Max program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, HBO Max affiliates are welcome to promote other streaming services, retailers, or brands through additional affiliate partnerships. However, HBO Max prefers to be a primary focus.

What are the best HBO Max affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives for streaming or entertainment affiliates include Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTubeTV, SlingTV, FuboTV, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and Showtime affiliate programs.